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  1. It's always hilarious to me how Gen 5 of Pokemon was so unpopular when it came out. 


    But now it's treated like the holy grail of the series. Talk about a 180 lol.


    Personally, it's about as good as Generation 7 for me.

    1. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Gee that doesn't sound familiar                    (turns towards the sword wielding werehog jabs)

    2. Mad Convoy

      Mad Convoy

      Amusingly, Gen 5 was what got me out of the franchise, and although most fans have shifted to be more positive towards it, my viewpoint on it hasn’t changed for years.

      A shame because I love the spritework, soundtrack, and characters (even the most loathesome ones were at least engaging and distinctive). But everything else is either things I dislike or things I don’t mind but would like more if they were handled differently.

      I do ultimately think that Gen 5 is worthwhile to try. Especially for Pokémon fans who aren’t turned away by the surprisingly dark and disturbing story (N is easily the kindest and yet also the most fucked up rival I know of in Pokémon), and JRPG fans who can deal with disappointing gameplay if they get a good story out of the game. But giving Gen 5 holy grail status is overselling it in a way that sets new fans up for disappointment. Which ultimately does Gen 5’s reputation more harm than good.

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