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  1. You can tell which time period a fan grew up in by their preference of characterization; if they like Sonic as a cocky jock, they probably grew up in the 90's. If they prefer him more as a laid back and straight laced hero, they probably grew up in the 2000's.

    1. Balding Spider

      Balding Spider

      I like him as an overconfident combination smart-ass dork. Which time period did I grow up in?

    2. SupahBerry


      And those 2010 kids???

    3. Lord-Dreamerz


      Sonic from the OVA is my favorite incarnation of him. I also liked the AOTH personality well enough. I really hated when they started portraying him as almost a generic shounen hero around the Sonic adventure era.

    4. Perkilator


      I grew up in the 2000's (but mostly with Sonic X Sonic).

    5. Mega


      I will forever stan SataM Sonic because a lot of people don't actually understand his characterization. :P He's not just a cocky idiot!

    6. Kuzu the Boloedge

      Kuzu the Boloedge

      @Balding Spider that depends, which game has that characterization for him?

      @SupahBerry Ironic self referential humor.


      @Mega I'll be fair and say he's not like that all of the time, but he is like that for most of the series. 

    7. Balding Spider

      Balding Spider

      I think Colors was the only one to do it the best thus far, most notably when Sonic gestures at Eggman to kiss his ass, and shit talks a dead robot, leading to Tails making fun of him for it.

    8. Mega


      I'd say there are still a lot of examples where he does show more depth, though. Like, I was browsing tumblr and this post here sums it up super well: https://robotnik-mun.tumblr.com/post/183782548786/sonic-is-an-egotistical-stupid-jerk-in-satam

      But SatAM was my introduction to the character, so it's basically the first thing I think of when I think of Sonic characterization.

    9. Kuzu the Boloedge

      Kuzu the Boloedge

      @Balding Spider You fucking 2010 kid.

      @Mega That's a good post, but I'll admit that it's hard to look past how blatantly 90's he was back then if you didn't grow up on that.



  2. Oh Dodonpa is staying? Cool. Host a fighting tournament next. DO IT!!!

  3. TSR is warming me up to Silver and it honestly frightens me...

    1. JosepHenry


      Silver game coming soon

    2. DiamondX


      @JosepHenry I would love that actually.

  4. I completely forgot that Laura Bailey and Travis Willingham had their first child last year. Might explain why they couldn't reprise their roles.

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Assuming that the voices were recorded well in advance of the intended December 2018 release date, that would make sense I think.

  5. So has Sega shortchanging Sonic spin offs been a thing for a while now? Because it definitely explains the relative lack of spin offs for the past decade or so lol. 

    1. Dejimon11


      If you want to count Boom as a spinoff we technically got 4 games. 

    2. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      I don't think so. There were diminishing returns on the spin-offs and too many Sonic games coming out that they're were kind of fighting against each other. 

    3. Kuzu the Boloedge

      Kuzu the Boloedge

      I mean...it IS a spin off.


      What we got...Free Riders, Boom ROL, Boom Shattered Crystal, Boom Fire and Ice, and now TSR.....yea, none of those games had a real budget Iiirc. 

    4. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Boom RoL had a HUGE budget. It was all part of the creation of the new Boom brand. BRB were involved in that project from the outset, designing the characters and world. The game was horribly shafted and given a death sentence from SEGA, but it wasn't a low budget effort. It was an enormous money sink.

    5. Kuzu the Boloedge

      Kuzu the Boloedge

      True. I think most of the money went towards the advertising though. Don't know about the game itself

    6. Dr. Detective Mike

      Dr. Detective Mike

      I remember when the amount of money that was being sunk into Rise of Lyric was reported to us. We were all flabbergasted by how much it supposedly was. Some people thought the large figure we saw meant it was going to be a super high quality product as a result but, as we all learned, spending a ton of money on something doesn't mean jack shit if you miss-manage things as badly as they did. 

    7. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Remember that the entire game is a total shadow of what it was supposed to be. There's so much cut content on the disc and in trailers, and oodles more that we'll never see. The game was basically entirely remade when it was forcibly made a Wii U exclusive.

    8. Dr. Detective Mike

      Dr. Detective Mike

      Yeah, I was about to bring that up. They probably lost a ton when they had to switch from the Unreal Engine to something that the Wii U could handle.

      The fact that it had to be re-worked to cater to the Wii U, of all consoles, is just an extra hard kick to the balls. 

    9. Milo


      IIRC, BRB in one of their interviews mentioned $20M was spent on a project that from the description given was all but rise of lyric (or project apollo/sonic synergy as it may had been titled at the time)

      it was never said who exactly fronted the money for the budget (although it's very likely that it came out of sega's pocket)

  6. All it really does is just reinforce that Sega is shortchanging this series something fierce.
  7. You...didn't answer my question at all. Which was, "WHY SHOULD SEGA CARE ABOUT THE OPINIONS OF A FEW DIEHARD SONIC FANS WHO WANT TO SEE THESE CHARACTERS". This is the simplest take; the supporting cast have been obnoxious and intrusive at best and just..harmless at worst. But the main thing is that Sega/SonicTeam/whoever has just done a shitty job at actually making them appealing. IF you aren't already a fan of this series when the writing was "marginally decent", why in god's name would anyone care about these characters when they don't do anything of note, have no real interesting plotlines or character dynamics, and are honestly just straight forgettable. Yes, you can sing the praises of the Chaotix, Team Dark until the cows come home. Doesn't change that Sega has done nothing to make these characters appealing in the slightest, and seem pretty incapable of doing so for whatever reason. Lack of care, poor management, what have you. But the bottom line is, Sega sucks and they can't do anything right by this series to give anyone a reason to even begin to care.
  8. Then please tell me why a company like Sega would be aware of the VocalMinority that is the internet Sonic fandom. When Mania came out, pretty sure nobody but the people who already cared weren't saying "Gee, I wish Shadow was in this game". It's not as big a priority as anyone screaming about it would have you believe.
  9. Nobody but you and a few people on the internet care about that. I'm fairly certain Sega doesn't care about that.
  10. Or maybe...Sonic is the primary character and the only one really needed. Or are you gonna say that every game with only the main character is playable is because the developers "are afraid other characters will be bashed". I guess that rings true for almost every video game in existence. Can we please stop with these wild theories on why this keeps happening and trying to justify it when its probably something as simple as "Sega wants to make a game you play as the main character" and nothing really else. A game with just one playable character is, get ready for it, actually really common :V.
  11. At this point, only the diehard fans that have been around for about 15 years still give a damn about the whole "shitty friends" trend. The majority don't care, Sega doesn't care, and newer fans who grew up with them already in minor role likely don't care either. I'm surprised people still care when it's been almost fifteen years since this all started and nothing has changed. Its not really worth getting worked up over anymore because the die has been cast. Just take shit like this game and Forces for what you can hope for more in the future is all I can say.
  12. Ok, Sonic & Silver have legit have one of the best convos in this game. 

  13. The consensus of TSR seems to be that its just... ok. Excels in nothing, but good for what it is.


    Yea...that's sounds like a Sonic game.

    1. JosepHenry


      7 is above ok. 

    2. TheOcelot


      So in other words it's a decent effort for a low budget game.

    3. Kuzu the Boloedge

      Kuzu the Boloedge

      @JosepHenry I don't care about numbers

  14. Were people not complaining about her being "obsessed" no less than a decade ago? Are we really doing this?

    1. Strickerx5


      God forbid she grow to have a character past her Sonic obsession like she claimed she was going to do back in SA1.

    2. Soniman


      Don't people remember how she had a temper which was ALSO directed at Sonic EVEN during her obsessive days? It's almost like characters can have more than one trait or something 

    3. Kuzu the Boloedge

      Kuzu the Boloedge

      The complaint seems to be that her crush has been downplayed and she resembles her Boom incarnation more. 

    4. Soniman


      If she acts more like a better version of her character I consider that a absolutely win 

    5. Kuzu the Boloedge

      Kuzu the Boloedge

      Apparently its making her "boring" and "stripping her of her unique qualities"


      I just find the whole thing funny how we've swung back around


    6. dbzfan7


      Eh I kinda agree to a point. Especially when the other side of the coin is a character who doesn't really have an identity nor stands out. The problem with before was they took the joke too far with her obsession and it annoyed people rather than charmed.

  15. ...I wouldn't really call that "good". Certainly more expressive than just a few still shots though I admit.
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