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  1. ....So if Shadow's name is meant to be "one who leads to light" 

    Wouldn't that make Sonic the light that Shadow points towards? 

    1. Shadow Chaos Control

      Shadow Chaos Control

      Is this in the new comics? I’ve never heard of this meaning of Shadow’s name. 

    2. Kiva Fever

      Kiva Fever

      I didn't know that Shadow was a glorified compass this whole time!

  2. This is the part when I shill one of my favorite characters.


  3. We can't change what's already happened, gotta do what the song says and Never Turn Back. If nothing else, I agree with him that ShTH's ending is a much better ending for his character arc because now he's forced to live in the present and face the future, rather than being held back by the past. It opens up a lot of potential for the character...that they haven't really utilized at all, but you get the point. I get the logic of Sega wanting to use him as just a grump rival for Sonic, because that shit is still insanely popular with younger audiences, but yea hopefully someone realizes that's not all he has to be.
  4. I refuse to make a new topic, so I'll just leave this here. I never really saw this as a theme of Super Shadow, but it's an interesting note of what he represents about Shadow's character when taken within the context of his stories.
  5. The amount of love and detail Insomniac have put into Spider Man is honestly astounding. That's the type of shit I love to see in my games.  

  6. They actually lowered the framerate to match the movie's animation style. This game deserves every praise it gets.
  7. She's certainly not as all consuming like Shadow tends to be.
  8. I'd imagine Tangle gets the most focus because she was literally the main one they advertised, and she's basically the representative of this new world and setting so she's going to get a lot of screentime and play to establish her place among the cast. Now hopefully they don't OVER play her, but so far that hasn't really been the case for me. She doesn't feel like she gets any better moments than the rest of the cast. Hell, her debut is gushing over how awesome Blaze was.
  9. Gotta shill those new characters don't ya know.
  10. I feel like the people who feel Forces is a worse game than 06 probably had higher expectations for it than most people did. There's nothing really egregiously bad about Forces, it's just painfully mediocre. 

    But if you actually one of the people who was expecting Forces to deliver on what it advertised, then I can understand why someone would feel its bad for how badly it wasted its own potential. It's the modern day 06 for people who didn't grow up with 06 ironically enough. 

    1. Tracker_TD


      Yeah, pretty much.

      Back during pre-release I constantly got yelled at for pointing out Forces looked bad, but the end result is that I wasn't surprised by how mediocre it was; whereas the people who were yelling at me over it seemed outright betrayed

    2. Kuzu


      It's funny as hell to be honest, because those same people swear up and down 06 is underrated but I'm fairly sure the only people who think that way, never played or grew up with 06 to really feel the backlash of it. 

      Meanwhile, they'll swear up and down Forces "ruined" Sonic when, at worst, it's just forgettable. Fandom is a funny thing. 


      Oh well, the younger generation are learning the same lessons we learned already; if you don't think Sonic will disappoint you at least once or twice, then you're in for a rude awakening. 

    3. Thigolf


      I think Sonic Forces is "worse" than 06 for me in the context that it just hammered home how Sonic Team/Sega hasn't really learned a thing at all when it comes to Sonic and the handling of the franchise and how they have no idea how to make the franchise solid.

      Like, strictly as games? Forces is much better, even if it is just mindnumblingy boring. 
      But in the context of the franchise, as a milestone how the franchise has been going?  I was much more disappointed in Forces, as it didn't even seem like a somewhat overambitious, if heavily misguided project like 06, but just seemed like noone gave much of a fuck anymore when making it. And to me, that is way more frustrating and disheartening than 06's trainwreck.

    4. Dejimon11


      If they weren't being quiet about it with all the hints, clues, teases. Then when they showed actual gameplay they conveniently cut it out stuff when the levels are no less than 2 mins along with the underwhelming marketing I'd think more folks would have been more "well that happened" than frustrated. 

    5. Kuzu


      I'm pretty sure that's how most people felt about 06 too however. You gotta keep in mind, the older Classic fans weren't really fond of the franchise's direction leading up to 06 as they felt they were deviating too much from the franchise's roots and relying too much on gimmicks and additional characters, which culminated in 06. The first "betrayal".

      So it really depends on your perspective; like yea, Sonic Team still haven't really learned shit in almost 20 years now, but at this point I just consider it par for the course. We'll get a few good games, then they'll drop the ball and release mediocre shit, before actually making something good again eventually. 


      Consistency is kind of a pipe dream at this point, so I take what I can get. 

    6. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Forces is the game that I personally like less.  But in terms of what's better as a game outside of my personal tastes as a fan? It's no contest that '06 is much worse (and Boom too, for the record).

      Forces is a finished, but wholly lazy and unambitious game with competently insipid gameplay. It up-ends a lot of existing the existing series history by adhering to a strange set of mandates and tries to appeal to everyone in shallow, superficial ways.

      '06 on the other hand is a broken and unfinished mess, far from the ambitious project it was intended to be at the outset. But even so, had it been finished and properly programmed, it would still have a terrible hash up of bad ideas including but not limited to its story, art style and gameplay. The only way to "fix" '06 is to go right back to the drawing board.

      Both are bad, but in totally different ways. Forces is a lot less remarkable and can only really hover around  "below average" at worst. It came at a time when lots of the world had given up on Sonic, because of more noteworthy games like '06 coming before and truly trashing the series' reputation. 

      If I absolutely had to pick one or the other to shape the series on moving forwards, I would pick '06. But in practice, I want the series to learn a range of positive lessons from SA1, SA2, Unleashed and Mania (or the classics in general, but Mania in particular because it's relevant). 


    7. Diogenes


      ehh i think there's plenty in forces that i'd call egregiously bad, even if '06 is worse.

    8. Kuzu


      The frustrating part about the series is that it HAS a good basis for 3D gameplay, but rather than build and expand on that, it wastes time on gimmicks to pad the game out because they're not confident that a game with just that would appeal to people. 

      This in spite of the fact that Colors and Generations had exactly that and people loved them. It's like they're willingly tone deaf. 

  11. The advent of social media gives people a much louder voice than they had before, so all of the stupid gets put on full display nowadays.
  12. "Child" is extremely contextual in Sonic and hard to pin down. For all intents and purpose however, the cast are generally meant to be teenagers with thr same level of autonomy you'd expect from a series that focuses on them. The kid characters are quite obviously considered just that, children. They can be expected to handle some things, but usually have to rely on the older cast for protection. This is true even for Tails, even if he doesn't get it as bad as Cream or Charmy do.
  13. I brought this up on another site last week...it's really just how the character functions; she designed to be a passive kid to the more bold and brave adult/teenaged characters. There's a reason kid characters tend to be considered the weakest links in shows they're in unless its about them :V
  14. Ahh, good ole 2000's AMV energy. 


    1. Teospooker


      Absolutely beautiful.

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