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  1. Having read the Tangle and Whisper finale, yes it's pretty underwhelming. I was expecting a bigger emotional payoff or even some type of struggle, but things pretty much went smoothly from start to finish. 


    It's not bad, just incredibly stale and basic after three issues of buildup. Oh well.

  2. 18 hours ago, Sonic Fan J said:

    Have two opinions today, though only one is likely unpopular (and extremely nitpicky) while the other could swing either way.

    Starting with the less clear where it falls opinion, I honestly find IDW Eggman at this point to be a bumbling incompetent compared to OVA Eggman. It mostly boils down to how the both of them handled their end the world plots and the oversights that brought their plans to ruin.

    In the case of IDW Eggman his oversight was in addressing his relationship to the Metal Virus in general. He did not program in an immunity for himself despite knowing that he was as susceptible as any other organic organism, he knew that it had the properties of a virus and would mutate beyond his control yet still did not put any safeguards in place, and when he finally had to square off against Sonic he nearly ended up infected if not for Starline, who has already set in motion a plan to undermine Eggman and bring in a threat that a single mistake will strip them of any ability to fight back. It really does not look good at all for IDW Eggman being a controlling threat compared to just a circumstantial threat. OVA Eggman on the other hand...

    While OVA Eggman's reasons for his end the world ploy are more than a little daft to say the least, his efficiency and ability to be a head on threat whose goofy nature obscures his danger makes him a very different type of threat from his modern IDW counterpart. Where IdW Eggman simply sat back and let his creation do the work for him, OVA Eggman was constantly engaged and never relented in his attempts to be rid of Sonic or his companions. Held the President hostage just to lure Sonic into a trap which if it failed was a setup to lead him into a further series of traps with each one being more extreme than the last. Just getting to Eggmanland, Black Eggman (a mech piloted by Eggman himself where he nearly offed Sonic and Tails if not for the timely arrival of Knuckles), his main base and all of the traps in it, the "bomb" which with the way Eggman was handling things could have very well been legit, and then Metal Sonic himself who was unleashed when the bomb was successfully stopped with Metal Sonic winning once and only losing et hsecond time becuase of OVA Eggman's one oversight; Tails' tinkering ability being good enough to hack the tracker and Metal Sonic both. This oversight makes sense though as Eggman is extremely proud in his engineering genius and would never in his hubris believe that an eight-year-old could hack his stuff. Even then though he did not consider Tails insignificant and still shot the Tornado out of the sky with ease taking the fox all but out of the fight. His defeat was not becasue he made a grand series of mistakes that he promptly ignored despite knowing them, but rather because the heroes stepped up when they needed to step up to overcome Eggman and the full threat he represented. at no point were they simply dealing with and just cleaning up careless mess, but instead were actively engaged with Eggman who constantly had them on the ropes not by accident or coincidence, but because he was good enough to push them against the ropes. And he did all of this while being a total buffoon who took the time to play games with his hostages so they wouldn't throw a temper tantrum. this is startk contrast to IDW Eggman who is just exhaling evil as much as he can and managing to somehow trip himself over his own breath. As a result, I find IDW Eggman a bumbling incompetent compared to his OVA counterpart. Perhaps though it is just the difference as well between when Naka was in charge back when the OVA was made and how Iizuka handles the franchise today. I couldn't say but in my opinion OVA Eggman >>>>>>>>>> IDW Eggman.

    I feel its because a difference in the focus; Eggman is the primary threat on the OVA, even when Metal Sonic takes the scene, so he has to be competent to give the heroes a good fight. 


    The primary threat of the Metal Virus arc is the virus itself. And unlike in the OVA, Eggman is sharing the villain spotlight with newcomer Starlene, and one of the main components of that arc is showing how he is quickly growing disillusioned with Eggman as his flaws become more apparent; Eggman kinda has to be a bit more incompetent to justify that dynamic otherwise it just falls apart.


    I don't think Idw IDW Eggman is bad; it just highlights a part of him that doesn't usually get showcased, while he's a rather straightforward villain in the OVA.

  3. 1 hour ago, Shaddy Zaphod said:

    Johnny Yong Bosch replaced Vic as Sabo in One Piece, and now in FighterZ as Broly. His screams sound pretty good. Can we go 4 for 4, and get him for Rohan and Ed Elric? Only time will tell.

    I don't see that happening, those shows have been over for years. There's no point in redubbing them. All we can do is move forward. 

  4. Just now, Ryannumber1gamer said:

    I feel dumb for not realising that was a reference, I thought it was just a general interesting viewpoint Eggman had, and Sonic countered it.

    It doesn't flow like natural dialogue, which is what immediately tipped me off that something was off about it until I realized what it was from . 

  5. 18 minutes ago, Heckboy said:

    >another fucking forced lyrics reference

    Hahahaha this comic sucks so bad. This is worse than Shattered World at this point. It just keeps going on and on and on because Ian can't fucking pace a story.

    "but idw made him do it cuz trades"

    Who the fuck cares. He's been at this shit for 13 years. Write a bunch of strong short stories. If you're forced to do a saga for a year or more, write a bunch of connected four-parters or something. This shit has no flow or creativity to it. It's just things happening all over the place. Total fucking garbage.

    If a lyrical reference makes this irrational, then perhaps you should not be reading this comic?

  6. That's actually a good point and probably why Eggman doesn't recycle his schemes; the Zeti have probably found a counter to the conch so that they aren't enslaved again, so it makes complete sense why Eggman wouldn't consider using it again.

    That's an interesting way of showing that despite his flaws, Eggman has the capacity to stay one step ahead.

  7. 9 hours ago, Wraith said:

    he literally never plans shit properly in the games so ian has this spot on tbh


    8 hours ago, Sean said:

    Eggman released werehog into outer space along with the chaos emeralds and didn't stop to think for one fractionth of a second "oh maybe I might need those lol" and had this pointed out to him even

    Eggman is smart but he also hella stupid.

    Naw, ya'll rite.


    I think this is the most detail it's gotten in a continuity that ,left to his own devices, Eggman is a fucking idiot.

  8. I know its for the sake of Starline's disillusionment with him, but good god does Eggman come off as exceedingly short sighted here. I share Starline's frustration. 

    That being said, it's pretty understandable and I could completely believe that Eggman would be so far up his own ass that he fails to make any type of contingency plan should his shit go wrong. 

  9. 1 hour ago, Conquering Storm’s Servant said:

    As a fan of both Zero and Shadow, I can summarize it by saying they’re basically mirrors of each other with their own quirks.

    A powerful sentient weapon that can bring the world to ruin, as intended by a mad scientist creator long deceased? Check.

    Fights the main hero over the fate the world? Check.

    Sacrifices their life for a cause, then later comes back to life to keep the good fight? Check.

    Stars their own game (series for Zero) And has an amnesia sub-plot? Check.

    Main difference (aside from one being a robot and the other a genetic experiment) is that Zero starts off as a hero while Shadow starts as a villain. Oh, and Zero dies and comes back a total of three times compared to Shadow’s one.

    Technically speaking, Zero WAS a villain...before the Sigma virus left him .

  10. 6 hours ago, E-122-Psi said:

    The problem is that to make Shadow a developed anti-hero, they have to utilise his role and dynamic in a halfway developed way, which many interpretations have failed miserably at. The Sonic series in particular is bad for interpreting anti-heroes as characters who have some sort of clause to be really good or really bad and can supposedly never cross too far into one direction. Sonic X Shadow was horrible for this, making him as scummy as possible but then having rapidly turn into a hero when the main climax occurred.

    IDW Sonic I admit seems to dabble in a better compromise at times, conveying Shadow as well intentioned but INCREDIBLY pragmatic. We get a similar deal as Sonic X where he attempts to kill a harmless being because they have indirect threat to them, however this soul being Eggman instead of Cosmo has way more validity, and while Sonic X plays him like a sadistic horror villain that suddenly turns face with a slap on the wrist, comic Shadow is merely gravely serious about neutralising a threat, and is actually talked down when Sonic calls out his hypocrisy on the matter concerning his own dubious morality.

    I think this is the sort of thing that would fit Shadow, a character that has mostly good intentions and can be an effective hero, but is willing to cross lines Sonic won't, and not in terms of having a hero pass for being generically cruel or jerk-like, more in terms of being very pragmatic and unfettered in how he makes things right and that having effect on his conflicts and dynamics with the rest of the cast, still making it possible for him to be a mild antagonist at times without undoing all his previous development.

    This is actually a good point and I feel its a distinction that allows Shadow to still functionally remain sympathetic while still being antiheroic. I'd definitely prefer him being more pragmatic and unfettered than simply being more violent and uncaring. 

  11. 8 hours ago, Conquering Storm’s Servant said:

    Doing either one is stepping on a mine field considering they did just that with Shadow in Boom.

    Although, admittedly, my knowledge of his whole character in that series is limited. 

    No, that basically sums up his entire existence in Boom; he's a villain with no real context to him at all. He's evil Sonic and that's it.


    I do like Maekawa's take, but it's a bit too much like Zero lol. I know Sonic and Mega Man borrow a lot from each other, but I'd prefer to keep them distinct.

  12. As much as this arc meandered, I am excited to see how it ends...guess it feels like an actual game in that regard huh...


    Interesting beginning that hooks you > boring middle half filled with padding > extremely cool climax.

  13. 5 hours ago, Blue Blood said:

    I have to admit, I'm quite surprised by the lack of discussion about these games post release. Did a lot of people here not buy them, or was all necessary discussion had in the leaks thread before release? 

    I honestly have not had the time to really delve into them; I had a convention this past weekend as well as nursing a cold. Between that and the fact that I have a limited amount of time I can play a day in addition to playing other games. 

  14. 45 minutes ago, Blue Blood said:

    It's the eyes. Sonic's eyes are the wrong shape, and it completely changes his face. He looks more child like and lacks the effortlessly cool approach of his usual look, instead opting for a much cuter look. It goes to show just how effectively designed his eyes actually are in his game design. Even if they didn't want to use the mono-eye (which I think they should have), they should have giving him more angled brows, instead of the rounded ones. He's basically got Tails' eyes.


    4 minutes ago, Sean said:



    Like he looks alright here! It's clearly the same model, except he has his trademark scowl. But he doesn't have this expression for most of the trailer and it's kind of gross to look at. It's an improvement for sure, but I still hate this look for Sonic personally.

    This is actually a good point; he lacks the determined expression he usually has. Combined with is more hyperactive personality, it makes him feel much more childish than his normal self, who is generally much more down to earth and self confident.

  15. 5 minutes ago, Blue Blood said:

    It makes sense. But I just find it to be really funny to think that it was so bad it prompted change. And the change was so drastic that the old trailer no longer represented the film.

    I'm not one to condone outrage culture, but it was a necessary evil in this case as there wouldn't have been a change otherwise. In hindsight, I'm glad people turned on this film from the first trailer because it showed just how tone deaf Paramount was.

  16. 6 minutes ago, Blue Blood said:

    This is funny.


    Paramount set the original trailer to private. I guess they don't want anyone to be confused when looking up the trailers. I doubt that they're actually trying to "hide" the original one (which is probably how some people are going to spin it), but how often does a movie studio have to get rid of an old trailer because it no longer represents the film? Lol 

    Given the absolute negative reception to it, sweeping the old design under the rug makes sense.

  17. That definitely felt more in line with what Sonic is. I think I can tolerate going to see it in theaters now.

    Shame the film still looks pretty big standard otherwise, but it's not like I had high expectations to begin with. 



    Tom is whatever; as said, he's the whitebread everyman character people can project themselves onto. Sonic is the main attraction here and I hope the film doesn't forget that like X did with Chris.

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