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  1. Oh...


    1. Blacklightning


      I must be missing a joke here, isn't Oddessy like widely beloved? Shit, wasn't Sonic hated a lot earlier than Colours?

    2. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry


      It might come down to how the collectables in Odyessy feel more quanity over quality than in 64 or Sunshine, and like the "ambition" of games like Galaxy.

      Colors is obviously a case of going from the game that "saved the franchise" from overly mopey dark games to the game that "ruined" it via degenerating into snotty kiddy games.


      Endgame is still the best franchise finale of '19 by a country mile, and completly deserved to be the best-selling film of all time than Avatar.

    3. Milo


      As someone who was one of the few excited for 3D World from the original reveal (instead of the October trailer that won over many people) and the game being hit with the "not a 'true' 3D Mario game" arguments the most, that tweet has all of my sympathy

      Shoot, I remember people here on SSMB saying they were more interested in Lost World than 3D World during the pre-release period for both games, lmao (even given this is a sanic hedehog forum)

    4. Diogenes


      who the fuck stopped liking odyssey

      who the fuck stopped liking colors

      who are these losers

    5. Cayenne


      If Twitter can be used as example, Persona 5 is still very beloved, but Mario Odyssey and Colors are very divisive between their respective fanbases for different reasons.

      To tell you the truth, I'm on the team "I used to like Sonic Colors but I now dislike Sonic Colors" nowadays. It has nothing to do with the game's aesthetics or tone, though: The levels are very boring compared to Unleashed or Generations and sometimes are too "automatic" for my tastes.

      To my surprise, I had and still have much more fun with the NDS version which is just Sonic Rush with Colors stages and Wisps. Colors DS is such an underrated game...

    6. Kuzu


      Persona 5 is most definitely not beloved, at least outside of Twitter it isn't. Because many people have pointed out that the series' writing issues are arguably more prominent there and that the game kind of peaks in its first arc.

      The general consensus seems to be that while it's good, and certainly improves on somethings about the series. Its not the "Greatest JRPG of all time" that most people make it out to be. 


      @Diogenes You stay on this site and you have to ask who dislikes Colors nowadays?

    7. Tarnish


      @Diogenes I never liked Colors to begin with.

    8. Soniman


      @Diogenes I thought YOU didn't like Colors LOL

      But yeah lot of this boils down to "popular thing bad give like" which is a mindset that's very prevalent on Twitter 

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