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  1. One of the first things I noticed watching footage of the game is that there's an option to progress through Adventure mode either with or without the story. Maybe the buttons could have been the other way around or there could have been an alternative method employed, but I think it's sufficiently clear and obvious the way it is.
  2. Look at the shape of the map - it's mostly just an elongated 0 shape. A few of the other new tracks are like that too. Boo's House in particular has a lot of straightways .
  3. @Mayor DNice to see that particular consent about the old stages; I'm actually eating your footage now. Mothers Canyon (the second Planet Wisp track) really does look rather bland. There are a lot of straightways that seem to be designed solely for slingshots. It's not very exciting. Also something I don't think you noticed - you shouldn't try to take the off-road technique shortcuts or obstacle-laden power shortcuts if you're in the highest position for your team. You'll end up leading your teammates into danger, or force the out of your slip stream. I hadn't considered that before. It's an interesting balance to consider how you lead your team.
  4. I don't know why we're still discussing characters in the series as a whole...
  5. This isn't really unanswered. It's all but out-right started that Tails and Pickle are friends or acquaintances in Unleashed. Tails specifically has the line "it's good to see you haven't changed", and Pickle obviously recognises Tails when he goes on a rant about cucumber sandwiches. This is all in Pickle's first scene. The two know each other, and as a result Tails is right in thinking that he'll be very well-informed about the state of affairs. Is something that I really appreciated in the game actually. Pickle could easily have been an unknown character to Tails that they just happened to rescue on their search for Eggman and answers. But that teeny tiny bit of world building makes so much sense and feels natural. Of course Tails is going to know who Professor Pickle is; and I how that he gets another appearance or Kenyon in the future. He was a fun character and felt like he served a purpose.
  6. TSR looks like an absolutely snore fest on lower difficulties, especially if you don't try to drift almost all the time. The courses are designed for drifting, but I'm watching some YouTube footage that makes the game look bland as fuck.

    But when the difficulty is cranked up, making the cars faster and necessitating a more reckless driving style with drifts and tricks, it completely the opposite. It's like how Mario Kart would be a really rubbish game if it maxed out at 50 or 100cc. I hope players are giving the higher difficulties a shot to form their opinions.

    1. LukA8


      I'm doing the Team Adventure mode on Hard (you have to unlock Expert) and some of the missions are absolutely brutal, most of all the Grand Prix ones. If you don't pull out all the stops of the team moves you've already lost there, or one of your team mates will get crushed by the others. Every now and then I love some ridiculous challenges so I can't wait to try it on Expert xD

  7. So if I'm understanding rumours and speculation correctly, Travis Willingham (Knuckles and Zavok) and Laura Bailey (Blaze and Omochao) may only be temporary departures? They recently had a kid together and are possibly taking time off work. I don't keep up with the world of voice acting at all, so I don't know if they've been providing other voiceovers recently for a while. And who knows when the voices were actually recorded for the game. Anyway, as it goes... Knuckles/Dave Mitchell: Easily the most controversial change. He trends to sound mostly fine when just talking normally. But the moment he tries to do any high emotions, he becomes an incredibly amateurish and try-hard sounding tough guy. And considering most of the in-game dialogue is exclamations, it's not great to listen to. Travis Willingham went from being a total Dan Green clone in Free Riders to really hitting the mark in Forces with a decent range of emotions. Blaze/Erica Lindbeck: I can barely hear the difference. She's a bit higher pitched than Laura Bailey, I guess? Sounds fine. No complaints. Omochao/Erica Lindbeck: Very much the same here. Definitely higher and now feminine than before. Also not annoying though. I like it. Silver/Bryce Papenbrooke: Silver's voice style is the only one that's really changed significantly. All of the other replacements are channeling the same vibe as their predecessors but Silver is completely different. It's a change and change makes me uncomfortable, but I could get used to this. The generic anime protagonist voice really suits him. I think I preferred Quainton Flynn though. Omega/Aaron LaPlante: How much has Omega even been voiced since the big VA change back in 2010? He had like 2 and a half lines in Forces. He sounded perfect, from what little there was to go on... From what I can tell in this game, they've gone a bit overboard with the digital effects on his voice. Sounds pretty much fine though. Zavok/Patrick Seitz: Similar voice, but note quite as gravelly. It's Zavok though... I find it difficult to care so long as his voice isn't offensive. - Silver and Knuckles are the biggest shake-ups considering they're the most major changes and also the most important characters here. I hope that Knuckles' new voice is only temporary, because it's going to be a point of contention for a lot of people for a long time if not.
  8. Oh hey look, it's this thread again. We're only a few pages away from regressing to a boost formula debate... Anyway... I've watched most of the cutscenes for TSR now. The production values are dire. Like, I didn't expect much at all but it manages to be even weaker than Free Riders, which already felt as cheap as possible. Sure it's inoffensive and honestly I like the concept of having a story mode as an aside to a list-based mission mode, but I can't help but think that time and money was wasted on scripting and recording dialogue. The outcome is so bland that I just don't think they should have bothered. Fully rendered cutscenes like in the first two Riders titles would have gone a very long way here. The story and dialogue are fine for what they are, but the way that it comes together just doesn't feel worth it. That's the problem that I'm seeing with TSR; it's got very little content and it seems like priorities weren't properly ordered. Even the level content that is there is heavily lifted from previous instalments. I dunno... The soundtrack is absolutely amazing - a fantastic mixture or new tracks and remixes film a variety of artists. It almost feels a bit wasted on this title though? They went all out on the soundtrack for the first time in years, and it was for a spin-off car racing game that's ultimately light on content. I look forward to playing the game for myself on Tuesday. It looks like fun. And I hope that it gets a sequel (be it TSR or ASR) that doesn't feel like it was made on such a tight budget.
  9. Spoilers for TSR music, but not relating to level themes

    Why are there so many Sonic Boom (Shattered Crystal/Fire & Ice) remixes in the TSR soundtrack? It's kinda awesome to see such obscure music get remixed, but it's really unexpected. From what I can tell, it's all story/cutscene (/mission?)  music and not from any of the levels themselves.

    1. Thigolf


      That's kinda spoilers?

      So it's actually music remixes? I just listened to that stuff and thought 'That sounds like something Richard Jacques would've done for F&I", I didn't think it was actually from there. Been a while since I played/listened to the games.

    2. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Tagged it as spoilers.

      Here's an example:


    3. Thigolf


      Huh. That's really interesting. Boom not being completely left on the wayside by SEGA period is really surprising to me. I like it, though.

      Makes me wish Sticks made it in even more.

    4. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Unrelated opinions on a character that isn't in the game, but related to the spoilers.

      Sticks is the worst kind of character, second only to unabashed edgelords like Infinite and 2005 Shadow. I'm honestly very glad she's not in the game, because I like keeping character dialogue on and Sticks would force me to turn it off.

      More examples of music spoilers




    5. Thigolf


      The first ones sound vaguely similar, but I think it might be coincidence. The sound font certainly is the same.

      Sonic's theme is literally a remix of Reach for the Stars so I'm not understanding what you're getting at with that comparison.

    6. Dejimon11



      I guess Richard just didn't want the music he made to go to waste and have it go to a game that people would actually care about 


    7. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Whoops. That link to Sonic's theme in TSR is wrong. I meant this

  10. The big thing is time and money. Pixel art and sprites can be produced at a relatively rapid pace. Especially for smaller teams, this is very helpful when there aren't so many smiled artists around. It's exponentially more difficult when pixel art (whether it's 8 bit, 32 bit or whatever else) is replaced with higher res, higher detail art or polygons. It's simply not possible for most indie devs to do. Have a look at any digital storefront these days; how many indie games use a pseudo-retro artstyle? Now ask yourself how many of those games would exist if they went for something more ambitious? Almost none of them. I find the sheer number of games that look like they're supposed to on the NES or Mega Drive etc to be exhausting. With so many aesthetically similar games out there right now and the usually striking contrast between something big budget/AAA and something more humble... Yeah, it gets tiring. But you can't have it both ways.
  11. Just started playing Valkyria Chronicles. I'm less than an hour in so far, but it's fun. The cutscenes and artstyle are all very nicely done. I think I'm just always going to have a distaste for anime tropes (from character design, to dialogue, to story to "anime gasps" Etc) though...

    1. Mayor D

      Mayor D

      Valkyria Chronicles is... an oddball.

      The gameplay is great but the story is really naff.

  12. Every design we've seen, leaked or otherwise, has looked God-awful. And that's because they're all the dame design, give or take a few of the more specific details like shoes and socks. And if the design was generally liked, the film still wouldn't look good. Imagine we got the same trailer with a normal/better looking Sonic - it would still be the same bad jokes, poor music choice, tired story, Jim Carrey playing Jim Carrey, live-action Sonic film. It's a dumb meme, dude.
  13. I expected the situation with ProJared to be a simple case of him cheating on his wife and engaging in sexual activities online with other women. That's scummy, but far from unheard of. Marriages break down over less.

    But it's clearly an abuse of power and likely involves at least one minor. He's done some really awful shit and the internet isn't overreacting on this. It's all developing too fast at the moment though, and there's a lot of misinformation going around. I'll be interested to see the facts when it all dies down a bit. 

    1. JezMM


      Honestly I don't hugely care since I never watched ProJared's content, I only knew of him through Game Grumps, but reading through his wife's tweets, it really is the calculated dishonesty and lack of communication that makes his actions so irredeemable moreso than the actions themselves for sure (unless the minor thing is true, I'm taking that with a pinch of salt FOR NOW because I swear every time something like this happens, the first information is always fine and then suddenly "and they did it with minors" comes in out of nowhere without any concrete source so yeah).

  14. Obnoxious, much? It does it by bringing the Wisps to the Lost Hex for no narrative reason, completely overriding the entire context of Colours and especially its ending. Not even a handwave explanation. And and then it also has an incredibly poorly explained narrative in general that manages to leave some of the major villains completely unnamed. I'm pretty sure you know all this already, and just want to point out that is not technically a plot hole or something? The point is simply that the SatBK and SatSR are better written from a story perspective than Lost World and Forces.
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