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  1. One thing that's been sort of bothering me is just why was this game not revealed for any Nintendo platform. Not so much that I'm too fussed about it not being on one (after all it should be easy enough for basically anyone to just run on Steam), but I'm simply curious as to why. Could it be a possible implication of the game containing quite a bit in terms of content? How many zones shall the game contain and what will their be in terms of additional content? Art galleries? Sound test? Seems fairly likely to me.
  2. With how much the sprites have been reworked and with how much has been added they're essentially new. It would be incredibly pedantic to say otherwise.
  3. But they haven't recycled any sprites. All the sprites have been made/remade brand new. These clearly aren't the Sonic 2/CD sprites for Sonic, but rather a new sprite modelled primarily after that appearance. I trust that when they make Tails' and Knuckles' sprites they'll remain cohesive with Sonic's as well.
  4. Looks like I'm back.  God bless Sonic Mania.

    1. Kiah


      Super late but I had no idea you came back! Welcome back and thank you Sonic Mania! ;) 

  5. This game has brought me back to these boards for the first time quite some time. I'm actually incredibly excited for this. Everything about it just looks so on point at the moment. Honestly I see this at worst being a fundamentally solid, but uninspired game ala New Super Mario Bros 2 or something. But at best it could potentially be the best Sonic game to date. No exclusions or additional adjectives. Best Sonic game period. I really don't see how this could go wrong considering what we've seen so far and the people working on it, and years of experience have taught me to exercise caution during Sonic hype periods. Also, Studiopolis Zone's music is nothing short of magical. God bless Tee Lopes
  6. Happy birthday man, have a good one! Have with whatever the heck you do!

  7. Happy birthday! (also sorry for interrupting your Smash matches, I didn't notice someone was already there)

  8. Happy birthday, SilentDoom!


  10. The people complaining care. That's why they're complaining. People like Lucina and want to see her well represented. It's not about the proportion of unique characters within a franchise, it's about characters that are well designed and interesting on their own merits.
  11. Actually this isn't the case. Quite a lot of resources have been recycled from Brawl for the sake of saving time and making development more efficient. Whilst Melee and Brawl reanimated every character from scratch, Smash 4 recycles quite a lot of Brawl animations. There are still a lot of fresh ones mind you, but only the newcomers are 100% original.
  12. This is an incredibly obnoxious attitude. First of all "tourney fucks" really? If competitve Melee is anything to go by tournament players concern themselves more with whether or not a character is effective rather than whether or not they're a clone. There are A LOT of Falco players as well as good Ganon and Doc players in Melee despite all being clones. Second, the fact that this is a fan service game is precisely why Lucina is a missed opportunity as a complete clone. If she was a clone in the same vain as, say, Luigi or Lucas then that would have bee amazing and fit really well. It's sensible acknowledgement of how she is as a character, whilst still offering her fresh, fairly unique gameplay. However she was, rather arbitrarily, made an almost exact replica of Marth. Doc is less of a clone than her and he is literally just Mario with a jacket. Fan service doesn't just come from the character themselves but also how they are represented. Smash is capable of making typically dull characters really cool, but can also do the opposite as is the case here. I'm not saying this as a competitive player, I'm saying this as someone who likes FE and Lucina.