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  1. I love YouTubers who have absolutely no technical knowledge of videos games, their development process and the years of work by dedicated community members to datamine them, but rake in millions of views  just lifting articles almost verbatim from places like TCRF, Hidden Palace and Sonic Retro. They basically just steal the work of orders, and when there are citations made they're typically so poor that people don't know where to look to learn more themselves. Bonus points for when they inevitably include ludicrous theories that are demonstrably false, again because they don't actually have a fucking clue what they're talking about.

    1. Dejimon11


      “These developers where lazy”

      ”They hate X franchise which is why they haven’t done anything with it”

      “New Pokémon Snap was made as a immediate response to all the hate Sword and Shield were getting” 

    2. jungle_penguins


      I've learned that the majority of videos pertaining to "What happened to x game" to be that, but with even less facts.

    3. Piko


      The theory part is so true. They act like they know what they’re talking about but when it’s time to speculate, it becomes clear how little knowledge or respect they have for game development.

    4. Polkadi~☆


      When you don't know squat of what's being spoken of, it's extremely easy to get the facts wrong.

      And I'd know. I've dug deeper into Sonic Chronicles than I've had any right to, and the story on the inside doesn't quite match what we've seen on the outside. But people still peddle baseless theories.

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