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  1. So what are people's feelings on BotW after three years, and what do you hope improves in the sequel...whenever we get it. 

    1. Sean


      At the time I couldn't really get into it and even now I'm not certain if I'll ever be able to fully enjoy it as much as most people, but I really respect that game and find all the gameplay videos, hilarious exploits, and video essays from YTers I like to be very enjoyable.

    2. Dejimon11


      I haven't beaten it. I'm bad at these games 

    3. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      It's my favorite Zelda game, and I think it's the shake-up the series desperately needed. My second fav is Wind Waker. 

    4. Diogenes


      i still consider it really good, though i would like to see them kinda rebound back a bit and work some of the more traditional zelda elements into the botw formula.

      like, i've never been bothered by botw not having "real" dungeons, but i do think it'd be really interesting to take botw's open and organic approach to exploring an area, specifically thinking of hyrule castle, and build a bit more of the traditional puzzles and keys and doors sort of structure into it as you work your way into the deeper parts of it.

  2. You know it's occured to me; I lot of people seem to be into the idea of translating 2D Sonic gameplay completely into 3D, but I'm honestly questioning the validity of it. After all, 3D Mario doesn't really play like 2D Mario, and 3D Zelda sure as hell doesn't play like 2D Zelda. 

    I feel the difference is that because there hasn't been that many successful attempts at 3D Sonic, the idea that 2D Sonic but in 3D feels more exciting. But some fangames show exactly why translating 2D gameplay to 3D isn't just an inherent fix. 


    I might make a topic about this actually. 

    1. Milo


      a. Some of us were actually talking about this very subject in this recent topic, you might want to check it out: 


      b. I'd rebut that concerning Mario, it depends on the 3D games in question. The "sandbox" (64/SS/ODY) titles are definitely different, and I'd say the same for the Galaxy games as well, despite them (esp. Galaxy 2) being more linear in design. But 3D Land and 3D World I'd say are really faithful translations of 2D Mario, however.

    2. Kuzu


      3D land or 3D World are the exceptions though, not the rule. 

    3. Milo


      Which is why I'd say it depends. There's some worth in acknowledging those exceptions exist to begin with. 

    4. Diogenes


      actually i feel like (pre-botw) 3d zelda is pretty close to 2d zelda, at least as much as you can given the fundamental differences between 2d and 3d. get ye sword, do a dungeon, get a new item, repeat. and even things like the expanded swordplay you could arguably trace back to zelda 2.

  3. Let's not pretend like we haven't had a million topics about this; there are people who genuinely think it doesn't add any value to Knuckles` character. But I feel like we kind of misunderstood before; it wasn't the master emerald that was holding Knuckles back, just poor and lazy writing. The video games simply were not interested in doing anything interesting with it, and would just conveniently ignore it whenever they wanted to use Knuckles. It still happens too. That's really what it comes down to; the writers usually don't care, so they'll sweep it under the rug as they see fit.
  4. This is kind of why I'm not as vexed, cuz I knew things would ultimately default back to the status quo at the end of the day. The wonders of a licensed product.
  5. The people who hate Colors now have always hated it, they were just drowned out by the praise the games were receiving. It's only recently that said voices are becoming more vocal as people are becoming more critical towards the game. In other words, the same thing that happened to the Adventure games is happening to Colors right now.
  6. Alright, I bought the digital copy and read it. Not a terrible ending, just kind of by the numbers. Overall, the Metal Virus saga was pretty...mixed for me. I think my feelings could ultimately be summed as "Good, but could be better" . Here's hoping Evan's run allows for more smaller stake stories that expands on the world and cast more. Just a bit too much action and not enough smaller and quiet scenes to balance them for my tastes. But I can't say that I disliked any of it, I'm still eating really good reading this. EDIT: Also, the artists must be really huge Jojo fans, cuz man there's a single page that really got a chuckle out of me.
  7. J's Reviews covers Sonic Adventure 2 this week.


  8. Yes, people can change their opinions. Crazy I know.
  9. You know this site has reached peak boredom when people start necroing dead threads from over five years ago just to complain about something. 

  10. Man, these old ass posts are the funniest things I've read in a while. Hindsight is hilarious.
  11. The Egg Dragoon is probably one of my favorite 3D bosses in the series now that I Think about it; in both Unleashed and Generations. 

    1. Sonictrainer


      I like the fact that Sonic technically fights the Egg Dragoon twice in Unleashed, in the intro movie and before the end of the game as the Werehog.

  12. I just realized that Tangle has everyone in her tail, and Sonic isn't it. That might be why.
  13. Never realized how dark Season 3 of Sonic X was until I rewatched it in Japanese. It's not grimdark or nothing, but it's along the lines of "Geez, that's kinda fucked up" 

  14. Any time they put Vergil in a game as a playable character, it's the best shit ever. Inject it to my fucking VEINS.
  15. Vergil's theme in DMC5 straight up sounds like one of Shadow's themes, and it makes me love it very much lol. 

    1. Bobnik


      It's really mid-2000s - edgy, kinda emo, tries real hard.


      It's probably 2nd best vocal track for this game, only slightly worse than, ironically, Devil Trigger. It's that good

  16. Establishing a three way rivalry between Sonic, Shadow, and Knuckles was probably one of the best things the comics have ever done, because it's something I never thought I'd ever want or like. 

    We need more uncommon character dynamics like that. 

  17. I think this is ultimately the best point; while the characters aren't going to change who they are fundamentally, they can be put into interesting situations that expose other parts of their character. I guess the biggest problem is that the games never really do that all that much, given the plots and situations they find themselves in are rather simplistic and onenote. I guess this is where alternate media like the comics thrive, as they actually allow these characters to be used in different ways...to varying levels of success. But shit man, the comics gave us character dynamics we never see in the games like Knuckles and Shadow, and shit like that is what I love.
  18. OP did point out everyone's most basic and consistent character traits. I think the real problem is Sega's priorities when it comes to characterization...in that their priorities are low. I really have gotten the feeling that they intentionally keep the characters as simple as possible so that they don't have to worry about that stuff when crafting their game. A simple a character that you can just throw in anywhere and just half-ass an explanation for it. This is especially apparent to me given how much creative control they are exercising over the alternative media; they have a specific version of the characters that they want to sell, and are enforcing that; i.e. characters besides Cream aren't allowed to have parents, Sonic can't cry, Sonic has to win, Shadow is Vegeta, etc etc. So it's not that the cast can't be fleshed out, I just don't think Sega will allow it. In theory, there are whole bunch of areas that could be explored with these characters, but since they're designed to be cute, cool, and colorful mascots, there's only so much Sega will allow.
  19. I'm inclined to believe the problem is less with Sally and how she's written, and just more with your own expectations on how you want the character to be written. You seem to be very attached to the specific interpretation of Sally that you have in your head, and vehemently reject almost any interpretation that goes against it. Because honestly, if Sally was as problematic of a character as you were trying to make her seem, she wouldn't be as popular or have as many ardent defenders. I'm not saying that she's a perfect character, but I really can't see or understand these apparent problems that you have with her. I found her character to be fine and actually grew to like her somewhat post-reboot. So how much of Sally's flaws are actual or what you perceive to be flaws that you aren't willing to let go of? This character REALLY can't be that based on everything I know about her.
  20. That's not what was being criticized, but the fact that the video didn't cover topics that they specifically cared about. I don't really care if anybody really hates Sally, that's y'all own personal problem. The repeated arguments on why she sucks and never works are tiresome. If you hate her and never want to see her in the games or just think she's too flawed to fit in with Sonic, fine. But it kind of feels like the people so vehemently against her don't even want anyone else discussing any potential merits to the character. If you don't care about her, then please kindly let everyone else have the floor to speak. the whole discourse surrounding this character is quite honestly tiresome.
  21. My ideal version of Sonic is better than your ideal version of Sonic. 

    1. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      *amalgamous blob of uncountable realities shifts and churns inside my head*



      *isn't actually imaginative enough to come up with ideas on my own*



    2. Diogenes


      you've distilled sonic posting down to its very essence, they can close the forums now

    3. Ferno


      i will see you in court :3

    4. Celestia


      Guess we'll just have to fight to the death over it


    5. Kuzu


      @Diogenes oh how I wish this could be true

  22. MY version of Sonic is clearly better than your version of Sonic. You'll have to forgive me, but I've never much prioritized Eggman's characterization; as long as he's a fun and entertaining villain, he can do whatever the hell he wants. The games after Adventure 2 were focused on the main character's growth (or well...just Shadow and Silver's :V) so Eggman kind of took a backseat. But since I know you didn't really care for Shadow all that much, I can understand why you just didn't really care for the game given how boring Eggman was. I will prioritize the main characters over the villains, but I will call foul when Eggman is done dirty too; it's just that Eggman is rarely ever done too badly too me, so I don't have to talk about him as much.
  23. If it makes you that upset, to the point of criticizing someone else's personal video for not adhering to your own arbitrary standards, then it might be time to take a step back, because that's honestly unhealthy dude. You shouldn't be this obsessed over something this trival, even if it's something you're passionate about it.
  24. This is just my opinion, but perhaps you shouldn't take the characterization of a cartoon chipmunk so seriously. I get we're Sonic fans, and being obsessed about this stuff is kind of our thing, but there's a point where you kind of need to let it go. for the sake of healthy discussion.
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