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  1. Every time I play Breath of the Wild, I'm taken back to just how amazing my first playthrough of the game was. It's still one of the most magical and immersive gaming experiences of my entire life. I was totally lost to Hyrule for weeks. And I don't know if this is controversial or not, but I genuinely think that the fact that the game explains so few of its mechanics and encourages you to just do things your own way is a huge boon. A lot of things just don't get any kind of tutorial. I feel super sorry for anyone who had the game spoiled for them by watching gameplay videos and guides first.

    1. JezMM


      I'm so, so glad I never watched anything other than the trailers, and honestly if I could go back in time, I'd skip those too (I intend to for BotW2 - I probably won't be able to avoid the next big trailer since I'll be part of a Direct, but I'm going cold-turkey after that (unless I can truly resist watching when the trailer comes on lol).

      My entire knowledge of the game was just the trailers and a few small accidental snippets of footage from the Treehouse demos which never contained anything beyond the Great Plateau anyway (for example I had a vague idea that the runes were a thing but not exactly what they did or how they worked etc, and I knew you could do stuff like drop food into a fire to cook it but not exactly how the cooking system worked).

      That first playthrough really was something special never to be repeated though, every single hill having something to discover beyond it, every single direction of travel equally valid and mysterious as you learned your way around Hyrule.  I'll treasure it forever.

    2. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Yep. I only watched the official trailers a couple of times and watched one one video of the E3 gameplay from someone who didn't know how to the party the game. Nintendo had made it so clear from the the E3 that this game was going to challenge everything we knew about the series and that the game was going to be huge. Going in blind was the only option. As soon as the trailer for the sequel drops, I'm re-installing all of web-browsing filters that I can to avoid learning anything new about the game. I might even close the Direct in which the trailer drops too if I can resist it. All I really want is the release the dates. If it was possible, I'd even avoid learning the name.

    3. Strickerx5


      It came out at around the perfect time for me too. Mid terms were just rapping up, had a lot of spare time on my hands, the Switch was this new thing that I loved to keep with me, it was all really just the perfect storm. Hours ended up feeling like minutes with my initial playthrough.

      Everything was laid out so well. All I needed was a mark on the map or to see something in the distance I was set for the next good handful of hours lol.

      I guess it helped that I originally wasn't too interested in the game before I first launched it too. Definitely didn't follow most of the news coming with it so that probably helped a lot when even basic things like shrines were new to me.

      Though, that first blood moon was something I do admit I wish I was warned a bit about lol. Literally thought I had did something wrong or that there was some time limit in the game I wasn't aware of (like MM).

    4. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      The first blood moon freaked me out big time too. I saw it rising in the distance and thought it was because I was getting too close to Hyrule Castle. I hadn't yet made my way to Karariko it the Duelling Peaks Stable and was just fighting Bokoblins along the river. I tried to get away, but the but the blood moon just got more and more intense until the cutscene started. When that happened it very quickly became clear to me that that's how the game reset the world, but the lead up to that was crazy. Same as when I found my first Guardian Stalker; on the hills outside the back of Karariko. I was terrified. And when I saw my first Lynel up in the Gerudo Highlands! I fanboyed a bit right then because this was the first time they'd been in a 3D game or in any game since the 90s (not counting ALBW because it's basically a remake of ALTTP in so many ways).

      BotW evoked such strong, intense emotions. A lot of that is gone now, but the impression will stick with me forever. I really, really how that the sequel irons out some of the exploits. When you know how to exploit the games mechanics (like sneak strike chaining, using just endurance/hearty ingredient in cooking, running up climable surfaces to regen stamina etc) the game feels a bit less magical. You almost can't avoid using these super easy exploits when you know of them. 

    5. Polkadi~☆


      BotW felt like what my Zelda adventures were, without being linear stories. I had a whole world to travel, adventures to seek out, and lots of landmarks to find which told stories all of their own. My favourite part of BotW is that it never explains anything, not even the story, and instead leaves it all to your imagination. Ruined towns, mysterious landmarks, and more. It's actually something that makes Age of Calamity feel like a disappointment, because I liked when the world was a mystery that I could write in my head.

      I travelled everywhere. And I still have more places to go. It's my own little world to take adventures in... How I wish I could forget it all and start again, to experience it like the first time.

    6. Wraith


      Discovering all of the nuances of the mechanics was amazing but the parts that stick out more from my first playthrough are the little things. Hearing a rumor in a village and being given directions based on the landmarks nearby instead of having a marker dropped onto my map.  Seeing a Lynel, looking at the dismal state of my gear, and just avoiding it instead of charging straight in like I would do in any other Zelda game. Diving into the desert too early and genuinely struggling to keep poor Link hydrated. Spending a couple of hours searching for the lost woods and finally spotting the Deku tree's sakura leaves in the distance. Taking shelter from the rain in a cave and starting a fire with what I have on me so I can pass the time.

      The mechanics by themselves are great but the best part about them is how they can pull you into behaving how you would if you were actually on an adventure. 

    7. CrownSlayer’s Shadow

      CrownSlayer’s Shadow

      Meanwhile, I got thrown butt naked off a cliff from a lightning strike in the Akkala Highlands...

      No Metal or anything on me either.

      Won’t be doing that shit again...

    8. JezMM



      My favourite part of BotW is that it never explains anything, not even the story, and instead leaves it all to your imagination. Ruined towns, mysterious landmarks, and more.

      I'm actually a little sad to admit this is one of the few things with BotW that did disappoint me a little even if it took a while to dawn on me - the world does lack some mystique once you get into the grind of realising that almost every mysterious thing in the world leads to a shrine, sort of cheapening those discoveries as no longer feeling like unexplained mysteries but all just tests for the hero with no deeper lore beyond.  I wish places like the labyrinths and the dark forest had some kind of seperate rewards in that left their purpose ambigious.  Likewise, almost all the ruins stem from the calamity itself, which means there isn't a huge amount of narrative discovery to be had there either.

      There are definite hints that this longing will be remedied in BotW2 a bit though, and there is SOME stuff in BotW1 but you really have to dig deep for it - I didn't even realise the Zonai were a thing until it started popping up in fan theories for BotW2's story.

    9. Polkadi~☆


      I still find many discoveries that don't lead to a shrine. Guard post ruins filled with rusted weapons, camps of a recent traveller, a warrior's grave atop a mountain, the whole mystique of Satoru Mountain, and so on. There's so many little things that give the world life. Some of these things are just what they are, and you have to make up a story yourself.

      There's so much in BotW to find. If you take your time and explore any little thing that catches your interest, you'll run into many unexpected things. Not all things will lead to a shrine, maybe you'll end up at a quiet, solemn place.

    10. JezMM


      Yeah that's true, I forgot about a lot of the smaller stuff.  I just wish some of the BIG stuff was more mysterious I guess (I'm hoping the sequel will make more of the "dungeon" gameplay naturally part of the world, rather than feeling like disconnected Portal test chambers).

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