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  1. There's a hint of irony that one of truest takes about Sonic comes from /v/ of all places lmao. And it's a post about irony no less.


    1. Soniman


      There's something funny about trashing Avengers as low brow entertainment while praising SA2 as high art 

    2. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      - Only quoting the Japanese script





      OK WeeaBoomer 

    3. Diogenes


      being serious is cringe, telling jokes is cringe, everything's cringe

      i just can't take sonic completely, unironically seriously. this isn't "irony poisoning" or anything, it's that the nature of the series works against it. it's a goofy premise; a super cool blue hedgehog fighting a fat mad scientist and his robot animals, and they can't escape that by just throwing soldiers and sad music and character deaths into the mix. the series is always going to be better off trying to be honest about its absurdity instead of flinching away from it.

      it shouldn't be all jokes all the time but it shouldn't be all serious all the time either. we've seen the worst of both extremes and things aren't going to be fixed just by swinging the needle all the way back to that side.

    4. Won't Stop, Just Go

      Won't Stop, Just Go

      I'd argue that SA1-2 is it being honest about it's inherent absurdity and the newer games are them shying away from it.

    5. Miragnarok


      Sometimes it tries too hard to embrace it, sometimes too hard to shy away; find a middleground.

    6. Soniman


      We want equality but when Sonic Forces does both yall shun it 

    7. Won't Stop, Just Go

      Won't Stop, Just Go

      Sonic forces is refreshingly honest, it was nice to get past the "is it okay if there is no plot and they just tell jokes?" discussion and just start cutting into how dumb the story is like the old days

    8. Kuzu


      I feel with the Adventure games, they knew that they were absurd but gave certain moments the gravitas it needed.

      Nothing has any gravitas anymore, because everyone just assumed any time Sonic was serious, it sucked and it should never do that again.


      So we just have this black hole of nothingness. But baldy mcnosehair I guess. 

    9. Soniman


      I don't really see any self awareness with SA2 if I'm being honest. Sa1 Kinda when the characters gave side glances when other characters said something dumb but SA2 kinda plays tropes straight and the stupidity of its scenarios aren't really acknowledged in universe 

    10. Won't Stop, Just Go

      Won't Stop, Just Go

      the stupidity of the scenario doesn't need to be acknowledged. i already know this shit is dumb. why do i need the game to tell me? what does them pointing it out do aside from nod to people who aren't into it? thats just insecurity.

    11. Kuzu


      If you aren't into the story and find it stupid, you can just press the skip button and let the people who do enjoy it have their fun.

      But I forgot, we gotta farm those memes for clout.

    12. Soniman


      I must have read things wrong because I thought you were trying to argue SA2 WAS being self aware in its story which is what I was saying. My fault for getting it mixed up 

    13. Strickerx5


      Forces is, imo, the best story to have come out of the last decade simply due to it just so happening to care about its plot every now and then. Tbh, this simply just speaks to how terrible the stories overall have been since the turn of the last decade when Sega became too chickenshit to actually do anything with the characters and plots.

      The more time that passes, the more looking back to that late 00s time period really begins to sting a bit. With Unleashed and BK, you could honestly see them start to discover some form of balance with it all. They were by no means perfect, but they really were hitting on something that hadn't been there since the Adventure days. Telling stories with plots that meant something all while having a mixture of elements and tones across the emotional spectrum. There was a sense of sincerity with it all.

      But then they just threw it all out the window with Free Riders and Colors because of the emerging nonsensical opinion that "this series can only be simple jokes because shadow and 06 were things that did indeed happened".

    14. Won't Stop, Just Go

      Won't Stop, Just Go

      Honesty was the word used so I was saying I consider how the SA games carry themselves to be honesty. Self awareness is a different quality that imo isn't all that healthy for a work to have aside from small doses

    15. Kuzu


      Depends on the work itself; self awareness is mainly effective in works that are already comedic to begin with. When its applied to genres that are supposed to be serious, like Action-adventure, it loses its appeal.

      There's nothing wrong with a joke here and there about things, but it destroys the suspension of disbelief when your setting constantly lampshades itself. The immersion is lost and the investment is lost.

    16. azoo


      sa2 is absolutely self aware, they have a giant truck cartoonishly follow you through a street where you're just knocking cars into the stratosphere, all while sonic repeatedly talks to the viewer through the previous/following cutscenes like "heh, cops am i right"

      speaking of the stratosphere, the part where you get in a nasa rocket sitting in the middle of an egyptian pyramid and fly to the eggman-head-shaped space colony, to which they immediately spiral crash after a goofy interaction between our main four heroes about whether the shards to the Big God Rock were important or not.

      or how theres an entire sequence where eggman has a conversation with the president that sonic and co break into the limo of and talk over both of them as if it's just an average day in the life

      sa2 doesn't make the audience aware that it's aware through painting with irony or snide remark, but rather it does it by escalating every situation into a really cheeky/hammy ridiculous scenario and seeing how far you play along. it's all the silly madcap nature of things but without losing any sincerity or suspension of disbelief. it's good (TM)

    17. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      You could give as much crap to things like Kingdom Hearts or Star Wars for much of the same problems that Sonic may also suffer, but you should at least give those credit. Even at its lowest, weakest and most dissappointing, at least Star Wars is willing to show and tell its story and characters to its viewers with a straight face, without having the need to go "Oh shiyet, it's that dumb Jar Jar" or "Wait! We already done this thing" at every opportunity. 



      I would applaud it then and there, then again, it probably isn't worth what is still medoicre writing at the end. I totally expect the coming Star Wars comedy projects to go all in on how people hate the prequels and sequels anyway, (which we got hints of in ROSW with TLJ) so brace yourself.

    18. Polkadi~☆


      this very scene in the SA2 Hero Story fandub right about sums up SA2 for me


      The game is not entirely serious. Nothing about a giant truck smashing away cars while chasing you is "serious", this game is completely balls to the walls stupid and asks you to just run with it. Stupid things can make you laugh and make you cry, so even if there was a heartfelt ending, that doesn't ignore that Sonic and Shadow used their super forms to fight a giant evil lizard with the ARK jammed up it's arse.

      The modern games don't get silly anymore, instead choosing to point out the silly. But there's also a disconnect between the story and what the game actually does.

      After all, Generations willingly gets stupid in the gameplay (including making the GUN truck even more ridiculous) but makes no effort to point it out, and Dessert Ruins was a thing in Lost World with nothing to prompt it nor is it mentioned again.

      The stories have been dumb for a long time now, no denying it, but the games were never supposed to be entirely gritty and serious, unless you end up a boring game like 06.

    19. Osmium


      Regardless if SA2 is taking itself seriously or not i have to agree with this guy on the irony thing 

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