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  1. There's pretty much no way Shadow doesn't come out of this looking better at least; he's probably going to want to fight Starline cuz of what happened two issues ago while Sonic saves the cabin.



    Look at this homoerotic subtext. 

  2. 18 minutes ago, Jack out of the comics! said:

    I think I got how Shadow's personality now works, and how SEGA wants him seen recently.

    Shadow: I have no friends, I'm edgy Batman/I'm no hero and I don't save anyone

    > Literally saves everyone's ass multiple times in 2 issues in a row, with more to come

    So his actions differ from his words. He has trouble communicating feelings.

    He's a tsundere in other words.

  3. You could honestly just handwave the whole thing by saying they met during one offscreen adventure in the past; Sega create solutions to problems that they create, it's baffling. I can honestly understand why nobody outside of the fanbase really holds this series' writing in high regard, it's a fucking mess quite frankly. And the annoying part is that it doesn't HAVE to be a mess, they just made it this way through some poor ass execution. 

    And the ironic part is that Silver and Blaze still ended up being popular characters in spite of their mess of a background lmao. It's amazing what appealing character design and character chemistry can make you overlook. 

  4. If I had to guess, Blaze's design was finalized before her background was; remember, she went through tons of designs before they settled on her final one. So the development team probably wanted a partner for Silver in the same vein Sonic had Tails and Knuckles, and Shadow had Rouge and Omega. But rather than create two more characters for that purpose, they just used Blaze since she was still relatively new to the series and not that well established yet.

    So then they came up with Blaze's background near Rush's completed development, and since the team that worked on Rush and 06 probably weren't the same, nobody communicated with each other on how contradicting Blaze's two appearances would be. 

    So it just feels like a classic case of mismanagement and nobody really communicating with each other during the developmental cycle that resulted in this mess. But because Silver and Blaze's dynamic is so popular with fans, Sega still pay lip service to it, but refuse to acknowledge the specifics about their background, Like how they actually fucking met. 

  5. 4 hours ago, Soniman said:

    Interesting how from an outsider perspective like mine, who played the game semi casually at first, then went back to %100 afterward (not 106 for obvious reasons plus long load times which discourages me attempting to retry levels) it really seemed like the mostly perfect continuation of the OG trilogy but when I take a look at the Fandom response on Twitter and reddit it's mostly been mixed to negative which...really surprises me honestly. Big names in the Fandom like Caddicarus lambast it and and it all goes back to the completion requirements.

    Full disclosure I used a guide if I couldn't find crates or gems on my first two run throughs of the level so that significantly reduced my frustrations though they were still there and I only went for perfect relics if they seemed doable. I know completion is a big part of the games appeal with the Fandom and a casual run through wouldn't full satisfy them so it's either, play to completion snd hate the game or play casually and leave unfulfilled I guess.

    Either way I'm a casual fan and I thought the game more or less the best ones yet certainly more so than reheated leftovers like WOC abd unfinished glitch fests like  Twinsanity. I'm just happy all the "bad stuff" in this game (besides the polar levels and Rush Hour) is entirely optional 

    The general consensus is that the game is actually really good...when you're not trying to 100% it. The game just expects way too much for that, and I honestly don't blame people for not putting up with it. It has the best parts of the original trilogy, but it also brought along the worst parts of them too and YMMV how good of a decision that was. 

    For the most part, I'll agree that the game is great on a casual run, but going for 100% is an exercise in patience. It's optional fortunately, but god damn. 

  6. 1 hour ago, EmTiven01 said:

    Not to mention it would come off as incredibly mean-spirited? Much like those bad episodes of Spongebob where a character is punished despite having not done anything to deserve it?

    I honestly have no idea what you're trying to say...

  7. 1 hour ago, EmTiven01 said:

    Since SEGA is so dead-set on turning Shadow into Vegeta (as seen in the Metal Virus arc), what if in the future there's a scene where Shadow gets the absolute crap beaten out of him by a new villain in the same manner as Frieza torturing Vegeta to death? Just for shits and giggles?


    This doesn't make sense; Vegeta was a villain at that point, and even after that he was still actively selfish. 

    As stupid as Sega gets about Shadow, he's still 100% a hero and is, at worst, just a jerk. Being a jerk isn't really grounds for getting tortured. 

  8. I think the main difference between Fleetway and Archie; the former deviated from the games, but still respected them at least. Like, they had things like Vector being the leader of the Chaotix, and Charmy being scatterbrained, long before they showed up in their modern incarnations. And more than anything, it was still about Sonic primarily. He was the main focus at the end of the day. 

    Archie/SATAM seemed like it was interested in being anything BUT a Sonic comic, and Penders all but admitted that he was using the series as a launching point for his own ideas than anything relating to Sonic. And the series wasn't even about Sonic more often than not, but about the setting he was in. IT was about the politics and commentary than anything about Sonic. 



    I know it's mostly in hindsight, but it really say something that the Archie really only started to get notability when Ian Flynn came on and actually started bringing the series closer to the video game series. 

  9. I do like how they've integrated both Peter and Miles, and gives us different flavors of Spider Man; Peter is forced to mature and act like an actual adult and mentor the next generation, which brings him closer to the people who grew up with the character and had to mature themselves. While Miles occupies Peter's old spot as the younger and less experienced hero, while also embodying today's youth and the problems they have to face, which are very different from the problems Peter had to face in his youth. 

    It's a genius way of modernizing an old concept, without letting go of it entirely.  It really establishes there's more than enough room for both Peter and Miles to coexist without downplaying one or the other. And I really enjoy Peter and Miles` dynamic. 

  10. This honestly doesn't seem all that wild, western comic books do crazy shit like this all of the time. The only difference is that Sonic was probably given a LOT of leeway in what they could do, and lord did they take advantage of it. 


    Its funny because now fans are complaining that Sega are too restrictive with the comics nowadays and should be more lenient, but they were lenient at one point and that's what led to all of this craziness. 

  11. 23 minutes ago, Ryannumber1gamer said:

    I've said it all before, so I don't feel like repeating it all again. Short version is I don't like how the comic portrays him. I think it's really annoying how Starline's shtick is constantly criticising Eggman for his own flaws, and yet Starline keeps repeating said flaws in dumber, and even more ridiculous ways, and then he has a tendency to blame it on someone else when it blows up in his face.

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    He did the same shit in Issue 1 when he assumed that Eggman would be absolutely dumb enough to not remove him from the Eggnet servers, and he's doing the same thing again by literally recording his own damn plan, and his plans of betrayal when he knows there's someone who's an active shapeshifter on the team. It feels contrived, and it keeps knocking Starline's character down a peg. You can't make this character who's meant to contrast off Eggman when he just keeps doing dumb short-sighted shit, when the whole point is Starline is meant to think things out, and plan for every eventuality, while Eggman is much more fluid and able to adjust to things in the moment.



    I feel like that's the point though; Starline's entire character is built on assumptions and hubris in his own genius. It's like you said, he thinks he's smarter than he actually is. I like it, because it serves a great contrast with Eggman, and lends credence to the fact that the only reason Eggman loses is because Sonic is just that good, rather than incompetence on Eggman's part (most of the time). 

    I don't know where the character is going to go, but I like how we have a villain who's just as arrogant as Eggman, but nowhere near as competent and how it's blowing up in his face. 

  12. 14 minutes ago, Ryannumber1gamer said:
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    Man, it sure is lucky that Starline - master genius who surely doesn't repeat Eggman's mistakes decided to be kind enough to explain his exact plan to the letter, his device that lets him beat Sonic, Tails and Knuckles in a fight, and on top of that, also happen to mention striking out his allies once they served their purpose.

    I've said it once, I'll say it again, I'm getting really damn sick of Starline and this shit ain't helping much.



    Hmm, what problems are you having cuz I'm kind of enjoying him.

  13. On 11/13/2020 at 9:59 AM, Wraith said:


    'Ambition' is starting to be seen as a dirty word nowadays, but it's absolutely true that this game lacks mechanical ambition imo. Almost every gaming classic has mechanics or ideas that were absolutely game design "do nots" at the time including Sonic himself. I don't like to float the terms overrated or underrated around because I think most people are being genuine when they say they like this game, but I wish people would be more...open minded about the experimentation in the other ones? Idk, it definitely made them a lot more interesting to me which goes a long way toward making up for the lack of polish. There's no way Sonic can compete with Mario or Donkey Kong or Crash in the 'solid 2.5D platformer' space. It stands a much better chance being it's best self. 


    This isn't really the game's fault, but people's reaction to it. And I get where it comes from, because people are deathly afraid of another experimental title bombing the series` reputation even further. But as a result, the series has just kind of lost any sense of ambition imo. I know people mock that word, but it's genuinely how I feel about the series nowadays. It's certainly nowhere near as bad as it used to be, but I really don't feel like the series is living up to its potential and just coasting on brand recognition alone. 

    I really don't want to downplay the people who genuinely love this game for what it did, but I also can't help but feel that it just reinforced to people that Sonic shouldn't be experimental at all and just needs to play it as safe as possible. Sonic never got to where he is by playing it safe, and I kind of wish people started to realize that. 

  14. 1 hour ago, TheOcelot said:

    Maybe it's fair to say Colours received too much praise when it came out and now receives too much much hate. Overall it's a good inoffensive Sonic game, which when it comes to Sonic games post-classics is quite rare.

    This is absolutely not true at all. The people who like Colors still do as we see in this topic. 

    The only "hate" it gets is from the vocal minority of Sonic fans who never cared about the game to begin with, its just that their voices were drowned out by the game's praise in 2010 and were just forced to stir.

    10 years of this game dictating the series direction has only made said vocal minority louder in their hate towards it. 


    And that's just kind of how it goes with Sonic games. There's always going to be a subset of fans who hate what the series does that's not to their specific preferences, and they vocalize it over social media.

    "Its not Adventure" "Its not classic" etc etc. Colors is absolutely still loved by the people who loved it back in 2010, but the vocal people who hate it for stripping the things they loved about the series away have only just grown up to be more vocal...hence all of the video essays of Adventure fans tearing the game down and why its shit.

  15. Like, I really do feel bad for this fanbase at times because the opinions of the masses always outweigh the voices within the fanbase. The public had deemed Sonic was "bad" and "needed to change" and Sega had almost no choice but to listen to move away from all of the controversy surrounding it. And all of that overwhelming praise this game got just reinforced the idea that everything from the 2000's was "wrong" and that Sonic Colors was the way to go. 

    It's a game that is the complete inverse of its predecessors in a way; instead of getting unwarranted hate, it gets unwarranted praise unto itself for doing the bare minimum. 


    And that is not a condemnation of people who like the game; if you feel like Sonic Colors was an amazing title, then by all means. But the contention surrounding this game cannot be ignored. 

  16. 10 minutes ago, Speedi said:

    Yeah, tbf Sonic was trying a LOT of things in the early 2000s and I could see people getting burnt out just from the sheer amount of content we got in those 10 years, Although I still feel like for as much as the games experimented they never strayed too far from the core appeal unless that was the point of the game (specifically Sonic's appeal before the "modern era" began). 

    This is partly why I said it's the perfect Sonic game for non Sonic fans. Beyond it just being a quality product because good games have an obvious universal appeal. Colors has a very pure and simple Nintendo-y charm to it. A lot of levels in that game are generally focused on one specific gimmick that you have to deal with for the entire level. The wisps are extremely situational powerups that remind me a lot of the many "we designed a specific challenge around this" powerups in 3d Mario games. If there was ever a 3d Sonic game I'd recommend to a nintendo fan it'd be Colors for sure, it feels very much in line with Mario's design principles.

    This is why I feel Sonic Colors was the game the series needed, but not necessarily what some wanted. Like it or not, the series` reception was gradually declining due to, as you said, the constant experimentation and misfires. Sure, you had some gems here and there like Advance games, Rush, and the like. But almost everyone ignored those games and focused on the controversial mainline ones. To many people, Sonic wasn't who they remembered him as anymore and became something too alien from it's roots and needed to go back.  Hence Sonic Colors stripped ALL of that away for something more simplistic and casual friendly, but arguably at the cost of the identity the series had built up at that point. 


    But that's what many people want Sonic to be; simplistic and easy to understand, whereas the appeal of the series lies precisely because it's a complete mess of itself that does whatever it wants. The problem is that approach isn't really conducive to long term game development, at least not anymore it isn't. In the early 2000's, games were pretty simple to make, so even if Sonic didn't necessarily have quality titles, there were enough of them to keep people satisfied. But after the 7th generation, with the rising costs of game development, games weren't as simple anymore and needed to be hits. It was do or die and that continued in the next generation.

    That crazy ass experimenting isn't valid anymore, because that means potentially risking millions of dollars in game development for game that's not guaranteed to do well.  It was just easier for Sonic Team play it safe and simple, but that in turned alienated the people who preferred the wild ass experimentation. They could experiment again, but it would mean that they have to be on their A game and produce an actual quality product  

  17. 2 hours ago, Speedi said:


    The perfect Sonic game for people who don't like Sonic games is how I'd describe it (No, I'm not saying you aren't a Sonic fan if you don't like Colors lol).

    I think it's more accurate to say, it's a Sonic game for the people who didn't like what Sonic was at the time, which was a very vocal amount of people. I posted this same topic on retro, and many have expressed how it was the game that got them back into the series after being burned by what the series was doing after the Adventure games.  So yea, that's the perfect description for this game and I think that's why it's so contentious; the people who love it prefer it for it's simplicity and easy to understand nature versus fans who prefer the wild experimentation the series was going for. 

  18. 37 minutes ago, CrownSlayer’s Shadow said:

    It’s a pretty basic game that was playing safe for what it can. My opinion on it hasn’t really changed much.

    It wasn’t bad, but once you beat it, it doesn’t offer much incentive keep me playing. As much as I share the criticisms it has, I never thought it was outright terrible beyond that.

    I'm curious, but what Sonic games do offer you incentive to return to them on repeat playthroughs? And how important is that for the series?

  19. Today is the 10 anniversary of one of the games with the most...fascinating turnarounds of opinions in the past decade. Sonic 4 Sonic Colors. 

    This game is rather funny to me because I actually like it for what it is, but got more critical of it when I was more involved with the fanbase. Nowadays I'm sitting more on the line of it just being a pretty good game. Nothing particularly special, but really doesn't deserve the vitriol it gets from the portion of the fanbase crying about another Adventure game. 

    One big praise I'll give this game though, that can only be seen in hindsight, is that it is the last Sonic game with a truly unique aesthetic that is not based on prior games or the generic level tropes imaginable, and that's commendable. 

  20. This did feel somewhat rushed BUT...


    The impression I got is that Clutch was a red herring for the ACTUAL threat, which is Starlene. Which to be fair, would have remained a mystery had we not been spoiled by it from Bad Guys.  That said, I love the suspense from this issue. We never found out what happened between Rouge and the hooded figure, and since we know it's Starlene, it's easy to infer that he hypnotized her to bring in Sonic & Tails so he can destroy them all at once. And that panel of Rouge looking ominous after she leaves to call the two. I love that type of storytelling and how it builds suspense and anticipation.

    Besides that however, the character writing and artwork are good as usual. There was actually less of the girls this time and more on Sonic, Tails, and Shadow. I like how impatient and childish Sonic gets when he's forced in a confined space and his "kill on sight" attitude towards badniks lol. Belle...well too early for me to tell, but it seems she's aware that Tinkerer and Eggman aren't the same so I wonder where that's going. And I like how Tails geeks out over her design, we need more moments of Tails geeking out over technology. 

    And holy shit guys, Shadow actually accomplished something without failing for once. And on top of that, while he speaks as if he's only looking for a good fight, his disgusted reaction towards Clutch's treatment of his Chao tell a different story, and he's just being coy. So I appreciate that bit of depth added. It's not much, but it paints him in a slightly better light than just being someone who's just trying to stroke his own ego. 

    Pretty great issue overall, and I'm actually excited for the next to see how this plays out. 

  21. Spoiler

    I do get it, because he NEEDS some type of edge; he doesn't have Sonic's innate abilities or Eggman's resources, and he specifically noted that he needed something to even the odds. I doubt it'll be all that game changing. He hasn't done much yet, and looks like he mostly caught Shadow by surprise....which isn't saying much I know given his less than stellar record in the comic, but still too early to tell.


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