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  1. This has nothing to do with what I was talking about.
  2. Fair enough. But I do recall that being a point of complaint for people, so I just needed to point out the focus went beyond just Shadow and Knuckles. Although covers like this don't exactly help that perception huh
  3. You know, looking back as a whole this isn't actually true at all.
  4. Truth be told, I can understand why Sonic Team felt the need to segrate classic and modern; like it or not, there are different demographics in what people like about the series, so trying to focus on that isn't a bad idea...in theory. 

    1. Sean


      Other franchises have sectioned off portions a lot more gracefully than Sega has. In another timeline where the series had a more clear vision of what it wants to be, I'm sure people would have been more accepting of the split.

    2. Kuzu


      That's why I said it's a good idea in theory. Trying to do it when such a distinction wasn't made before and with no clear vision just makes the whole thing feel like it was done for the sake distancing the two parts even more. 

      "Oh no, good ole classic isn't the same as bad Modern. Just take it easy" 

    3. Soniman


      I really can't think of another example of a long running franchise doing something like this. Maybe Spyro?

  5. Pretty much yea; the entire conflict just kinda goes off without a hitch. Its not like it's bad per se, just very...simple. Like it doesn't feel like the heroes had any real struggle for the win. I can at least buy into the Enerjak conflict since it's four straight issues of kicking everyone's ass, Sonic needed to go Super to even the odds, and Knuckles' father had to sacrifice himself to bring him back. Not that every story arc needs to be like that, but having a good ending and resolution is kind of a requirement if you're trying to tell a convincing story.
  6. I mean, even Sonic Universe had that issue of having very flat ending after three issues of buildup; maybe 5 issues would be better?
  7. I guess I can sum up my own thoughts on this series; it's good for what it is, but it's nothing spectacular but it doesn't really need to be either. I don't think it'll satisfy the people who want something more substantial, or even the average joe but if you're a fan and can be satisfied with just watching the characters, then it's pretty enjoyable. I do agree with everyone that the series needs to scale down these conflicts to something more character driven; trying to juggle all of these characters who haven't had much build up in the way of characterization and motivation really makes it hard to invest in the conflict outside of the spectacle and shock value of it all. The primary reason the latest issue hits as hard as it does is because we just came off a four month issue building these characters up. And I can't help but feel this is going to run into the same problem Flynn always has with his stories; constant escalation and raising the stakes, and then things just decalate with a rather flat and anticlimactic conclusion. We already had that with the Master Overlord thing (Lasted a total of 13 pages)
  8. I mean, you're basically saying the same thing just with some sugar-coating. I didn't say people are wrong for enjoying the game a different way, nor do I find anything wrong with expecting better writing from this series if that's your priority. But...Sonic IS a video game series. Some might see it as more than that, but the basis for the entire franchise is that of a video game. This isn't something that's open for interpretation, it's a literal fact. Heroes and Colors...ya know, if I had to judge them as video games, Colors wins out easily. But in terms of Sonic fanservice and all of that shit, Heroes probably wins out.
  9. It's definitely something of an acquired taste, and it's something only a fan would enjoy. If you weren't a Sonic fan, a line like that would sound pretty awkward.
  10. I will admit that when things are lowkey and simple; it is pretty enjoyable, but when things start trying to get "serious" and complex is where the cracks start to show. I know everyone on this site wants to believe that this series can be complex and thought provoking...but it's a still a series about colorful animals fighting a mad scientist at the end of the day, and we know for a fact that things are going to work out and reset to the status quo. That's not to say it's bad but makes it extremely hard for me to invest into the conflict. It might satisfy younger fans and fans who like this type of stuff, but I can't say I care much when things like characters making song references in what's supposed to be a serious and foreboding scene. I wouldn't say it ruins the entire moment but like...this is supposed to be a serious scene and they're making song references. Imagine listening to that voiced and thinking would the average person be able to take it seriously as a line of dialogue?
  11. So I made a status about this earlier last night, but since more people are accurate during the day, I thought I'd post it here too. So since the comic is about to hit its first milestone next month, I suppose this is a good time to ask everyone on their current feelings towards it; Things that you like, things you think can be improved. hopes for the future of it. etc etc.
  12. Most of the people on this board grew up on the mid 2000 titles, so that doesn't shock me... That said, to shift focus onto the gameplay; while I do understand the shift to just the day stages and toning down some of the trial and error gameplay from Unleashed. I do feel some depth was sacrificed. Having played Unleashed long after these games, I couldn't help but enjoy it more despite it controlling way worse. There was just a stronger sense of satisfaction from beating a level in Unleashed versus these games due to the greater depth in the level design in the latter.
  13. So since the comic is about to hit its first milestone next month, I suppose this is a good time to ask everyone on their current feelings towards it; Things that you like, things you think can be improved. hopes for the future of it. etc etc.

    1. Zaysho


      I've enjoyed what I've read of year two so far, but at the same time I don't think that much of it. Not that that means it's bad necessarily, it has good points to it in the artwork and the moment to moment progression is much more enjoyable currently. I think the most I'd want whenever this arc concludes is Ian just dialing things back for a year and focusing on smaller storylines/casts that he can rotate around for a little while, slowly building to the next big thing in the background.

      Otherwise I'm just burned out on Sonic stuff, tbh

    2. Red


      I'm actually enjoying it a lot so far! No real complaints except that some issues feel like filler in order to draw out the story arc more. I also wish we knew Starline's intensions a bit more. Is he going to go off on his own or still stick with Eggman?

      My only hopes is that we get to see Sonic go full Zombot at some point during the Metal Virus arc. Even if it's only for like a single page. They keep showing him getting closer and closer so I wanna see them fully commit to it just once.

      As for future arcs/issues I wouldn't mind Sonic taking a backseat after the Metal Virus arc. Poor dude is running himself to exhaustion. He deserves a well earned break and that three week long nap he mentioned.

    3. Thigolf


      Tails doing shit is great
      Cream being there is great
      Amazing new characters in Tangle and Whisper
      The comic being really tense is also great, Ian is going all out.

      Improvements: Needs more Sticks

    4. Diogenes


      i'm generally in the same place i've been from the start; it's overall competent, but i feel it's held back by poor pacing and always trying to juggle the entire cast at once. i'm hoping once the metal virus arc is over they slow down and scale down for a bit, get a couple of arcs more like the tangle and whisper miniseries where they can focus in on a couple of characters instead of everyone all the time.

    5. TCB


      I might wanna get into it next year

      judging by the last few issues, I'm pretty certain the aftermath of the current arc will be a few breatherit to let things settle down


      the tropes are so there for it

  14. You know, I can't help but feel like these games being so controversial comes from a dissonance from how people view the series. Generally, you have some people who are fine with the writing and think that while things can be improved, it's ultimately harmless at the end of the day. And then you have the people who view the writing as a complete betrayal of what the series was before and is just terrible overall. And I feel like this view stems from people looking at the series as a video game to be played with the story just being a backdrop versus people looking at it as a series with a large sweeping narrative that serves to justify the gameplay. Or rather; a video game with a story attached to it, or a story with a video game attached to it. With the latter view obviously mostly being from fans who grew up on the titles from 2001 to 2009 while the former can vary from either retro 90's fans or newer 2010 fans. To people who just like to play the game, the game is generally benign. It doesn't do a whole lot but it's ultimately a harmless title and charming in some areas. But people who love the large sweeping narratives generally dislike the game since things never really escalate. Its just something I've noticed when it comes to the reception of these games both in and outside the fanbase.
  15. The solicits do mention there is only one safe spot left, so I can assume they mean Angel Island given its the only place currently unaffected by all of this.
  16. I do get where he's coming from; you have a specific vision for the character and as he becomes more profitable and marketable, executives need to try and capitalize on it, usually by betraying the creator's original vision for the character. I don't hate cutesy, baby Sonic but it's not exactly what I'd picture when I think of Sonic either.
  17. Look, I'm not going to pretend that Amy has been a major player throughout all of this. She's definitely taken a backseat for the most part. I just disagree that it's some big betrayal of the character. I know the everyone wants to see their favorite character in the best possible light, but realistically speaking, that's not always going to be the case. Characters fall out of the limelight all of the time depending on the story. It's the literally one of the most fundamental parts of telling a story. Your favorite characters will not always be a major part of the story, and they will not always act in ways that you think they should act. Can we just....talk about the story please? We've had to deal with "my favorite character deserves better" stuff with Shadow and now Amy.
  18. Gotta say, the last two issues of the Zombot saga finally picked up the pace that I thought it was lacking for a few issues. 

  19. Yea, and whenever you do, it's the same thing about Amy and almost never anything else. And nobody would be so hard on you if you actually tried to engage in conversation instead of just crying about Amy all of the time and disagreeing with anyone who tries to say otherwise. I'm not trying to scare you off, and I apologize if I sound overly aggressive but I'm trying to get you to actually read and understand the words that are being said in this topic and to think about something beyond "Amy isn't how I want her to be". Otherwise, If all you want do is just complain about Amy, then be my guest and just ignore this post altogether and I'll just stop this conversation right here.
  20. Once again, almost EVERY post in this topic about Amy has been from YOU. You are quite literally the ONLY one who has been making a big deal about this. And once again, you're not even talking about the story that is currently happening in IDW anymore. And then you wonder why people refuse to hear you out when you make posts like these that generalize everything to justify your stance. If you're not going to bother trying to understand what people have been saying, then I'm not going to bother listening to the 100th post of "OH WOE IS AMY" from you every time a new issue comes out and watch you talk about how "ruined" she is.
  21. That's not what's been happening though; you're literally the only one here that's been making a big deal of Amy being "ruined" because it's not the version of her that you want to see. You're not even judging the story on its own merits anymore, but on the merits on what YOU want it to be when it's never going to be like that. More than half of your posts here can basically be boiled down to "Why isn't Amy acting like how I want her to be", and almost nothing about the actual story itself or even any other character.
  22. Once again, what is her "acting like Amy" adding to the story right now? What benefit is there aside from you just being satisfied that she's "acting like herself".
  23. There's absolutely no reason to be this rude and dismissive and why people get heated in these debates/
  24. I don't think people understand the difference between a character being well written and a character being written like the version that you thought of in your head.

    1. Soniman


      I watch Pokemon. I know the difference 

    2. Kuzu


      Hey, you're ahead of most, good on you. 

      It took me a few years to learn that too. 

  25. See, this is what I mean. How is being written like she was in those games benefit anything besides your desire to see her "well written"?
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