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  1. 45 minutes ago, Blue Blood said:

    It's the eyes. Sonic's eyes are the wrong shape, and it completely changes his face. He looks more child like and lacks the effortlessly cool approach of his usual look, instead opting for a much cuter look. It goes to show just how effectively designed his eyes actually are in his game design. Even if they didn't want to use the mono-eye (which I think they should have), they should have giving him more angled brows, instead of the rounded ones. He's basically got Tails' eyes.


    4 minutes ago, Sean said:



    Like he looks alright here! It's clearly the same model, except he has his trademark scowl. But he doesn't have this expression for most of the trailer and it's kind of gross to look at. It's an improvement for sure, but I still hate this look for Sonic personally.

    This is actually a good point; he lacks the determined expression he usually has. Combined with is more hyperactive personality, it makes him feel much more childish than his normal self, who is generally much more down to earth and self confident.

  2. 5 minutes ago, Blue Blood said:

    It makes sense. But I just find it to be really funny to think that it was so bad it prompted change. And the change was so drastic that the old trailer no longer represented the film.

    I'm not one to condone outrage culture, but it was a necessary evil in this case as there wouldn't have been a change otherwise. In hindsight, I'm glad people turned on this film from the first trailer because it showed just how tone deaf Paramount was.

  3. 6 minutes ago, Blue Blood said:

    This is funny.


    Paramount set the original trailer to private. I guess they don't want anyone to be confused when looking up the trailers. I doubt that they're actually trying to "hide" the original one (which is probably how some people are going to spin it), but how often does a movie studio have to get rid of an old trailer because it no longer represents the film? Lol 

    Given the absolute negative reception to it, sweeping the old design under the rug makes sense.

  4. That definitely felt more in line with what Sonic is. I think I can tolerate going to see it in theaters now.

    Shame the film still looks pretty big standard otherwise, but it's not like I had high expectations to begin with. 



    Tom is whatever; as said, he's the whitebread everyman character people can project themselves onto. Sonic is the main attraction here and I hope the film doesn't forget that like X did with Chris.

  5. I never said it has to be part of some huge personal arc, but that said arc prior should be  taken into consideration. 


    This is why you get shit like Raphael in TMNT learning to stop being a dick to Leonardo for like...almost every other story arc without any hint of irony. 

  6. If you're going to give a character arc about a character overcoming their innermost issues, but still want them to have some level of flaws that just makes it all the more important for there to be some level of consistency so their actions make sense to the reader otherwise we end up in situations like this questioning why said character is acting in such a way contrary to what they have experienced before. 


    There's absolutely nothing wrong with a flawed character, but there's a time and a place for it. I don't think Shadow's actions in the Metal Virus saga are meant to be reflective of any great character arc but that Ian wanted him out of the story, likely to increase the stakes, and was mandated by Sega on how to do it. 

  7. 50 minutes ago, Diogenes said:

    I'm not going to bother making a serious reply to this, because by now you should be aware of the point I am trying to make, because I've brought it up plenty of times now for you to know. So take your obvious attempt to bait me and go show it to someone who cares. 

    1 hour ago, Dr. Detective Mike said:

    The Sonic series is so bad at consistency that it can't even be consistently bad. 

    that takes true achievement. 

  8. All of this reads like there are so many different people with their own interpretations of the characters, and none of them are communicating with each other for the sake of inconsistency.

    Tails and Shadow are particularly baffling examples; they are treated as almost two entirely different characters between the comics and the games, despite the fact that they are both running off the same basic premise. 


    Like how does Shadow go from his usual stoic and no-nonsense self to boasting about his superiority and making such an obvious mistake without any hint of irony or development in between to justify it? Its like there was a part of a development arc that we missed. 

  9. The whole Dexit thing is whatever to me. It sucks, and I agree that it sucks, but the QoL changes in the game are enough for me to be interested. 

    But honestly, this whole thing feels like something that was unavoidable; Pokemon has literally gotten too big for its own good, to the point where games are constantly expected every couple of years to keep the ball rolling. Some of you might say "Oh, just delay the games" but I've been in fandoms long enough to know that people would eventually start getting impatient new content. Granted, this whole shitfest might mean they will take more time  for consideration into their games, so who knows.

    But on the other hand, the morale at Game Freak is not just because of the whole shitstorm they've gotten. Some of them are probably just tired of making Pokemon games; they have had to release a game every couple of years for the past decade and probably have little to no time to work on anything else. And because of the multimedia aspect of the series, they are probably forced to meet certain deadlines to get the merch.



    Basically, the whole thing sucks and nobody on either side is happy and all we're doing is throwing shit at each other. 

  10. Then that's a failure on the story for not explaining shit then. If I'm supposed to assume that Tails is beaten down from months of tragedy after Sonic is captured, then that's something you need to show for it to have the proper impact, rather than just having us infer what happened through a text box. 

    Because the entire thing happens so abruptly, that it comes off as comical and has been mocked across the internet.


    Imagine if in Sonic Adventure, after Tails is separated from Sonic, we just get a textbox of what he did to upgrade the Tornado and never actually got to see any of it or his flashback to his first meeting with Sonic was completely omitted; that final fight with Eggman would have nowhere near as much weight.


    I'm all for having characters experience certain types of hardship, but it needs to be done with respect to what's occurred before and properly conveyed to have the necessary impact you intend.

  11. 4 hours ago, Petrifying Panda said:

    Tbf with their world the way it is right now, she doesn’t have much to be plucky and upbeat about.

    “Cheer up guys! There’s no way we’re gonna let this zombot apocalypse beat us!”

    Cheering people up when they're down IS Amy's thing though, so it's not really out of character.

    Which is why I'm on the fence about the change until I see where it goes. 

  12. 5 hours ago, Diogenes said:

    "Immediately", in this case, meaning at some unknown point across a several month span where his best friend is missing and possibly dead and Eggman has effectively taken over the world.

    And it's not really fair to compare Tails in his mech vs Eggman in a functionally identical mech against Tails, unarmed, against 5 guys who just effortlessly beat the shit out of Sonic.

    The main point is that Tails was willing to step up before, even when he fully thought Sonic was dead.

    Compared to literally giving up all hope and not even trying to do anything until Classic Sonic comes into the picture.


    If Tails has to have a breakdown that he has to overcome, fine. But Forces doesn't really justify itself very well because it half asses everything about its narrative.


    Tails watched Sonic get the shit beat out of him...fine. How is that any worse than watching Sonic get blown up? Well the story doesn't really care to explain that, so it just is...because reasons I guess.

  13. 29 minutes ago, Celestia said:

    I've been thinking lately about how, with some honestly pretty minor rewrites (considering how much of a non-factor Classic Sonic was) Tails could have been playable in the 2D levels instead of Classic Sonic in Forces. lol

    Ultimately I feel the problem doesn't have to do with cowardice. Heck Luigi isn't a coward per se, he's capable of feeling fear unlike Mario but he'll always eventually leap into the fray. Tails is the same way in personality, however after SA2 they've seemed to decided that he isn't an active fighter most of the time, especially if Sonic isn't around. So he'll stand in between some civilians and badniks and, yes, wince when they're approaching, but he was presumably in that situation willingly and didn't try running away or anything.

    It's extremely weird they went back on how SA1 made a point that he can be just as capable as Sonic without Sonic needing to be around. I'd even argue it was probably an immediate change of mind, because the mech in SA2 almost feels like a wacky workaround. It's bizarre because it really does only seem to apply to him. Just look at some of the final cutscenes in Forces and how they show off basically the entire cast taking part in the battle, it clearly doesn't have to do with being playable or not when it comes to anyone else, it's just...him.

    This is what particularly sticks out as weird to me. 

    Tails is, quite literally, the ''only'' character who does not actively participate in combat regardless of the circumstances; Charmy does, but not Tails. 


    Its just another weird ass mandate from Sega I bet that makes no fucking sense to anybody but them. 

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