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  1. Monkey Ball Banana Blitz HD trailer


    1. Menace2Society


      Should have been Deluxe. 😕

      Also, all that bloom makes it look even worse than the original game if you ask me. Never understood why these HD remasters like adding so much of it.

    2. Marcello


      Why Banana Blitz and not the original two?

    3. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      It requires much less of a visual makeover than the previous titles.

  2. It only takes 2 seconds, but when it needs to be used every 5 seconds... It's a pace breaker. Part of the issue is the sheer number of transformations and how context specific they all are.
  3. It only takes 2 seconds, but when it needs to be used every 5 seconds... It's a page breaker. Part of the issue is the sheer number of transformations and how context specific they all are.
  4. Dancing is such a pivotal part of Shantae's character, but it's a scrappy mechanic right now. They could definitely add some very basic attack combos that weave together hair-whipping and dancing. Functionally no different from what already exists (unless they wanted to deepen the combat gameplay), but different animations to add character.
  5. The name no longer makes sense, but "Switch" is a brand. There's no alternative that wouldn't be confusing.
  6. Nah, man. Your issues with the system are valid, but they're one-sided. You're basically saying that because some groups use the full range of features, it's a mistake to make something that doesn't have those features. It's an alternative, one for people who don't want/need those features. You're only considering the reasons why some people play the Switch, not considering the range of other reasons.
  7. An absolutely fine alternative if you prefer handheld or have no limited access to TV okay. And system selling titles, like Smash, Mario Kart, BotW, Oddysee, Splatoon and Pokémon work fine as single player/handheld experiences. They certainly don't need audience or multiplayer to get the most out of the games. And if you want multiplayer, you've got the exact same options as with every other Nintendo handheld with local and online play with other Switch owners. You know how often I use my Switch for multiplayer or with an audience? Every few months when my sister is home and we play BotW together. The approachable multiplayer features of the Switch are great, but if you don't want them, here's a cheaper alternative. The amount of games excluded by the lack of detachable Joy Con and removal of the IR camera is tiny. There's still an enormous library of games to choose from. As for the "for children" argument, you're looking at it the wrong way. It's a smaller form factor that's a little bit easier to carry around and more comfortable for smaller hands. Not all parents will have any interest in gaming, so there's no need to invest in something for the whole family to enjoy at once. Plus being cheaper makes it more approachable for parents looking to buy a new system for their kids. Remember the 2DS and how the lower price point compared to the 3DS did wonders for the size of the userbase? You're looking at the same thing here. Features that aren't totally essential are being cut to lower the price. If it still suits your needs with the lower price, hooray! If not... Well, nothing has changed. It's a budget Switch. I don't know what you're getting so hung up over.
  8. It's a Switch that cuts costs by being portable only. That makes it more ideal for children (no need to have a TV, less parts to break) and an economical alternative. It's a downgrade, and it's supposed to be. I'm not a fan of this thing either, but I'm not the target audience.
  9. I keep hearing Alcremie pronounced as "Al-creamy". It's "Al-cremmy", as in "crème brûlée" and "crème de la crème", right? It's name is a play on "alchemy".
  10. Incorporating 3DS BC would have been a pretty major thing, because they're two totally different pieces of hardware that aren't even remotely similar. Saying that it's the "least that they could do" sounds pretty entitled to me.
  11. It doesn't have the IR motion camera that's normally on the right Joy Con. But I don't believe that they've said it doesn't have motion controls (the gyro and accelerometer), so you can assume they're still in there. You'll still be able to use motion controls to aim in games like Splatoon or BotW.
  12. Yeah. The point is that these so called "higher quality animations" aren't high quality and are in fact lifted straight from the 3DS. If they wanted to convince fans that things are significantly improved for the Switch with these games, they've got a really funny way of doing it.
  13. Christ. I get that the animations on the Pokémon are pretty lazy - rotate a Pokémon in its idle animation and call it tail whip. But I didn't exorcism them to go as far as recycling important NPC animations like that. It's pretty pathetic. My favourite example of lazy animation from SuMo:
  14. I don't know what it is with the Fairy type, but I really don't like most of the Fairy type Pokémon introduced from Gen VI onwards. There's some exceptions (Xerneas and Mimikyu to name a couple), but for the most part they've just got really hard to like designs. But curiously, I'm a big fan of most of the Pokémon that were retroactively made Fairy type (like Granbull and Whimsicott).

    1. Your Vest Friend

      Your Vest Friend

      Perhaps because most of the new ones are being made with a specific idea of what a fairy type should look like and the retroactive ones weren't. Like, could you honestly tell me Granbull would be designed the way it is if it were introduced as a fairy type from the get-go?

    2. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Well... I mean, Granbull is the "Fairy Pokémon". It's based on a mythical dog fairy, IIRC. But even so, a lot of the other existing Pokémon that became fairy type later on were still very fairy like in their design. It's like they're sticking a bit too close to the theme with the new ones.

    3. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      Its probably because they're overly designed to be cute.

      Yes I love cute things a lot but I can only take so much to the point where it gets annoying.

  15. It's a whipped cream fairy. And it's not even a British Fairy Cake. 0/10. Making a pre-order and cancelling it immediately.
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