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  1. This is gonna be an interesting generation for Nintendo in the next couple of years. 

    1. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      I consider myself more patient with Nintendo than most supposedly are at this point, but I give them till by E3 to make or break my trust in 'em. They gotta pull out like what 2019 done: Covering a fair share of upcoming first party attractions and pull out a real big announcement like BOTW2.  Admittedly a major part of it's chance at success rest on the last two fighters as well, but I won't let them completely dictate my judgement unless both end up total stinkers. 


      What will matter is seeing if Nintendo can make a comeback after COVID gummed up the works for them. Come by that point, and MP4 is still a no show, too much is spent on celebrating Zelda in what'll just be a repeat of Mario's, too much time's spent covering what was already announced, they start resorting to 3DS ports ontop of what we've been getting, BOTW2's does not appear to be in a playable state, the variety is still too small and/or there's still not that many games for 2021, then I'll be concerned with what's going on with them. 

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