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  1. Bowser's Fury is way more fun than Oddysee. Of course one is a full brand new game and the other is a miniature sized game attached to a re-release of a full game so they aren't directly comparable. But I'm having way for much running around the islands of BF than I did with any other the Kingdoms of SMO.

    1. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      My mans Nintendo really put a new Mario game in another Mario game like that

      Worth the full price?

    2. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      I dunno. I've been casually 100%ing Bowser's Fury because why the hell wouldn't you collect all the Shines on your first time through when it's this open and this fun? But I think I'm nearing the end after a few hours. It alone is not worth full RRP, but attached to 3DW? Yeah, I'd say it is. 3DW is brilliant. If you're happy to play 3DW on Wii U, then you're not getting a huge amount of bang for your buck here. If haven't played 3DW or desperately want it on Switch though, it's definitely worth it. 

      The openness is great. It's a bunch of mini islands that unlock sequentially, and each one is semi-linear with a bunch of exploration options. Kind of like Bob-Bom Battlefield or Whomp's Fortress I guess, but with much tighter platforming ala 3DW. You just run around, doing simple tasks to get Shines. 

      The Islands' layouts change slightly as you progress, and every few minutes Bowser Awakens for a fight. You can either engage him in combat with the Giga Cat Suit, bait hit attacks to open up new areas, collect a Shine to scare him or simply dodge and wait out the time until he goes away on his own. It's just so fluid. I've never player a Mario game before that's so seamless and easy-going. I'd pay through the nose for a full game like it. 

    3. Iko


      I didn't buy Odyssey because it looked too much gimmicky for my tastes, though this one looked very fun from since the first actual gameplay trailer. I think I will get it soon, because it looks very promising and your post is just a confirmation of what I suspected.

      On a side note, it also kinda reminds me of that open-world level from A Hat in Time, I'm not sure how much in common it has but it gave me this first impression.

    4. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      I'd implore you not to write-off Odyssey as gimmicky. It's not. But it's mundane. The tasks you do with the captures tend to be really shallow, and running around kingdoms is drainingly boring. Platforming is largely kept away in Sunshine-esque secret rooms, and if not that then it's just performing the same cycle of hat throws and drives ad nauseum. The game really, really prioritised quantity over quality when it came to the Moons too. 

      So many people love Odyssey, but I just can't get into it. The best way to play it IMO is just to stick to the main path as much as possible, because as soon as you tread off it usually becomes relentlessly dull or tedious. Definitely my least favourite 3D console Mario game and the only one that I personally don't like very much at all. 3D Land is worse still and I completely dislike that, but it's also unfair to directly compare the two.

      You've got to try it though. People say that they find great joy in Mario's movement alone. And whilst I seriously don't, it's hard to ignore the technical quality of the game and there's a lot to potentially love.

    5. Iko


      I got it, anyway, my tastes are strange, I like 3D Land more than 3D World for example, and I dislike the Galaxy games. I've seen some videos of Odyssey and I didn't like it, but I've never played it neither. I've read your criticism and I recognize that what you are complaining about is exactly what I got from those videos and didn't like, so I believe what happend to you is likely to happen to me as well.

      But I can't try it unless I buy it, and I think it's not worth to buy a game that most likely I won't like.

      Regarding Bowser's Fury, as long as it has replay value (I mean you can delete the savefile and restart it again and it's still fun), I know that I will enjoy it even if it lasts 2 hours only, and for me it's worth the price even if I don't care much of 3D World (and I have already played it with 100%). Sometimes I prefer short games that are fun to replay multiple times, else I wouldn't be a Sonic fan.

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