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  1. Okay, so I'm playing Sonic Lost World (PC version). I can't figure out why I'm playing it, or why this game even is. Why does this game exist? Why did SEGA make it what it is? It's so confusing.

    1. Lord-Dreamerz


      The idea basically was (We need to make a Sonic game which we think Mario fans would like!... Except with no real research from what actual Mario fans would enjoy outta a Sonic game!)

      On another note about the game. I actually really liked it as a game in general, even the art style as I enjoy toybox video game world styles. But problem was it simply wasn't great as a "Sonic" game! Plus the Deadly Six were awful as villains... they added nothing interesting to the plot or franchise.

    2. pppp


      Because they wanted that Mario Galaxy money. Screw us that wanted an actual Sonic Game.

    3. pppp


      @Lord-Dreamerz "Deadly Sex"...


    4. Lord-Dreamerz



      I just fixed that typo right before you posted... But it did give me a laugh when i noticed. xD

    5. pppp


      @Lord-Dreamerz A typo huh? Is that what we're calling it nowadays? xD

    6. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Like, yeah, SEGA wanted to make a Sonic game a Mario clone, by why is Lost World the end product? What I mean is...

      Why are the levels designed like obstacle courses where you can just around around everything? Why are the Wisps there in a gameplay sense? Why are the Wisps there in a story sense? Why does the story not explain anything with cutscenes? Why do the cutscenes take place in non-descript locations? Why is the Hidden World there? Why do certain levels take place in environments that have nothing to do with their zone location? Why does Sonic choose to play one level as a giant snowball? Why does Sonic have that strange new kick? Why are some enemies only vulnerable to the kick attack? Why are some enemies only vulnerable to the homing attack? Why can't you tell which attacks are effective on which enemies? Why is the bounce attack useless? Why is the bounce attack limited to 3 bounces? Why doesn't the bounce attack carry momentum? Why is the hint system made up of invisible hint bubbles that show up at seemingly random times? Why do the hint bubbles need to be manually activated with a button press? Why do the hints expire after a while? Why doesn't it even name half of its villains? Why is there an inventory of items you manually open up to select power-ups in the middle of the game? Why is there an intricate 2-player co-op mode where the second player controls one of a great number of RC toys? Why is the Black Bomb a thing? Why are the squiggly line maps on the pause screen? Why are there those strange cloud hopping sections? Why does it reuse the theme tunes of Heroes and Colours for Invincibility and Speed Shoes instead of existing Invincibility and Speed shoes themes? Why does it reintroduce small animals to the narrative as though they were always present? Why does Sonic have that rolling-crawl ability? Why does Sonic have a functional peel-out move that takes longer to charge up than it does to reach full speed from a stand-still? Why is there bonus NiGHTS themed where you fight shortened versions of the existing boss battles with NiGHTS skins? Why does this exist? Why does this also exist? Why is it even called "Sonic Lost World"? 

      Why is Sonic Lost World? Why?

      why do i care so much about this today

    7. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Sonic is Lost

    8. Lord-Dreamerz


      "Why is there an inventory of items you manually open up to select power-ups in the middle of the game? "

      I mean... isn't that one a good thing? It always seemed annoying in most Sonic games where it forces you to use a power-up the exact moment you pop a item to get one. I prefer using them whenever I want to.

    9. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      From a gameplay perspective, it's a really strange feature in a Sonic game. You find these power ups on the just waiting for you on world map (or you could get them sent through MiiVerse back in the day) then they go into your inventory to be used when you want in the middle of the game. The game doesn't pause when the menu is open and you have to manually select a power-up to use. There power-ups don't show up at all during regular gameplay. And typically in platformers you go slightly out of your way to find powerups, or the games are based around the power ups so they're located along your path. There's no sense to the system in Lost World, and it can be largely forgotten about and ignored. I'd bet that most people don't use or don't even know about it. 

      I'm not saying that anything is necessarily good or bad in that list of whys (although personally yeah I don't like the inventory of useless power-ups), they're just confusing and strange choices. 

    10. Lord-Dreamerz


      For example the invincibility powerup & extra shields I often wish I could collect & use at any given moment to a certain degree... maybe can hold a limit of only 1 of each item type.

    11. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Go ahead and use 'em and like 'em. It's still a really weird choice for a Sonic game that's always done things differently games before and since. 

  2. Agreed. And see Unleashed and Colours. Knuckles is my favourite character, so I was always low-key disappointed that he wasn't in Unleashed with a minor role like Tails and Amy were. It makes perfect sense that he's not in Unleashed or Colours either though, and it's for the best. Lost World and '06 bug me for the same reason; he's got absolutely no reason to be there in either case, and adds nothing to the plot. It would be nice if Sonic games had proper stories again, ones that actively involve the extended cast doing shit. Then the stories can be written to give the characters purpose. Riders ZG doesn't really explain what Knuckles is doing with Sonic and Tails in the first place, but later on in the plot he's pivotal in helping the uncover the secrets of the Arcs of the Cosmos and finding the Gigan Rocks. He's a treasure hunter and knows some things about ancient civilisations. There's plenty of material to tap into there. The Sonic cast is big and varied enough that the characters in each game could be cycled through as the plots and gameplay demand it.
  3. Right. I'm going to brush aside all speculation about story, plot, art style, tone etc for now and just focus on the "two Sonics" thing. SEGA has got to be aware of the fact that from the moment that Project Sonic 2017 was revealed, the inclusion of Classic Sonic was met with contention and confusion. And while I'm struggling to find the exact interview right now, SEGA stated that Classic Sonic was included in Forces to introduce younger fans to that side of the franchise, particularly to get them interested in Mania. Personally I call bullshit on that and say that the true reason is because Generations did it and they wanted to copy that. Much as they can claim otherwise, Forces tries its darndest to copy Generations outright. Classic Sonic in Forces has a mere six levels and one boss fight. He doesn't go to Metropolis, he doesn't have any tag-team levels, he doesn't have any dynamic QTEs in his levels, he doesn't have any bonus/unclockable stages, his involvement with the plot is so minor that he doesn't even interact with Modern Sonic and the Avatar. The lack of content and focus he gets suggests that he was something of an after-thought, or that they didn't really want him to be part of the game. He's largely regarded to be the low point of a game met with mixed-to-mediocre reception. I don't know what to expect from the big Sonic game for 2021, but I'm pretty sure Classic Sonic won't be a part of it unless it's a Classic Sonic game. And that's a whole different kettle of fish right there because eeeesh I do not want to see SEGA how much SEGA would butcher that.
  4. I'm not advocating removing the guardian aspect from his his story and character. It's just a really, really limiting plot point. I don't think the Master Emerald and Angel Island need to be such commonly repeating elements in the story in order for Knuckles to show up. And likewise I don't think that it would be good to limit Knuckles' appearances to the few occasions that Angel Island and the Master Emerald show up either. The most sensible solution to me seems to be the one that SEGA already roll with; Knuckles protects it from danger when there is danger, but most of the time it's pretty safe just off by its todd and Knuckles is free to help save the world from other threats that come along.
  5. Every time I watch an episode of this, I'm just annoyed that they used a typical American cast for the English language dub. Would have been really nice to hear some British VAs.
  6. I think it's fairly safe to assume that Knuckles just leaves it when there's no major threat it. In S3K and SA1, he's not experienced much of the outside world before and dedicates his entire life to playing guard-duty on Angel Island. In SA2, the whole plot about Angel Island falling into the sea without the Master Emerald to keep it afloat is conveniently never brought up but he's still protecting the Master Emerald itself from falling into the hands of both Rouge and Eggman. The only other games to use it as a major plot point are Chronicles, Rivals and Rivals 2. It also appeared in Runners I think? Don't really remember tbh. Everything is played totally straight in Chronicles, no curveballs or plot holes surrounding it. But of course Chronicles status in the canon is dubious at best and can just be ignored. In the Rivals series, it's a bit more interesting. Nega turns the Master Emerald into a card in the future, and Eggman explains that the Master Emerald exists in a transcendent timeline. As a result, the Master Emerald in the past disappears and Onyx Island mysteriously appears in the ocean in the present. Onyx Island is actually Angel Island from the future and... well none of it really makes much sense. The important thing to gather here is that it's Knuckles' driving force in the story. In Rivals 2, it's never explained how it goes missing but Rouge "helps" him to look for it with her Emerald detector. Only it turns out that the Master Emerald was actually inside the detector all along. Did Rouge steal it and use to to locate the Chaos Emeralds? It's a messy plot, but it's only intended to be silly anyway. Personally, I think that tying Knuckles to the Master Emerald and Angel Island is just too limiting on the plot and Knuckles' inclusion therein. Yes, that was his original role in the series, but it's been established that Knuckles is going help save the world and defeat Eggman whenever he crops up, and we've never been presented with another recurring threat to the Emerald. Rouge? She's just as interested in the Chaos Emeralds, and is more of an ally to the good guys. And what exactly happens is Angel Island falls into the sea? Well... the surf is up for a little while and that's just about it for the damage it does. I'm not going to deny that the plot surrounding the Master Emerald isn't messy, because it absolutely is. But I guess I just don't care. If Eggman or anyone is threatening the world, Knuckles will probably be joining the fight to save it. This was the case in Heroes, ShTH and Forces. Forces gets a special mention for the prequel comic which specifically establishes Eggman's disinterest in the Master Emerald this time around, leaving Knuckles totally free to lead the resistance with Rouge then working as one of his spies. Don't get me wrong, the line of thinking is a dumb plothole in itself. There's a teeny amount of effort to explain it all though.. Generations also has Eggman missing ever since the end of Colours and Rouge also in attendance of Sonic's birthday party. Knuckles is too good a character to limited by the plot in this way. Ever since his inception in S3K and later appearance in SA1, he's become a staple of the series as one of the three main good guys alongside Sonic and Tails. He's too key and too established to just be forgotten about. If every game involved the Master Emerald being stolen or broken, it would get pretty stale pretty fast. Not to mention it would feel shoehorned. SA2 barely manages to get away with it already. He's saving the world from a bigger threat alongside the likes of Sonic and everyone else. Not a perfect solution, but it's workable.
  7. I like Green Light Ride, but wtf is up with the official remixes? 

    Well, just that one I guess. The Qemists Scores version is pretty cool. 

    1. Nina Cortex Jovahexeon

      Nina Cortex Jovahexeon

      Damn straight the Qemists one is awesome!

    2. The Master

      The Master

      I had the bad experience of getting the CD and putting it straight into a good speaker system. My ears have never fully recovered.

    3. The Deleter
    4. Stay at Home Ultima

      Stay at Home Ultima

      You're better off listening to the loading screen of this game trust me

  8. woohoomyheadsspinningwhatawildride

    1. TheOcelot



    2. Chili Dawg
  9. As others have said, SEGA does virtually nothing with any of the cast. Check out the Rivals series of you can. Silver is a main character in both games, and in the sequel he ends up partnered with Espio throughout the story for a bit of unexpected character interaction. He's also one of the better characters in TSR. For a spin-off racing game with static images and text bubbles for cutscenes... Yeah, Silver ain't so bad there. I honestly don't really like Silver in '06. I'm not talking about his gameplay (which is garbage by virtue of '06), but Silver himself. He's over-powered and incredibly stupid. Not naive, just stupid and that comes off as incredibly annoying. He's totally ineffectual. I don't understand him in the game. The same is true of Rivals series, although that's not exclusive to Silver because everyone just wants to fight each other there for some reason. I do however find Silver to be enjoyable in games where his powers aren't massively overstated and he comes off as a bit of a dork. Yes he's from the future, fights for justice and his telekinetic powers are very impressive, but I love it when that's all offset by him being tragically uncool.
  10. So that entire status just got deleted. What did you your reply say?

    1. Polkadi~☆


      Which status, sorry?

    2. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Lord-Dreamerz' one about the SEGA announcements.

    3. Polkadi~☆


      Oh. I think he deleted it because of what my reply said, because I said that the Game Gear Micro wasn’t the big announcement, and that Sega didn’t hype it up at all.

      The real announcement (which got leaked just earlier) is a cloud-based service for arcades, which allows you to save all your scores and progress to an account so you can continue anywhere. It’s pretty a Japan-centric revolution, as it benefits their arcade market in particular (and Sega is one of the largest arcade publishers, they have the power to make it a big thing).

    4. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Ah right! Yeah, I said the exact same thing. The Game Gear Micro isn't what was teased, and what was teased wasn't teased by SEGA. I wish people would get it right...

    5. Polkadi~☆


      Oh yeah, Sega hasn’t said anything. People are getting mad, but Sega never promised any kind of announcement. If it wasn’t for the Famitsu journalist, all this would have dropped out of nowhere.

  11. SEGA just put out this cool little video for the 60th anniversary celebrations. It's not news or anything, just highlighting a bunch of their recent projects, their business and generally just looking all cool. Sonic gets some clips obviously, but they highlight everything else big from recent years; Atlus in general and Persona more specifically, Hatsune Miku and various licensed animation works, Total War, Sakura Wars, lots of Yakuza... It's nice to see SEGA looking strong. I hope that in the coming years they're able to successfully revitalise one or two of their legacy IPs with the same kind of significance we're seeing for everything in this promotional video.

    And yeah I'm the sort of guy who gave the footage a once over and noticed that despite showings of Generations, TSR, Mania, S1 and the movie to represent Sonic... Forces didn't get a look in. lol

    1. Jack at Home

      Jack at Home

      Thank you Sega, they at least recognise their failures.

    2. Ferno


      every time I see that logo it looks like "GO SEGA" to me instead of 60 SEGA

    3. Blue Blood
    4. Jango


      You're not reading it wrong, that's on purpose. It's GO SEGA 60th anniversary ;)

    5. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      But wouldn't "GO" SEGA mean that it's only Sega's fifth anniversary???

  12. how am i supposed to fit six AA batteries in this thing And as far as pricing goes... I love the idea of this system, but it doesn't look like anythign other than a cute novelty. And considering the price of of it along with the facts that there are four separate units and that each only hs four games... yeah no. Anyway, the real big news? Don't get too excited. It's a type of cloud-based service for Arcades. Or in this case it's actually "fog-based". This guy explains it more clearly: So it's potentially a big thing for Japan and could rile-up the industry a bit in Japan... but revolutionary and on the scale of the PS5 news this it is not. I'm glad that I didn't over-hype this. It was only ever being teased by one journalist for Famitsu, whilst SEGA themselves didn't say a word. It was obviously not going to be amazing. But I'm still surprised that the journalist had the gall to compare it to the PS5 news. It's just not on that level at all.
  13. Looks like a job for Mr Big

    1. SenEDDtor Missile

      SenEDDtor Missile

      He buttslided on a rail...Ooooowch DX.

    2. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      His standard grinding animation is the part you picked up on?

    3. neezTHEhuman


      Mr. Big the villain from Michael Jackson's Moonwalker?

    4. Ryannumber1gamer


      Big: "I have to go now, my planet needs me" 

      *jumps down pit*

    5. Pelvic WOO! engine

      Pelvic WOO! engine

      He's a huge flipping ball of fur.

  14. I like Galarian Slowbro a lot. Totally called that it would be psychic/poison type, although I think it was very much implied anyway. And it's nice to have the types of the Galarian Legendary Birds confirmed; they're another psychic/fighting/dark trio (all flying types). Pretty cool. I like that some legendaries are receiving regional forms. Although it's yet again more love for Gen 1... Half of the Galarian forms in the base game are from Kanto, whilst the other generations all get no more than 3 (Gen V) or absolutely nothing (Gens IV and VI). As for the rest of it... eh? Sword and Shield were fun and much better than Gen VII, but still leagues behind previous Generations. Tiny map, no challenge, no side content, no exploration... they are as stripped down as Pokémon can get. The trailer shows a great deal of nothing. Flashy shots that could really be anywhere in SwSh. Nothing is telling me to expect something exciting here.
  15. I was legit enjoying a playthrough of Heroes and had forgotten that the game could be fun. Then I got to Casino Park.

    1. Faseeh


      oh ya that zone is annoying, but hey Frog Forest and Egg Fleet are really fun haha

    2. Pelvic WOO! engine

      Pelvic WOO! engine

      The game stops being fun for me when I get to rail Canyon. It picks back up at frog forest but I lose it at final fortress.

    3. Maxtiis


      Once I figured out how rail switching worked, I found the rail levels kind of fun. I think that issue where you launch off the side farther than you wanted happens if you try to switch mid animation where the characters do their little hop when you press B or whatever button it's mapped to.

    4. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Or if you try to switch whilst on a bend, or if you're going "too fast", or if the game just wants to fuck you over... I learned to spend most of my time whilst grinding in the flight formation. It's the slowest way to grind, but also the safest.

    5. Maxtiis


      Sorry I didn't run down the full spectrum of it.

    6. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      Casino Park is the level I remember as being the coolest looking and sounding one, but every time I've gone back to it, I end up hating Heroes even more

    7. Soniman


      Casino Park is not that bad.....BINGO HIGHWAY on the other hand 

    8. Jango


      Sonic Heroes is GOAT.

    9. Cayenne


      I think Grand Metropolis and Power Plant were the only levels from Heroes that I outright disliked. Casino Park has issues, but I had a lot of fun with the Pinball theme.

    10. Chili Dawg

      Chili Dawg

      you break faster than i do, to me rail canyon is where it goes to hell

    11. TheOcelot


      Today I received the PC version of Heroes (which I ordered from Amazon.uk). Hopefully I can get it to work. The only other version of Heroes I've played is the wank PS2 version.

  16. Randomised Special Stages in S3AIR are the best thing. I always collect all of the Emeralds by Emerald by Hydrocity/Mushroom Hill and having ability to go Super so soon just breaks the game, but doing a run without collecting the Emeralds feels so incomplete. In comes S3AIR with it's randomised (but fixed per save file) Special Stage layouts and the game finally offers me a challenge again. Currently halfway through CNZ1 as Sonic & Tails with only five Emeralds so far. Considering the difficulties I've have despite entering most of the Special Stages in previous levels, I don't know if I'll get everything by the time the Super Emeralds roll around. This is great!

    1. TheOcelot


      Yeah, it's a pretty cool feature. Are you trying to get "perfects" in each randomised special stage as well?

    2. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Fuck no. I did that in Mania and I'm not doing it ever again.

  17. That got real deep, real fast... It's neither destructive nor pointless to look rationally at the information that's available and draw some realistic conclusions/expectations from that. Have SEGA talked about improving Sonic multiple times in the past? Yes. Have SEGA delivered on that? That's subjective, although it would appear that they think they have work to do. Have they made a similar promise again? Yes. What will the outcome be? We've all got to wait and see to be sure, but we can make some predictions. Broken promises breed distrust, and bad experiences breed pessimism. If the sky is cloudy, but the weatherman says it's going to be sunny day even though it's rained for the past three days and you know he's been wrong before... you'll probably choose to take an umbrella with you when you go out. Is that pessimism or realism? Is it both? And maybe you'll choose to go out in shorts and a T-shirt anyway, but you'll take a change of clothes just in case you get caught in some rain. Do you call that cautious optimism? There's no self-entitlement or denying others their opinion here. SEGA have said something, and basically they're being told "pics or it didn't happen". It's most definitely both. Sonic Team make bad decisions and make bad games, and SEGA keep encouraging them to do so.
  18. I wish this was true. A lot of fans and channels have expressed this opinion, but by and large the media still seem to be reporting on with without such commentary. And some fans are accepting it without question too. I just ran a Google search for "sega to take time with Sonic" and the first results to come up were from 2009, both gaming sites and general pop culture portals. I know we're all used to this song and dance with middling results, but it's still quite sobering to see just how far back it goes. For a lot of people outside communities like this one, the recent comments from SEGA about "focusing on quality" will be the first they've heard of it. This could be because they're less familiar with the series and have only been playing the games for the past ten years or so. If we go back to 2010, the Sonic timeline is as follows: Mainline games from SEGA: Colours > Generations > Lost World > Forces. Two games generally regarded as really good, a dropped ball with Lost World and an average return to form with Forces. Racing games from Sumo: All Stars Racing > All Stars Racing Transformed > Team Sonic Racing. A decent Mario Kart clone in the form of a SEGA crossover followed by a truly unique racing game that was critically lauded and still a SEGA crossover and then a dissapointing Sonic-only Mario Kart clone with a gimmick. Boom games and the TV series: Rise of Lyric & Shattered Crystal > Fire and Ice. The franchise was presumed dead quite a while ago and was more recently confirmed as such. It got off to a bad start with the character redesigns, got absolutely torn apart with some of the worst recieved games of all time and then... just fizzled out with a sad little whimper. Other games: S4E1/E2 >Free Riders > M&S Olympics series> mobile games. Free Riders was a bomb that was swiftly forgotten about. The M&S series and mobile games are both just sort of there, upsetting nobody but just plodding along in the background to please kids and casual fans. The Sonic 4 series was met with initially positive reception from critics, but fans weren't so hot on it. By the time E2 rolled around, it was widely regarded as "too little too late" and SEGA sent it off to live on a beautiful farm somewhere with the Storybook series and Jet Set Radio Future. Mania and the movie: Well-recognised as an effort from fans and not from SEGA directly, Mania is the highlight of the past decade as far as the games go. And the movie was a smash-hit... also not from SEGA. Generations got great reception, but it's Mania and the movie that really set the world alight. Although I've never been more dissatisfied with the series than I am now, it's pretty much objectively true that the series isn't suffering quite as badly from terrible games as it was in the 2000s. That's the time when SEGA gave us ShTH in 2005, '06 just a year later, the Werehog and Black Knight. The announcement of Boom and subsequent release of RoL in 2014 is the only time that the series has dipped low as it did back then. The bigger problem is the series revelling in mediocrity now. There are no dumpster fires for people to gather around. Nobody cares when the series is this boring, and it's losing relevance. Maybe the fact that the series is suffering from its current straights will kick SEGA into action properly? Especially after an indie-developed retro-inspired game outdid anything they're put out in the past 20 years in terms of reception, and the movie has reignited general interest? It's all possible, but I'll believe it only when I see it. SEGA deserve a fuck ton of blame. If the developers of Sonic games are putting out bad games, then it's within SEGA's power to seek out new talent or outsource the games. Just because someone like Morio Kishimoto keeps getting put in charge doesn't mean he has to be in charge. They're also the ones to blame for interfering with the development of Sonic Synergy/Rise of Lyric, shifting development to the Wii U with an unsupported engine midway through development and forcing the game out for a holiday release. They're the ones giving Sonic games such a shoestring budget. They're the ones who have total control over the Sonic IP. Wrong. Try again. What's wrong with a bit of cynicism and pessimism? Both are pretty well-founded; SEGA have made these promises before, and they've very little to show for it. Nobody is saying "there is no hope, Sonic games will suck forever, you can't hope they will be good". If the teams are constantly changing and the games are still pretty poor... maybe the problem actually extends beyond the team? There's cautious optimism and hope, which is what I think most people are exercising. They come with expectations and past experience however. Everyone else is saying something more along the lines of "once bitten, twice shy", or "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me". Could they stick to what the say? It's a possibility. I'd love nothing more than fro Sonic games to be good again. But have I got much faith in SEGA to deliver? Look at the facts: they've spent at least the last 11 years saying that they'll do better, and longer still dishing out sub-par games. A few decent entries have been sprinkled out here and there, but the showing has been largely embarrassing. I've got absolutely no reason to take them at their work until they show us otherwise. And past experience tells me to expect the worst. Everyone is waiting to see what happens, and many have learned not to hold their breath.
  19. At this point, the "Forces" branding is nothing more than a legacy holdover. The game is basically Sonic Dash Multiplayer Edition. Had the game been made at any other time, it would probably just be called Sonic Dash Battle or something else to that effect. They're just going to continue adding characters because they're relatively quick and easy to do and keep the audience engaged. I wouldn't say that anyone is off the cards really.
  20. Blue Blood


    I know this post is like a month old at this point, but what design do we have nowadays? Klonoa Wii was released 12 years ago this month, and hasn't had anything but tiny cameos since. The dude is dead. The franchise never really took off in a big way, and seems to have been laid to rest after the Wii remake failed to make a splash. It's the only game in the series I played. Good fun, although disappointingly short and easy. I'd had like to have seen more or it.
  21. So Tikal just got confirmed? Where? When? By who? It's not hard to post sources. If you can't post a link (and I can't imagine why you wouldn't be able to), at least tell us where you got the news from. Seriously. Post sources, people. It's not hard.
  22. @Raphael Martins Thanks for clarifying. Yeah, Sonic Team as a specific entity is a bit of a legacy and misnomer these days. You only have to look at the credits of Unleashed through Forces to see how inconsistent the team is. Even when you look at the handheld titles and games like Unleashed Wii, Sonic Team always gets top billing when in actuality the development teams are mostly made up of Dimps employees. Dimps' name only ever appears in the closing credits. You could argue that that's to save face after Dimps lost a lot of good faith in the Sonic community recently, but until S4E1 rolled around they were actually the ones dishing out the good Sonic games. Anyways, this what led to the whole "storybook team and main game team" confusion a few years ago. Iizuka is producer for the Sonic brand as a whole and some staff seem to constantly work on Sonic projects (like Kishimoto... unfortunately), but on the whole staff seem to cycle around a lot. Runners was supposedly made by Sonic Team, although the credits revealed it was mostly former SEGA Sports R&D staff IIRC, the guys who make the Olympics series. Any Sonic game made internally at SEGA is labelled "Sonic Team".
  23. I've searched for both Project DIVA and PSO2 Hedgehog Engine claims and can't find anything except public Wikis with no sources and various forum posts where people say "this game pretty so it must be using the Hedgehog Engine". So again, sources please. Lost World got a patch to unlock the framerate, which actually broke the game and made several levels impossible; collecting butterflies wouldn't trigger flowers to open and something went wrong with the Drill Wisp too IIRC (both were necessary to clear a number of levels). I'm not sure if they ever officially fixed this, but I'm going to hazard a guess and say that they did because I'm not finding much discussion about it. There's an option to disable voice overs, but it's so lazily done that the BGM volume still lowers for a few seconds at the points when characters are still supposed to talk. All of the Circus Tents were removed outright. They weren't exactly a highlight of the Wii U game but rather than remap the motion controls to regular buttons, they just got taken out completely and the numbers of animals you needed to rescue to progress along the map was massively reduced. It reeks of lazy to take them out completely. Lower the requirements to reduce the need to grind to progress, but just to cut out content like that... lazy as shit. Generations is so tackily done that is used the default VB icon on the task bar. It's got very limited graphical options available and you can't configure the games settings at all from within the application itself. Cutscenes frequently run out of sync with the audio regardless of the how well the rest of the game runs. I can't back it up from technical point of view, but from what I've heard the game is just poorly optimised. It also removed the bonus unlockable version of S1 that was included in the console versions. No idea if this was due to laziness or another reason, but it also seemed such a strange omission. SCD was built natively on the PC using the Retro Engine. But SEGA, in all of their infinite wisdom, hired Blit Works to port the 360 version back to PC who then broke the game's resolutions and scaling in the process. It looks constantly blurry as a result. Taxman spoke out on the issue, expressing his regret at being unable to fix it because it was not his version of the game. With regards to SA1HD and SA2HD, it also includes the console versions. SA1 didn't even support widescreen and improperly rendered different resolutions resulting in a blurry image. This is a bit of recurring theme actually, cause it also applied to S4E2 before fan outcry got it patched. Neither game made any effort fix the broken graphical effects of the GCN versions (and the additional ones of the original SADX PC version). Controller support is borked and in-game settings are again non-existent. The PC versions of Sonic games are functional. They work (apart from the time they broke Lost World), but they are as half-arsed as possible. Make sure the game boots up and it's ready to sell. It's sad that they don't do anything to make the games the definitive versions to play. Would it have killed them to rebalance the audio mixing in SA2?
  24. Sorry, typo there. I meant to say Sonic, because their Sonic ports to PC are pretty bad.
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