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  1. My Pokémon X nuzlocke is going investingly so far. I'm enforcing some fairly strong rules, to up the difficulty... Standard nuzlocke rules (first encounter only, permadeath), but I'm also limiting my party to the same number of Pokémon as any when I fight them, my team levels can't exceed the next gym leaders levels, no HM slaves, no healing items in battle, no mega evolution, no static encounters, and most importantly... I must build my party in the order that I catch Pokémon. So let's say I have a full party and 3 in the PC, but then one member in my team dies. I can't choose just any of the reserves in the PC; I have to use the one that I caught first. Alternatively, I'll have to skip straight to the Pokémon I want if I "kill off" everything before it. I did the same rules for Heart Gold and it was a really fun challenge. 

    My party is currently Skiddo, Charmeleon, Honedge, Pidgeotto, Hippopotas and Lunatone and I'm at the Glittering Cave. All of my other Pokémon have died so there aren't any in reserve. The casualties are Panpour, Fennekin (this one was sacrificed intentionally to keep Pidgey alive),Fletchling, Flabébé, Croagunk, Zubat, Seviper. And I missed my chance to catch a Bunnelby.

    1. Kuzu


      Did you turn off the EXP share?

    2. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Yeah. It would be a bit pointless to impose all of these rules and leave the EXP Share turned on. And in addit, I'm trying to grind against wild Pokémon as little as possible, unless I'm seriously far behind for some reason. Basically the goal is for my team to be on par level-wise sign all of the regular trainers. Any Pokémon game is easy if you just use brute force. It's kinda fun having to rely on actual strategies for a change. 

      I've not played a lot today so I'm only up to Cyllage City. 4 level 20s, a 17 and an 18. The gym leader here has 25s, so I'm actually under levelled

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