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  1. You know, I find it incredibly funny how the situations with Sonic and Pokemon are kind of inverses of each other.


    They both have untold potential, but have trouble achieving it. The difference is, Pokemon will still sell regardless since the brand is just that well known at the end of the day while Sonic can barely make ends meet with his games.

    1. Jingilator


      At least Sonic's community's toxicity right now isn't nearly as bad as the Pokémon community.

    2. Kuzu


      That's because the Sonic community is already so well known for being obnoxious that people just got used to it.


      Pokemon has never really bore its fangs like this before. 

  2. Didn't think I'd enjoy this series as much as I did.
  3. Based Sakurai telling it like it is about Terry.

  4. Man, how bad of a shipwright must be you to have a leak every single year. 

    1. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Half the Pokemon. Double the Leaks.

  5. You'd think we, as a fanbase, could celebrate Sonic Mania's reception...but all it's done is split people's opinions further because its not a 3D game and none of the stuff people associate with them.

    1. PaulyBFromDa303


      Can't please everybody, and it's unfortunate. It's gonna be that way with everything though. And more than just the Sonic fanbase, Pokemon, Mario, Zelda, even things like WWE and MythBusters and Ghostbusters and . . . uh . . . . Doorbusters or whatever. 

      Pop culture is a weird culture indeed XD

    2. Sean


      People like or don't like what they like or don't like and that's fine

    3. TheOcelot


      Some fans are envious of Mania's success, who want a new adventure game or boost game with same kind of excellent quality.

    4. Strickerx5


      I have no problems in saying that those special stages have the best 3D gameplay this series has seen since Gens.

  6. Wait, why are we talking about Sonic Colors all of a sudden?

    1. Menace2Society


      Cuz I brought it up a couple of hours ago.

  7. Yea, I don't know if I agree with this lol. It definitely feels like not doing pretty basic research.
  8. Then that's a failure on the story for not explaining shit then. If I'm supposed to assume that Tails is beaten down from months of tragedy after Sonic is captured, then that's something you need to show for it to have the proper impact, rather than just having us infer what happened through a text box. Because the entire thing happens so abruptly, that it comes off as comical and has been mocked across the internet. Imagine if in Sonic Adventure, after Tails is separated from Sonic, we just get a textbox of what he did to upgrade the Tornado and never actually got to see any of it or his flashback to his first meeting with Sonic was completely omitted; that final fight with Eggman would have nowhere near as much weight. I'm all for having characters experience certain types of hardship, but it needs to be done with respect to what's occurred before and properly conveyed to have the necessary impact you intend.
  9. Cheering people up when they're down IS Amy's thing though, so it's not really out of character. Which is why I'm on the fence about the change until I see where it goes.
  10. I wouldn't call Amy "cringy", but she's certainly not as plucky and upbeat as she usually is. Granted, the situation they're in is incredibly shit so there's that. But she's definitely more subdued and lower key. I'm on the fence if that's a good change or not.
  11. The main point is that Tails was willing to step up before, even when he fully thought Sonic was dead. Compared to literally giving up all hope and not even trying to do anything until Classic Sonic comes into the picture. If Tails has to have a breakdown that he has to overcome, fine. But Forces doesn't really justify itself very well because it half asses everything about its narrative. Tails watched Sonic get the shit beat out of him...fine. How is that any worse than watching Sonic get blown up? Well the story doesn't really care to explain that, so it just is...because reasons I guess.
  12. He's clearly terrified of having to fight Eggman himself in his final boss fight, but he does it anyway because he has to.
  13. This is what particularly sticks out as weird to me. Tails is, quite literally, the ''only'' character who does not actively participate in combat regardless of the circumstances; Charmy does, but not Tails. Its just another weird ass mandate from Sega I bet that makes no fucking sense to anybody but them.
  14. Tails has low esteem, and can only psych himself up in specific circumstances. I don't think its wrong to call him a coward, even if its basic self preservation. But the gist is that he's not as self confident or impulsively reckless as Sonic tends to be.
  15. I mean, he shows a pretty reasonable amount of fear to things.
  16. I mean...Dragon Ball Super has really terrible and inconsistent writing too so lol. But yea, I don't mind Shadow being an arrogant jerk; its kind of part of who he is as a person and him clashing with Sonic over ideological differences is also good. What's not good is when he has no other traits besides being an arrogant jerk, and just fighting Sonic just because he wants to show who's the big dog. You can take a character in a different direction without fundamentally changing who they are or completely ignoring their prior development.
  17. The film is just so damn bland to me...I can't find myself caring about it, no matter how hard I try. But people who love this franchise to death have every right to be disappointed, because if you're somebody that wants the best for Sonic and see constant mediocrity and disappointment, its going to wear you down and become bitterness over time. Or maybe you just stopped caring and accept Sonic as a trashy series that can't do anything right, and just enjoy it on an ironic level. Then this movie is perfect you, because it will definitely give plenty of meme material... Or maybe you're someone who is completely unaware of the franchise`s history and just think the film is genuinely interesting. Sonic has so many different meanings to people, that trying to pin them all down is pointless. Everyone has different feelings about this franchise and none are more valid than others. Personally speaking, I don't care about this film and I've essentially just decided to ignore all of the PR surrounding it...unless it hits social media in which case, I'll have no choice. But I don't think this film will be as terrible as most people think it will be, but nor do I think its going to be all that good either. It's going to be a completely forgettable and bland film that people will talk about for a few months and then quietly forget about.
  18. I agree. Its just one of the more weirdest decisions Sega have made and shows they really have no idea how to handle any of their most marketable characters. I understand they want to give him more of a personality, but they're going about it in a very misguided manner that doesn't actually address the problem. Whole thing just...sucks. That's not what he actually comes off as though; in both of his appearances, he fights the gang for...virtually no reason whatsoever. The second time he's tricked by Eggman into doing so, then decides he wants to destroy the world cuz...he got tricked. That's not what a "warrior with a code" does :V
  19. But that's putting the onus of characterization on the OTHER characters, not Shadow himself. Their reactions to him are what shape the situation. I'm generally talking about the other way around, a situation that forces SHADOW to change and adapt. For Boom; the rest of the cast do not need any context to their being, they simply are. Nobody asks where and who Taam Sonic are, because that's not the point of the show. Its a comedy show first and foremost and focuses on how the cast react to different situations and play off each other. That's not something that you can easily slip Shadow into without it coming off as weird since well...he's never been that type of character. So he simply exists, not even as a character, but a source of conflict. But yes, most of the blame is on that none of the writers or higher ups really understand what to do with him period.
  20. Then that's a problem; if he's only being used because of his popularity and not because of anything he can actually offer to the setting, then its the same as writers basically admitting that they have no actual use for him and just throwing darts at a board. And CSS already pointed out a good role for him as the cold and pragmatic one to the more upbeat good guys, but then I don't know how well that role fits in this type of series. It opened the can of worms of why "Sonic never kills Eggman" but can't actually give a satisfying answer to that question.
  21. Yes, they did that in early IDW arcs and Boom...and he's generally considered to be one of the worst characters there because of his characterization and lack of a defined role. So...
  22. That's a trait that's still related to his backstory, not necessarily something internal to the character. Just...take his lack of a character and make that his personality. In that he's so goal oriented and distant that he actually does not function very well when he's not fighting and it makes him a bit insecure. If he's self assured about his abilities as the Ultimate Lifeform, then the natural thing is to put him in situations that take him out of his element. Just show that Shadow actually has no idea how to actually be...normal.
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