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  1. Three weeks and I barely remember that Forces' exists lol.

    1. Alienrun


      I would be in the same boat too if I wasn't thinking of making a video about it in the back of my mind AND watching speedrun related videos of it... :/

    2. JosepHenry


      Better keep that way.

  2. That one of the sickest episodes of Dragon Ball I've seen. Fucking amazing.

  3. Oh, BSC started Forces.

    1. Adamabba
    2. Froste-the-SnowMetallix


      That Avatar has seen some s--t.

  4. Next year will be the 20th anniversary of Sonic Adventure, and I will cry myself to sleep because I know there will never be a 3D game like it again :V

  5. Should Shadow and Rouge be bad guys again

    >Willingly saved the world after telling Black Doom and Mephiles to fuck themselves. >Knew the world was going to fuck him over and still chooses to fight for the planet. >Actively opposes Eggman and sides with the Heroes in Forces. Do you just actively ignore what the games do and just substitute it with your own headcanon?
  6. Should Shadow and Rouge be bad guys again

    Part of me wishes Shadow & Rouge did their own thing separately more ; partially because the former almost always steals the show whenever they're together, so the latter always feels like a tagalong. I like their friendship, so I don't want it to go away, but it'd be nice to see them take action a bit more independently and team up when they need to.
  7. Sonic Forces Development Speculation (Spoilers)

    You'd be surprised how difficult it is to do your job well under shitty work conditions.
  8. Tails was never one of my favorite characters, but it kinda sucks how they've just been assassinating his character lately. He ain't deserve that lol.


  9. Should Shadow and Rouge be bad guys again

    Being a foil doesn't mean they have to actually be villains; Knuckles was Sonic's main foil before Shadow showed up, and nobody ever pegged him as a villain or said he should be bad. He was antagonist out of circumstance and afterward quickly became part of Sonic's group. It's square peg characters into roles they aren't suited for, which is a problem that's been plaguing this series a lot recently and I wish people would realize this. And if you honestly think Sonic calling characters a few names makes him an asshole, I can't even begin to tell you how much you've misunderstood the character. While it's true Rouge has mostly selfish intentions, she has enough moral character to not cross certain lines. She did give Knuckles back the rest of the shards of the Master Emerald as thanks for saving her life in SA2. I can see her mostly interested in stealing jewels at the end of the day, but I don't think she'd team up with just anyone for the sake of jewels. I do feel like everyone should be more wary of her though. A good way to describe it to me would be: Rouge has selfish goals and intentions, but her methods are (mostly) benign. Which contrasts with Shadow's more questionable methods to achieve more sympathetic and noble goals.
  10. Should Shadow and Rouge be bad guys again

    I'm probably the only one who's never seen Shadow or Rouge as "grey" characters. Mostly because this series is rather firmly black and white in terms of morality. Even at their most morally ambiguous, they're just kind of jerks who get into arguments with the more morally upstanding characters. But I never felt like they would turn on them at the drop of a hat. Even the comics portray them as straight up heroes, even if they're not exactly nice and understanding about it as Sonic and Co. are.
  11. Should Shadow and Rouge be bad guys again

    I don't understand how wanting to get the very powerful object away from the villain counts as "being a whiny baby" and Knuckles who threw the first punch...
  12. Should Shadow and Rouge be bad guys again

    Thank you for the informed commentary Mechano :V Yes I know Shadow is a reformed villain.
  13. Should Shadow and Rouge be bad guys again

    What I mean was, when they were antagonistic, they had reasons for it beyond "lol evil" so just making them straight up antagonists again for no reason just for the sake of a conflict is stupid and just continues the trend of haphazardly changing characters to suit the needs of the plot. I mean, look at all of the reactions to Shadow supposedly siding with Eggman before Forces came out, because everyone realized how stupid it was without some contrived plot device to justify it. I understand not wanting them to be cookie-cutter heroes, but at the same time, ignoring ( the very small amounts at this point) established and prior characterization has a been a problem for this series consistently.
  14. Sonic Forces Development Speculation (Spoilers)

    Imagine being forced to make games for the same franchise without ever branching out to the others. I think Sonic Team are just burnt out on making Sonic games, but Sega won't let them do anything else.
  15. Should Shadow and Rouge be bad guys again

    They were never bad to begin with :V Not that I'd want them to be straight-laced heroes, but whenever they were antagonistic, it was because they had their own separate goals.