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  1. Chao Gardens were never good.

    1. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      They were always great 

    2. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Great at being boring.

    3. Indigo Rush
    4. Wittymations


      I enjoyed them as a nice slow paced extra.

      To be honest, I never understood why SEGA never capitalized on their popularity as some kind of DLC for future games. Let them interact with each future title. Would sell pretty well, I imagine.

    5. FaultyWindmill


      The have the same sort of appeal as something like Animal Crossing, although AC has a bit more going on.

      They were possibly a bit more fun on the dreamcast thanks to the vmu, the whole thing is underpinned by emotional engagement.

      Chao World Extender for the Steam version helps flesh it out further.

    6. Sonictrainer


      I bet if the Chao Gardens were customizable and the Stadium Games were more like Fall Guys, they'd be a blast.

    7. TheOcelot


      Yeah the gardens do suck. Although I kinda wanna see them return and be made more fun.

    8. Mil-O-Lantern


      I had fun with it when I was younger but I don't think I can imagine going back to it now or be thrilled about them being included in a new Sonic games. Wouldn't mind them being spun-off into their own series though!

  2. What does everyone think of Hestu's voice then? Cause it doesn't sounds like how adorable grunts/vocalisations from BotW, and is instead just pretty dreadful. IMO, of course.
  3. It's clearly not a watermark. The Sonic Twitter has a history of ARG and hiding things, usually numbers, in seemingly innocuous tweets when they want to tease news. This was especially the case leading up to the 25th Anniversary party and Mania's announcement. It was fun at the time, but the "clues" were so ridiculously obtuse and the final answers just being dates meant that there was basically nothing to be gained whatsoever from the particular campaign. I wouldn't like to see them retread all that same ground again. And to hide the number 3 on an image from SA1/SADX to tease Sonic Adventure 3... That's too basic. Whatever the 3 is there for, we probably don't have the necessary information to figure that out. Basically just carry on as usual and keep this tweet in the back is your mind for later.
  4. The voice acting in BotW was a mixed bag, and I honestly really wanted to like it. But the voices they chose were just so generic and cliché. They were tolerable at best, really. And then there were Purah's few lines at the end of the Champion's Ballad... Just unbearable. That teeny weeny trailer was difficult to listen to. Robbie was fine. But I can't be doing with Purah at all. This might be the first game in which I actually set the voices to another language.
  5. Just another echo for the whole "boss battles are too long/too frequent" sentiment. I don't mind that S3k has boss battles at the end of every act. In fact, I quite like it, so I was really pleased to see this feature return in Mania. But too many of them take a long time to beat, and you stand around waiting for the boss to expose its weak point whilst you do either nothing or basically nothing. I'm just going to list every boss here and summarise my thoughts on them.
  6. Corona Mountain really has absolutely no redeeming features. Zero.

    1. JezMM


      The rocket jumping up clouds bit is... fine.  Feels like that would've been an acceptable enough final exam for the Rocket Nozzle in a course that was themed around testing the various abilities of the game, as Corona Mountain should have been.

    2. A Match in Oil Ocean Zone

      A Match in Oil Ocean Zone

      at least it has a cool name

    3. Soniman


      Yeah it's the worst final level...worst level in general in a Mario game. Definitely feels like they ran out of time 

    4. Wraith


      They ran out of time for sure but I'll never get reusing the boat out of all the options they had available to them. Another floating platform segment or something would have been good enough.

    5. Diogenes


      first part is pretty cool

    6. JezMM


      To be honest the boating segment would've been fine if the course had another 4 or 5 set-pieces after it.  The fact that it takes up a third of the course and the first and last parts are so uninventive is what really makes it a perfectly constructed crap sandwich.

  7. What a crazy month it's been. I applied for a job I didn't think I'd get and wasn't very interested in, but two weeks I had later learned about just how amazing the job would be and somehow managed to successfully stumble my way through the interview process. Now two weeks after getting the job offer, I've moved to Oxford for said job despite never having actually visited the city before. My family were completely unaware that I was planning to find a new job (and even less so that I was planning to move away) until I got the job.

    This is just the abridged version. It's kind of overwhelming to go through so much change so quickly. I start my job on Monday.

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  9. Delfino Plaza is a really awesome hub world. Definitely the highlight of Mario Sunshine. It hasn't got the same sense of progression and exploration as Peach's Castle because the the whole place is basically open from the get-go, but it's just so fun to run around. I'd rather just doss around in Delfino Plaza than any of the Kingdoms in Odyssey.

  10. I still have a sealed copy of Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival. As do many others, I assume. I bought it during clearance at Argos for like £1, purely because it came with two Amiibo and a few cards that I could use in games like BotW. 

  11. God damn does the DLC for Pokémon Sword and the DLC for Pokémon Shield continue to disappoint. And I hate the way that Game Freak and Nintendo continue to refer to the games entirely separately, as though that validates them being two separate, full price products.

  12. According to the description, this Impa is a bit absent minded, so very unlike her previous incarnations and especially unlike SS and HW. Cool. I'm down for that. I'm liking her design a lot too. It's very clearly based on Paya and Purah in BotW.
  13. Getting "booted out" of stages when you clear a mission in SM64 or Sunshine has never really bothered me aside from in Tick Tock Clock and Rainbow Ride. Although I do understand the criticism that being level at that aspect, it's usually not an issue, especially in Sunshine wherein each episode usually adjusts the layout quite significantly. But ffs getting booted out of regular levels every time you lose a life or fail a mission is awful design.

  14. Why do the authorities of Isle Delfino care so much about prosecuting Mario for supposedly scaring away the Shine Sprites when actually most of the Shines are instead just blatantly being held hostage by residents as ransom for box breaking minigames and Blooper races etc?

    Maybe arrest the tanukis trading in untraceable Blue Coin currency for stolen Shine Sprites and seize all their assets, no?

    1. I Have Berry!

      I Have Berry!

      Plot twist: The Delfino PD was secretly working under Bowser's payroll the whole time

  15. Yep. Mario Sunshine on Switch is the worst 3D Mario game. I know a lot of people will say that they never liked it at all (or at least not as much as all of the others), but Sunshine has always been one of my favourites. It deserved so much better than this. If Nintendo wanted to put any effort into this, they could have remedied some of the control issues by including gyro aiming.

    1. JezMM


      God I wish gyro was in it so much.  Maybe it's just coz I recently played BotW again but every time I go to "first-person" view camera on Sunshine, my impulse is to gyro aim but of course nothing happens.

    2. Strickerx5


      It's sad really. For many, this will be their first experience with the game. They're opinions on it will be negatively tainted due to Nintendo's incompetence in making a decent port.

      Actually got into a bit of a debate earlier this week with a friend about the quality of these ports not really mattering. They argued that them being playable on the Switch at all is enough and that people need to stop complaining about such things. Fast forward to now and suddenly everyone hates Sunshine.

      Yes, you can argue that there's more to dislike about the game than the things the port ruins but those issues are still changing your overall experience for the worse.

    3. Sean


      I've been playing the original version lately and I think it needs a straight up remake in order to be good. It's one of the worst Mario games.

    4. Nix


      why the fuck did they map zoom-in on an R-stick press, and then only let you aim with L-stick

      seriously, why

    5. iambitter21


      yeesh, now I know which mario game I'm gonna be cautious about.

    6. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      @Sean I mean, it would benefit greatly from such, but I don't think that that's necessary at all. An enhanced port is all it really needs, and a competent port/emulation would suffice

    7. Sean


      The game is pretty jank and I don't feel a simple remaster would be enough to solve all my problems with it. I love Mario's moveset with the FLUDD but the physics belie it. It feels awful to play.

    8. JezMM


      I guess at this point it would need a full remake to do this but the game definitely feels in need of finishing.  It doesn't feel finished.

      What's so bizarre is that Mario 64 was built entirely around making Mario as fun and responsive to control as possible and THEN they built the game. What happened to that design philosophy in Sunshine? It was genius for a platformer.

    9. Wraith


      I've seen a lot of shit that happened to me in my gamecube version of sunshine be blamed on the port this week. If anything this release is good for its rep 

    10. JezMM


      Yeah to be honest, I haven't encountered anything jank-wise that feels unfamiliar compared to the original game.  All the control issues I'm having are purely related to just having stumbling moments as I have to physically translate my impulses into the new control scheme (like, physically reminding myself that the Switch does not know that I am "clicking down" the ZR button in my head and I need to use the R button instead for what I'm trying to achieve).

      The only non-control related issue I've had with the game compared to the original is the way the FMV cut-scenes sharply cut off at the end, both visual and audio-wise, rather than fading to black.  Odd little change.

    11. Adamabba


      Mario Sunshine has been dethroned by Mario Sunshine as the worst 3D Mario game 

    12. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      @Adamabba 3D Land held the crown previously. Boring load of rubbish that game was.

    13. iambitter21


      you DARE dis the name of the holy almighty 3d land?! You shall be banished from this realm if you ever spite it's name again!

    14. JezMM


      Oof now that's a take I can't see eye-to-eye on.  While it was the weakest in terms of atmosphere/sense of adventure, 3D Land was pure platforming goodness in it's most concentrated form, and until 3D World did everything it did better (with due consideration for the fact that 3DW stood on the shoulders of giants), I considered it the best Mario experience to date gameplay-wise when it came out.  Just one sublime course after another - literally.  I'd say it's only flaws were that the special worlds were heavily padded with repeat courses, and that the boss fights were crap (apart from the last which, again, was the best to date and... still might be, actually).

    15. Sean


      I didn't play the Galaxy games until much later so 3D Land was the one that got me back into Mario

    16. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      I've never been a 2D Mario fan, and 3D Land just bored me from start to finish. It was so bland to look at, to listen to and to play. I can't be any more specific than "playing through each course was boring". Dry and easy platforming challenges set in very uninteresting obstacle courses. No surprises, no twists, no fun. I tried to replay it a few weeks ago and was just like "urgh kill me now". It's also got the worst main/ground theme of any Mario game. 

      3D World though? Brilliant. It's everything that 3D Land wanted to be and wasn't. There's no placing my finger on why 3D Land sucks so hard, especially when I couldn't feel any more differently about 3D World, but there we go. 

      Sunshine is a janky, unfinished and rougher than sandpaper, but it's fun to play if you can get beyond that and has tons more in its favor. I can get beyond the bad bita straight away on the Gamecube. 3D Land is a much tighter package, but there's no fun to be had. I was so incredibly disappointed when I first played it.

  16. It's been the better part of a decade since I've played Galaxy in any form, so what I'm saying here may apply to the original. But seeing as it's an issue here in this version, I'm going to mention it anyway. Mario's controls keep bugging out. It's infrequent, but totally annoying and potentially dangerous when it does. Sometimes Mario will just start running in small circles no matter which direction you move the analogue stick in, and he'll only stop when you completely remove all analogue stick input for a second. Don't know what I mean? You've probably run into a similar issue in SA2's Mad Space where Rouge just gets stuck on the poles of one of the planets. I initially thought it was a glitch with the sphere-walking that Galaxy uses for individual planets, but I've have it happen on plenty of flat surfaces where gravity is normal (i.e. the starting planet in Honey Hive Galaxy or even the Observatory). If this bug occurred in the original, and I'm pretty sure it did, it's happening to me way more now. And even if it's no different to the original, these kinds of problems are why a collection of half-arsed emulations doesn't warrant a full £50 price point. Let's ignore things like the ugly colour banding, botched gyro, camera/FLUDD controls inverted over the original for no reason for a second and focus just on how nothing was done to improve these games in the tiniest easy. Widescreen and upped resolutions? That's nothing. It's a basic function of the emulator shell doing something they original hardware can't. This collection is incredibly lazy
  17. Yeah, I don't quite get what this has to do with Skyward Sword either. Skyward Sword used the gyro instead of the sensor bar for pointing the cursor and everything else, and that worked a million times better than the the cursor in this version is Galaxy. I think you can expect more from Nintendo when they're porting a single game than churning out a cheap package of emulators. Skyward Sword would be unplayable if it controlled like Galaxy does on Switch. They literally couldn't get away with such a half arsed effort with that. It simply wouldn't work.
  18. Super Mario 3D All Stars isn't really deserving of the name. It's like just "so okay" and nothing more. So far the collection is perfectly functional and playable (apart from the awkward inversion of the right-stick axes), but apart from this collection being official and easily playable on the telly, there's nothing that I couldn't get through Dolphin and other emulators. And if I did did that for Sunshine in particular, there'd be a ton of other improvements available. Not to mention the Mario 64 PC port...

    Super Mario 3D Adequates

    1. SenEDDtor Missile

      SenEDDtor Missile

      Super Mario 3d Bronze Stars.

    2. Your Vest Friend

      Your Vest Friend

      Super Mario 3D Ports

    3. I Have Berry!

      I Have Berry!

      That title is like something a fan could come up with; most underserving of a name since "Sonic 4"

    4. KHCast


      Super Mario 3D Roms

    5. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      @Your Vest Friend They aren't ports though. They're emulations, and can't really do anything not in their original programming.

    6. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Double post bug

  19. I didn't trust GameXplains assertion that these weren't emulations. It just didn't seem likely considering everything that we were looking at.
  20. This track is totally wasted on the Wild Area in SwSh.

    Like much of the rest of the killer soundtrack in SwSh, I can't help but wish that it was in a better game. And in particular, in an area where you actually explore a grand environment. This music sounds like it belongs in what everyone wanted the Wild Area to be. 

    1. I Have Berry!

      I Have Berry!

      Phenomenal music score wasted on mediocre game

      gee that doesnt sound familiar

  21. lol super delayed double post plz nuke
  22. HW1 had a huge cast of characters within the story, both the good guys and the bad guys, who are playable. It then also had... Linkle; she got her own story outside of the main plot and not interacting with the main plot at all, really. Tetra and King Daphnes; part of the WW expansion that came much later And then a shit ton of other characters like Marin, Ravio and Tingle; these guys had no story associated with them whatsoever and were unlocked in a different mode entirely. You could play through the story with them, but they obviously weren't present during cutscenes and dialogue. I really hope that AoC gives us new characters in the story (and reasonable existing characters from BotW such as Impa and Hestu) for the most part, so that there can be a great deal of world building. I don't really care too much about other returning characters, but there will almost certainly be a cast of bonus characters too.
  23. I didn't just dream that Hyrule Warriors AoC was a real game. Cool.

  24. As far as the story goes, I wouldn't like to see characters like Riju, Paya, Kass or anyone else from post-calamity Hyrule. These characters were all born long after the events of the calamity. So whilst I wouldn't mind them showing up in a non-canon capacity, I'd rather the story focused on characters from 100 years ago (Hestu, Impa, Purah) and new characters. And considering how much potential there is for storytelling and world-building here, new characters would be great. This isn't a case of characters like Lana and Linkle being created for a non-canon spin-off feeling like they're getting in the way of more direct fan service and references. HW had an enormous cast of characters, most of whom had no story roles at all, so there'll undoubtedly be plenty of the same here. I just hope they include new material and don't rely entirely upon BotW references.
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