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  1. The amount of scapegoating in the opening post is sad, and it's pretty symbolic to the current state of the series. Nobody knows what's going on, so they pick the most public face and demonize him. Iizuka is probably one of the few people left who actually gives a shit about the series despite popular belief that he doesn't. He actively engages people and constantly talks about what's happening in the series. There's no other figure who even tries to do that anymore. His hands are tied. He probably wants to make better games, but Sega are the ones who dictate the series and have final say and what is done. And in case it wasn't obvious, Sega have realized that they don't have to make good games because Sonic is such a household name that any product with his name or face will attract attention. Combine that with Sega commissioning Sonic Team to make a new game every 2-3 years under shitty work conditions, then you can see why the series is in the state its in. Its hilariously similar to what's happening with Pokemon right now and for similar reasons.
  2. So if anyone is still miffed about Pokemon, read this thread because your hate is kind of misplaced.


    1. SupahBerry


      Don't change the already perfect formula, they say???


      Then what do you call taking out an (unspecified) number of Pokemon when you could always get all of them in every prior installment?????

    2. TCB


      I agree. 

  3. I feel like an old person if I were to complain about this. This movie feels completely at odds with the original but they're insisting it's totally related
  4. Toy Story was certainly...a thing

  5. And once again we end up back at "there's no point in doing X because ST sucks"
  6. I'm not too concerned about this as, cynical as it sounds, is obviously marketed towards younger players as a cost effective measure for parents. Alternatively, if you haven't gotten a switch and mostly plan on handheld gaming....well there you go. Personally don't care, but I can see the market for this.
  7. I kind of get the complaint; Tails' tech tends to not really matter to the plot most of the time outside of piloting the Tornado. Sonic can literally get the job done by himself for the most part, so there's not much tech he needs and it's be kind of jarring to have him start relying on it just to give Tails a larger role. I do like the idea of Tails being the one who invents his upgrades as it makes his tech role more relevant without feeling shoehorned for the sake of plot. If they're committed to making Tails simply tech support instead of a secondary player character (and that seems to be the case) they could at least demphasize how competent he is at it. I think it grates on people because most of the time, Tails is just used to build something because the plot needs. It's not very engaging and kind of devalues Eggman as the smartest guy around if Tails can easily rival what he does. Like have Tails try to make something, but he kind of sucks at it first before learning. It at least makes the technical trait an interesting case to build character instead of just being excuse to have Tails railroad the plot.
  8. See, the real reason Sword and Shield look underwhelming is because they were developed for the Switch Lite.

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Which has a more efficient processor than the original Switch, and higher pixel density on the screen.

    2. Strickerx5


      720p gaming in 2019 baby

  9. In that sense, those characters differ from Tails in that they were able to strike out on their own; Dick Grayson became Nightwing, Jason Todd became the Red Hood, and Bucky became the Winter Soldier. With how Tails is currently used, when hes not being outright ignored, they try to portray him as amazingly competent one second (Lost World) and then portray him as helpless without Sonic the next (Forces) So like...which is it with Tails.
  10. I...don't even get what you're trying say honestly. First you talked about everyone has a different idea on what they want....which I already said. Then you bring up other examples of other characters and then reference Batman, and I'm not quite sure what conclusion I'm supposed to be drawing from all of that.
  11. This whole Pokemon discourse really makes it apparent that adults are extremely reluctant to move from series they may have outgrown. 

    I'm not really into all of the gimmicky stuff the series has been doing either...but I also understand that I am not the target demographic but then I see so many other people on the internet hate this stuff. Its weird. 

    1. Lord-Dreamerz


      Somebody out there needs to make a Pokemon/digimon type game series for adults. Capturing and raising fantasy creatures is something half of everybody enjoys regardless of age. If nobody offers anything else similar but suits their more mature tastes... then they have no reason to leave. Even including the problems that people hate on these kid targeted games... there is still aspects they love about them. Same deal with Sonic fans.

    2. Kuzu the Boloedge

      Kuzu the Boloedge

      I feel like if you have gotten to a point of hating a product that's not for you and actively ruining it for the ones who it is for, then you need to move on.

      I don't agree with that tbh. I don't need Pokemon or Digimon to be "mature". But people get super insecure when they indulge in something that's deemed childish and swear up and down it's not.

      It's a series about weird and colorful creatures, it doesn't need to be "mature" to be enjoyable.

    3. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      I do want to point out Shin Megami Tensei exists and its a mature take on the Mons genre, way before it existed even. Yes Persona does exist and ellipses SMT in popularity but there IS an equivalent out there.

      ...Man if people back then knew that the first Mons were about demons and satanic shit people would had flipped their shit.

    4. Lord-Dreamerz


      Ah, so basically you don't care what anybody wants, don't wanna hear even compromise ideas and just are upset people are hating on something for reasons you don't agree with. Fans don't need to move on from anything if they don't want to. It doesn't matter if Pokemon is mainly targeted towards kids. it is in no shape or form is limited to kids and never has been. Adults are not ruining Pokemon for kids either, most folk complaining mainly just want the series to be improved instead of getting downgraded because of BS. I also never said Pokemon needed to be a more mature series... if you actually paid attention, I said somebody else should make a similar type series more focused on the adult player-base regardless if the actual content itself is "mature" or not. On a related note. Feeling " insecure " is not the problem for many folks who like mature content, it is more a preference type deal.

  12. Now comes the part when we debate on whether new Pokemon designs are good or stupid.

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      For the most part, SwSh have some really solid designs. They're mostly quite soft and cute, even Dreadnaw. It's just the general style for Pokémon nowadays. 

    2. Kuzu the Boloedge

      Kuzu the Boloedge

      I saw a video on it actually; the designs have become less angular and more stylized.

    3. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      You know, I've seen lots of commentary about that but haven't seen any videos or posts that go into it. Got any links?

    4. Kuzu the Boloedge

      Kuzu the Boloedge

      This one springs to mind



  13. I'll admit, Alcreme is kind of ridiculous but in a fun way. I'm glad they're just going balls crazy now. And Rolycoly is definitely going to become a coal train, let's ho.
  14. I feel like every time this topic comes up, we're just repeating what we always say except nobody is willing to compromise on anything so we just end up going in circles. So to add something to that; Tails sucks, and nobody knows how to make him unsuck.
  15. They're not going to tell a full fledged story and even if they did, they are terrible at it. So yea, just...make Tails and Knuckles playable and call it a day.
  16. Hence why I said they aren't "perfect". There's never going to be a Sonic game that hits a note for everybody, because the fans cannot agree on what to prioritize. Even now people are disagreeing whether cutting the cast is a good or bad thing regardless of it actually benefitting anything. That being said, you can only go by public recognition and critical reception. Regardless of how you feel about Mania, or Colors or Generations. The fact they have been publicly well recieved is something to take note of and perhaps something worth looking into? I'm not saying cutting characters is going to solve all of the problems, and I'm not saying the writing has neccesarily improved since they started focusing on just Sonic, and Tails.
  17. Then that's a personal problem. I'm not saying those games were perfect and couldn't have been better, but even nowadays people will point towards games like Colors or Generations as among the better ones in the series. And sure enough, Mania also doesn't do much more than Sonic 3 , and it's one of the best recieved games in the last five years. Cutting the excess fat from the series helped its reputation, even for a little bit. So is a character done as soon as their character arc is over?
  18. Eh; I'd argue those three games tbh. Secret Rings is mostly about Sonic and Shahra for the most part. Tails, Knuckles and Eggman at best. Same deal with Unleashed, its focused on Sonic & Chip while Tails and Amy don't do much. Black Knight is kind of better, but the Knights of the Round are just presented as boss fights and even in the second half of the game, they're only contribution is giving up their swords so Sonic can do the heavy lifting. I don't mind that, but I would hardly argue its a point towards "using them well". But yes, I will agree the writing in general has been an issue and not the amount of characters. Shadow is a much more versatile character than Tails, because he works independent of Sonic which opens room for him to branch off. Meanwhile, Tails is never anything else besides "Sonic's sidekick".
  19. I don't know if you've realized this, but the games have been better received since they started doing that. I don't see what "an essay from 2009" has to do with this point. Like, Colors and Generations were pretty well received despite their problems, and sure enough, they are games with Sonic as the primary focus.
  20. Has it though? In the classic era, you only had three main playable characters and a few NPC's. Balancing wasn't much of an issue back then. After Sonic Adventure the cast began to bloat immensely and the series struggled to balance them there as well. It got to a point when you had a game with 12 total characters, but only a handful of them were relevant to the game itself. I've began to feel that the series large cast is a detriment to all of this and that culling some of them is necessary. But Sonic Team will never do that because they probably feel "every character is important" but then they never bother actually making them fit within the series. So they just linger around like a party guest that doesn't know when to leave. The average series has about 2-5 central characters, Sonic has over 10 that are all struggling for spotlight of their own. It's why I'll give another point to Boom; by having a much smaller cast to deal with, you can focus on developing the ones who are meant to be the focus of the narrative. Rather than having them compete with a dozen or so other characters for screen-time. I know a lot of people are reluctant to think about this, but I feel a lot of thought should be given the idea that perhaps not all of these characters are really that necessary and that maybe the series could benefit with a more focused group.
  21. I wouldn't really say it's lazy or bad writing; at the end of the day, the series main goal is provide an enriching gameplay experience to the player. You don't need a secondary cast to accomplish that. It sucks if you are a fan of the secondary cast and I understand people's frustration with that, but...Sonic is, as you said, the primary character who matters at the end of the day.
  22. Listen, I didn't say he was perfect; there's never going to be a perfect version of every character ever. All I'm saying is that...he's actually a character in Boom who can exist outside of being Sonic's sidekick. Boom is a differnet universe, and should not be judged to the same standards as every other version since that's absurd.
  23. Boom actually handles Tails the best if I'm honest; because its not a video game, the action doesn't have to center on Sonic all of the time, so the cast are actually allowed to develop independent of him. He's still the most grounded of the cast, but he has quirks that never get spotlighted in the games. He's not just a boy genius, but an extremely socially awkward nerd. His inventions crap out as many times as they work, and it's clear he's not outgoing as Sonic or Knuckles in terms of attitude. But that makes him so much more of an endearing character compared to his video game counterpart.
  24. I'm going to echo Wraith and admit that I never cared much about Tails in the grand scheme of things. I liked his little character arc in Adventure, but for the most part he's always just been a tagalong towards much more interesting characters. He wasn't exactly better in the Classic era, but he at least looked cute in trying to emulate Sonic, which yea, leaves room for more development in the future. But after Sonic Adventure, he became extremely boring; not only were newer characters like Shadow, Silver and Blaze getting more screentime, they delegated him to the exposition character and that's almost never interesting at all. I could take him being a non-combatant if he had a personality worth caring about, but he doesn't most of the time... He just kind of exists as the generic boy genius character who can invent anything the plot requires for him to do at the time. Lost World tries to do something interesting with him, but it still ultimately boils down to the same thing. I don't think I'd feel like this if the developers didn't feel the need to have him constantly be around Sonic regardless of the circumstances; yea, I get it he's the sidekick but that doesn't mean he has to be in every game, especially when you don't actually give him anything to do.
  25. But I didn't say I wasn't going to watch it nor that I didn't watch it? I was just pointing out that yea...its a click bait. It might be well constructed and you might agree with a lot of its points...but it's still clickbait. That's literally all I said. I didn't say nobody should watch it, nor that it didn't bring up good points just that the title is kind of blatantly styled in a way to provoke a reaction towards a specific group of people.
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