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  1. It kinda bothers me how the more vocal parts of the Smash community have turned on Fire Emblem because of Byleth. Why is it so hard to just...play the game and enjoy it?

    1. Perkilator


      Now that I think about it…how do you think the Smash community would feel about Claude being the TH rep instead of Byleth? I know I’d be less disappointed about the DLC placement and more excited over a completely unique fighter.

    2. TCB


      I wonder how the Japanese Smash fanbase sees this addition 

    3. Strickerx5


      I mean tbh, I'm sort of getting sick of this whole narrative surrounding, well, anything Nintendo that people aren't allowed to be upset with announcements.

      Like yes, the threats against Sakurai are completely uncalled for but that should go without fucking saying. It shouldn't be the main argument/ knee jerk reaction to people when they voice general disappointment.

      We're seeing a lot more backlash with this recent fighter because I believe the general consensus is that FE really shouldn't have this many reps. If you're excited that Byleth made it in then more power to you honestly. I went through a similar harping session back with 4 when Dark Pit made it in so I genuinely do get what some FE fans are going through atm. It's not fun when a character you like is getting shit on by the majority. Though, at the same time, lets not act like people voicing concerns don't have anything to stand on or should just stay quiet.

      At the end of the day, there's always some bias coming out anyway no matter what side you're on in these cases.

    4. Kuzu


      I understand people have biases, and I understand that people aren't obligated to like any new addition to the game.

      But I kinda don't like how Smash Bros. has become this bastion of hype; that if things "aren't hype", people don't bother with it. It's gotten to the point where people have an issue with a NINTENDO character being put into a game about...nintendo characters instead of some other third party franchise. 

      No, people do not have to like every single character and people are free to voice their concerns...but at the end of the day, nothing about this character's inclusion I feel warrants the reactions I've been seeing. It would have been so much easier to just be "oh well" and kept it moving...


      We've gotten to the point when franchises like Pokemon or FE can't even add characters without being accused "commercialism" or "Favoritism" even if they are Nintendo franchises themselves. 

    5. Sean


      It's pretty dumb when they ask us to pay for a fighter pass without telling us who the characters are, and suggesting to us that they will all be from brand new series not currently represented by Smash (and btw the "actually they meant new FIGHTERS" rhetoric doesn't work here considering Smult already includes everyone from past games). So the people who bought the pass thinking that everything will be new, as we were told, only to find that the last one is yet another fucking Fire Emblem character who has at least seven other reps, are probably going to feel a little swindled.

      Goes for every single game that does season passes without telling players what the contents will be, not just Smash. I think the practice is extremely bad and I wish companies would stop doing it.

    6. Kuzu


      Season Passes are kind of a grey area in general; because if you reveal everything all at once, then there's no more surprise to entice customers to actually buy it. It's a very questionable business practice, but I do understand that Nintendo has to make money somehow to sustain itself, and many other companies as well. 

    7. Sean


      My problem with Byleth isn't even just that it's another FE character in a season pass full of nothing but third parties (if they had to sell us another FE I'd rather it be a separate purchase like Piranha Plant), but also that there are so many characters from 3H that would have been way more unique and interesting. Smash is a game that prides itself on how unpredictable its reveals and fanservice can be; Byleth is the most boring, predictable choice you could have pulled from that game.

      Also, I don't think Smash picking a single house lord as its 3H rep would be anymore problematic than picking Incineroar as its sole SM character, so it's also weird to me seeing people say that they couldn't have gone with just Claude or Edelgard for that reason.

    8. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Also note how every character trailer before at least had some buildup before actually revealing who the character is, except maybe Isabelle, Terry at least build up to which Fatal Fury charcter would be picked.


      Byleth in comparison instantly comes up with absolutily no bulidup, and thus no fanfare. Despite Sakurai hyping up how you can figure out who he is pretty quckly in the stream, the execution ended up making me dread that statement rather than hype me up now.

    9. Kuzu


      Most of the characters from their series represent the game they're from; so Byleth does make the most sense, given we had Robin, and Corrin in the past. At the very least, they could have added the three Lords along with Byleth to alleviate it; we got Chrom and Lucina. No reason we couldn't have got Edelgard, Dimitri, and Claude in addition to Byleth. 

    10. Wraith


      Most of the fire emblem reps reuse so many mechanics and animations from one another that I actually consider it less indulgent than the band of entirely unique Pokemon fighters.I understand if casual players don't feel that way just looking at the CSS at a glance but Most people in the online Smash fandom agree that there aren't actually six Zelda characters being represented due to the abundant number of clones but Fire Emblem never gets this consideration when it's on the hot seat.

    11. Soniman


      I feel like buying the fighters pass  is up to the purchaser and putting enough faith in the developers that they'll have characters you find appealing in every pack. It's really no harm to just wait and buy the character passes one at a time instead Imo, which is what I did. 

    12. Nina Cortex Jovahexeon

      Nina Cortex Jovahexeon

      This is one of those cases where the narrative that people were mad, just cause FE is incorrect. 

      Byleth was just very poorly timed and really did not fit in with the pass given how it was advertised. 

    13. Zaysho


      Byleth's just boring. I don't really care about the outside factors as much, though the build-up from something as random as Joker, to big surprises with Hero, Banjo and Terry to... another FE avatar really did make this reveal a letdown (doesn't exactly help with the reasoning they initially gave for Rex and Pyra or Springman not making it and not even being considered for DLC)--and I didn't even purchase the pass.

      Like I said before, if we were gonna get a new FE rep on this pass anyway, I just wish it wasn't something so boring and safe and that they broke the mold on how people perceive the series as it appears in Smash. The spirits in Ultimate and the trophies in past games show such a huge variety of cool characters that an avatar that can use everyone's weapons is a boring creative choice versus using a house lord. No, I'm not a game developer, no, I don't answer to shareholders, no, I'm not designing things under a deadline, but as a consumer I just want to see something interesting that will win me over if I'm not already a fan.

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