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  1. I really hope that the next Sonic game has a soundtrack as strong as TSR's. Between its remixes and its original pieces, that game has one of the best soundtracks  the series has seen in a long time. Senoue and everyone else who contributed absolutely knocked out of the park.

    1. Thigolf


      All I want is for Ohtani to take a backseat. Dude is awesome, but don't let him compose 90% of a game please.

    2. JezMM


      I found the main theme a little by-the-numbers Crush 40 (still good, just not a grand return to them at their best for me) and Mother's Canyon and Hidden Volcano are pretty forgettable... but y'know, when I look at it, those tracks are my only complaints, so that's a pretty damn good hit rate (the full version of the loading screen remix is godawful but the bad parts don't show up in-game at least lol).

      I definitely hope they keep Tee Lopes around for the occasional collab.  Haunted Castle still blows me away at what the guy can achieve when his masterful melody-work is applied to live instrumentation.  While it's unclear if Jun or Tyler Smith wrote Frozen Junkyard as well, that track has become a firm favourite in the series as a whole for me.  Such an amazing energy and intensity to it.  One of the best heavy metal Sonic tracks to date if not the best.

    3. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      @ThigolfI'm going to guess that he probably chooses to compose as much of the games as he has done recently. That's only a complete shot in the dark and I could be entirely wrong. But it just seems odd to me that it would purely because he's working within budget limitations when TSR, which is basically Low Budget: The Video Game, had such a grandiose soundtrack with tons of contributing artists. Iizuka said in an interview that he wanted Senoue to direct the music for TSR because he wanted the game to sound cool. And cool it was.

      Senoue has had his share of relative stinker soundtracks and I remember when I really wanted him to take a step back. Now it's Ohtani's turn. The best soundtracks that either of them have delivered as sound director came about when they had a huge team of musicians and their worst when they had a smaller crew.

    4. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      @JezMM Agreed on all fronts. Haunted Castle is amazing and Hidden Volcano is amazingly boring. And Frozen Junkyard is exactly the kind of heavy metal track that Sonic hasn't had in a long, long time. It's insanely cool. Forces needed some music like that instead of the panic synths it had in every Modern Sonic pieces. Like I get what Ohtani was going for with that game but it it just didn't work out the way it was intended.


      Senoue and Lopes seem like a bit of a dream team. I don't know what more I can say. I love what they've done together..


      And what about Hidekuni Horita, the guy behind Lost Palace? That's the first and so far only Sonic track to his name (previously he worked on Rio Olympics but we don't know where), and it's a 10/10 winner. Dude needs to get involved with the series again 

    5. Adamabba


      There aren't actually a ton of tracks I loved in the game but I still really appreciate how the ost was directed this time around and hope they continue to do it like this.

      I would love for Horita to show us more of what he can do. Something like Lost Palace is exactly the type of music I love hearing in Sonic.

    6. The Master

      The Master

      When Sonic soundtracks are an ensemble, they are great. When its mostly one person, its not as great. Ohtani has been doing most of the work for a while and it shows. TSR was an ensemble and it was fantastic. Heck, even Ohtani was great again. Have Senoue, Ohtani, Lopes, Horita and throw in Kenichi Tokoi and we have a good one.

      Just let Jun be in charge of the album, dude always loves putting bonus tracks in.

    7. Sega DogTagz

      Sega DogTagz

      TSR's tracks are just full of head bangers. Kind of cheating by including so many remixes, but even those feel more fresh and original than past remix fests. So not sure what curve to grade that on.

      I think I'd put Frozen Junkyard up there with Ice Cap (S3) and 3DS Generations Big Arms remix as the single best non-vocal track in the series.


      As much as I'd love to see Hideki Naganuma come back to the series to bring something funky out of left field - dang, I can't complain all too much when the usual cast continues to produce.

    8. Dr. Detective Mike

      Dr. Detective Mike

      Dude, I would kill for more tracks that got me as insanely hyped as Haunted Castle, Boo's House, and Sand Road did. Multiple chef kisses to this soundtrack. 

    9. JezMM


      At this point the soundtrack is colossal in size (must be nearing 10 volumes now, and every one always has 3-4 discs) but if you enjoy Lost Palace, check out Phantasy Star Online 2's music.  Lost Palace is extremely reminsicent of that game's music, which the artist did contribute to (LP just has a bit more Sonic-y percussion and rawness to it, but the melody style and general instrumentation is super PSO2ish).

    10. JezMM


      And yeah I adore the melody work SO much in Forces that it saves any song for me, I can tolerate the synths easily, but imagining a track for a stage of similar mood, like say, Network Terminal, but with Frozen Junkyard's style/soundfont/depth is giving me goosebumps to think about.

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