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  1. God damn the story that connects the games in the Tomb Raider reboot trilogy is so crap. Like, the first one is fine. Really interesting to see thing long lost island, the crazy cult and the horrors that ensue for Lara. It's not Tomb Raider, but it's still really good. Trinity have only the smallest role to play here and can be totally missed (they're mentioned quietly in the background regarding the sequel hooks, but are not actually a part of any in game events).

    The whole garbage with Trinity in Rise and what little I've played of Shadow so far can just fuck right off though. It's unbelievably generic and bland.

    1. Your Vest Friend

      Your Vest Friend

      Nothing is quite as nostalgic as the story of Natla and her batshit insane scheme.

      I hold fond memories of TR2's story as well, don't remember TR3's as much for some reason.

      Also I have a soft spot for what Angel of Darkness was going for lol.

    2. Jango


      Man these games were never bout story man, they were bout shootin some dinossaurs. Do you get to shoot a t-rex in da face in these new games or nah, homie?

    3. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Tong Raider always had a story. Right from the beginning, there was a story going on that pushed the games forwards. The first game was about Atlantis, the third about some meteorite, the Legend trilogy connected things like excalibur and Avalon to Norse gods and a retooled version of the TR1 story, all as Lara attempted to find her mother and deal with her old emo friend... It's was flashy, it was sometimes kinda trashy, but it was all round fun. Camp, and fun.

      No t-rexes in the new games; just gritty realistic army men by the hundreds and some army zombies at the end of the first two games in the reboot trilogy.

      The new games just aren't Tomb Raider. I wish they were called something else, and didn't star a so-called Lara Croft. They're really good games, but they're really not Tomb Raider. The original series and first reboot series (Legend to Underworld) are great. I much prefer the fantasy stories and settings, less gritty, realistic and grounded atmosphere of those games. Lara should be swan diving down waterfalls and doing crazy acrobatic flips as she blasts two pistols into the face of a dinosaur. None of this saving humanity from a military controlled by an ancient Christian group, who's subsequently involved in every significant historical event since time immemorial conspiracy crap. It's so boring. So gritty for the sake of being gritty. So unoriginal.

    4. Sega DogTagz

      Sega DogTagz

      Those new tomb raider games bleed together something fierce. I could watch a random clip from one and I honestly wouldn't be able to tell one from the other. They all hit the same story beats and hit the same gameplay notes.

    5. Sonikko


      Technically speaking the supernatural elements are still there in the main plot, the first game has you defeat an ancient japanese god, the second one has you looking for the trinket that lets you live forever and the third one has you stop a mayan apocalypse with all sorts of natural disasters happening around you.

      I think the issue stems more from the minute to minute gameplay and smaller cutscenes, the Trinity subplot would be *fine* if the humans weren't as present as they are now.

      The early Tomb Raider games had Lara fight against corporations and just other rich enemies that were looking for the same trinket she was, but when it came to the game itself and the atmosphere, it was just about you and the environment.

      I think that's where the new ones fail big time, and which is why I think Shadow is the best one of the bunch cause even though it has the hub areas which are really populated, most of the exploration takes place in isolated caves and temples, which is cool.

      How are you liking Shadow so far?

    6. Jango


      No t-rexes? F this then. I got all 3 of these new tombs and I haven't played any of them yet

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