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  1. I don't think people understand the difference between a character being well written and a character being written like the version that you thought of in your head.

    1. Soniman


      I watch Pokemon. I know the difference 

    2. Kuzu


      Hey, you're ahead of most, good on you. 

      It took me a few years to learn that too. 

  2. See, this is what I mean. How is being written like she was in those games benefit anything besides your desire to see her "well written"?
  3. Ive seen these complaints a lot and at this point, I feel these types of responses are coming from the fact that people just want to see the idealized versions of their favorite stories and characters rather appreciating how they're actually being written, and rejecting anything that goes against that notion. Amy doesn't ALWAYS have to be the one who brightens everyone and the one who remains positive. Characters should be allowed to express more than just a few personality traits, and some characters can even share a personality trait or two. That's why these complaints are falling flat for me, because they're things only fans of that character would care about. I would implore people to start looking at the story for what it is, rather than what you want it to be otherwise you might as well just stop reading altogether because Ian Flynn is not going to go inside your head and use every bit of fanon on how super special awesome Amy is and put it in the book.
  4. Well, he was designed to be an alternative to the more traditionally heroic Mario, so him having more antiheroic traits like his "attitude" make sense. But even the games have started to play around with the idea that Sonic isn't perfect with things like Lost World. I get that people want the idealized versions their favorite character, but I feel that's missing out on exploring things about them.
  5. So after putting it off for 6 months, I'm finally getting Crash Nitro Kart.

  6. I'll be kinda blunt here; this feels like you don't like seeing Shadow in any kind of situation where he could be in the wrong to another character's perspective. He's already got all of the answers and doesn't need to learn anything else, and everyone else has to learn from him. I find that pretty one-sided and boring, especially with a character like Shadow, who has TONS of flaws to explore. If he already has all of the answers and knows what to do, then I really don't know what else he contributes unless you make everyone else around him worse to prop him up. Shadow is an ANTI-hero; and I don't say that because he's brooding edgy, and violent. The entire appeal of these archetypes are the negative traits that they are trying to overcome, and how these traits contrast more traditionally heroic individuals. Like, why does everyone else have to be wrong in order for Shadow to be "right". And none of that addresses Shadow's actual personality; he has a dark backstory, and therefore has more insight than everyone doesn't make for compelling storytelling. Shadow, to me, is always at his best when his flaws cause friction with people and he's forced to compromise to get the job done. That is satisfying; characters overcoming themselves to succeed. This is what I mean right here; Amy had no effect on Shadow's life or decisions and she just jogged his memory and nothing more. That's so very boring. I dunno, I can't help but feel your interpretation of him as someone who already has all of the answers because of his backstory and that everyone else needs to learn from him as dreadfully boring. Particularly because none of that makes him sound like he has an interesting personality, but just a figure that people react to. At least if that's the only thing to him worth exploring.
  7. You know what's a dynamic that's never really explored, Amy and Shadow. And its extremely weird since she was the one who convinced him to change and save the planet. But very few media actually ever expand on that interaction despite how its the turning point for Shadow's entire arc and how goes from a tragic villain to a heroic figure.
  8. I feel like downplaying Sonic and Shadow's dynamic to just "two dudes who don't like each other" is really underselling their dynamic to a significant degree. The fact that we're having this conversation shows that there's more to them than just the fact that they fight each other and that's it. They're quite literally two sides of the same coin, and their conflict got started because of their similarities. It's one of the most classic dynamics in literature to explore. I can't force you to see something that you don't think isn't there, but I can't help but feel reducing such a dynamic to its simplest form is missing the point. Otherwise, what's separating Shadow from...literally any other character in the series other than being a guy who's stoic and beats up bad guys, because I don't see the appeal in a character who doesn't really emote or have any reaction to other characters around him.
  9. For the record, I don't think Shadow having some level of insecurities towards Sonic makes him a weaker character at all. On the contrary, I find it more interesting since they're both heroes, but having completely different ideas on what being a hero means. By contrast, there is not much to explore imo when Shadow is contrasted with villains like Black Doom, Mephiles, and Infinite since they're all so one note, and blatant strawman. While they do make Shadow question himself, I can't get really invested because the audience isn't even supposed to agree with them at all. It's a clear cut and dry case that you aren't supposed to agree with them. Now this is harder to do with two heroic characters, and since Sonic is the protagonist and Shadow is not, it's very easy to portray him as being the "weaker" and "wrong" one of the two. And if you're a fan of Shadow telling people off and acting on his own, then him suddenly being made to be the "fall guy" for Sonic would feel like a step down. He goes from a character overcoming his own obstacles to being an obstacle for Sonic, since Sonic is the protagonist, he tends to be "right" by default. But that's why you need to give Sonic his own set of shortcomings that Shadow does not have. We're seeing this right now in the comics; Sonic's compassion and willingness to let bygones be bygones has screwed everyone over and he has been called out on it. Now whether that leads to anything is anyone's guess, but it's a start. That Sonic CAN make such a monumental error that Shadow would not is an interesting angle to explore.
  10. I personally don't see it that way, but I can understand how you would come to that conclusion and I'm sorry it's bothering you so much. Personally I like what was displayed in this issue as it built off what was established in Tangle and Whisper and utilized it greatly for an emotionall payoff.
  11. I can't really agree with that, because as I said, there are plenty of successful franchises that have very little focus on any kind of large plot over just focusing on the character's personalities. Most media aimed at children runs on this. But to bring this back to Sonic; it works better because these are, at the end of the day, cartoon characters and fans care about the characters themselves than the actual plot surrounding them. The most memorable parts about this franchise have always centered on the individual characters and the situations they find themselves in. To say that doesn't work is just demonstrably false because there are too many successful examples to list. It might not be your ideal form of storytelling, but there's nothing inherently wrong with it either like what you're saying.
  12. That's only if you look at it from the most cynical perspective ever. Like it or not, Sonic is the primary vehicle for the series. And while that may not sound as interesting as every character having their own goals and narratives, it is no less valid option for storytelling. And I personally feel more character driven stories that rely on personality conflicts are a perfect fit for a series like Sonic. If other franchises can be successful with such a setup, there's no reason it can't work for Sonic. And honestly, it's a much simpler setup to work with imo. I would certainly ''prefer'' a much more expansive narrative, but I'm operating under the assumption that Sega want to continue indefinitely and be open to exploring any type of storytelling.
  13. I don't think it's fair to knock him for "reading too much into the situation", if that's his perspective, that's that and it's in it's own validity. Shadow has points for being completely independent from Sonic, or he has a large amount of influence on him. That being said... The very nature of this series, especially nowadays, is that its centered on its protagonist. Sonic is the series' driving force and he's at the center of every conflict. So naturally, any character with a close relationship to Sonic benefits more. So Shadow having such a combative relationship with Sonic, not only opens up room to see another side to both of them, it much makes Shadow much easier to utilize than if he was just completely independent from him.
  14. While I do admit that the atmosphere has been a little too bleak lately, this was one of the stronger issues. Issues that focus on the individual characters and highlight their characteristics tend to stand out much more to me and that was on full display here.
  15. Oof, that IDW issue started slow but it sure as hell picked up near the end...

  16. This is fair and yea, I do feel like after realizing WHO he is, the logical choice is trying to figure out HOW to achieve his purpose. And trying to figure that out and stumbling along is a good avenue to explore. Fine (And I said it was valid) but that goes into my second point. How many times can we explore Shadow second guessing his identity?
  17. But that means he's ''not'' confident at all doesn't it? It's a front to mask his insecurities. Fake confidence so to speak. And fine, that's a valid character trait and can give way to real confidence. But how many times has Shadow been down that road of doubting himself only to come out on top in the end? As you pointed out, it happens with almost every story that centers on him.
  18. It does depend on how you want to read the narrative; but I do want to point out that both instances of Shadow being manipulated by others; Gerald altered his memories, and Black Doom targeted him when he had amnesia. When Mephiles tries to convince him that everyone will betray him, he tells him to fuck off immediately. But yea, trying to paint him as both as someone self confident in himself but also insecure feels contradictory. A character can have more than one trait, but usually those traits don't contradict each other.
  19. I figured someone would bring that up; I don't think that's fair since he had amnesia, which he specifically forgot who he was. He forgot what was it that he was supposed to do. The second he remembers, he once again tells the opposition to stuff it. And true, it doesn't define the entirety of his character, but he goes from a character with his own heroic journey to one that's specifically defined by his dynamic with Sonic. That's still a pretty major change for the character. They did something similar with Knuckles, in trying to move him away from his guardian role, they played up the part of him that tries to constantly one up Sonic. It's not inherently worse, but it does change the focus of the character from having their own agency to defining them more by their relationship to the main character.
  20. I agree that trying to chalk up Shadow's issues as insecurities towards Sonic kind of goes against what we know about them. Shadow always has the utmost confidence in himself and his abilities; when Rouge told him that he might not be the actual ultimate Lifeform, he basically told her to stuff it and that his memories are all he needed. When faced with the idea that he might be a robot, he still declares that he's Shadow despite it. Being insecure, while an interesting flaw, does not fit with how the character has been established and written until recently. More than that, it pins all of the agency of his character onto Sonic. Shadow's character would be judged by how Sonic reacts to him and not anything inherent to Shadow himself. Now while that angle does help Shadow feel like a rival character, it reduces him to a much simple character overall, and one that defines his relationship to another character
  21. Are we going to do that thing where we argue which subjective opinion is better? Because this doesn't seem like it's to going to go anywhere. Can't really say I see how Heroes is so wholly better than Colors unless you just you're just looking at subjective things rather than quality of the writing itself.
  22. The plots of the 3D games were criticized not because they were overly complex, but because they were just bad in their attempt at being complex. There's nothing inherently wrong with the series trying to be more complex than "Sonic destroys robots while throwing out some quips", but because the attempts have been more misses than hits, people outside of the diehard fanbase just simply stopped caring because at the end of the day, the average gamer just wants to run fast when it comes to Sonic. But sure, Heroes is sincere in its message...but it barely builds up that message for it to have any real weight; I wouldn't really say its sincerity in that sense puts it above Colors, at least significantly so.
  23. Heroes barely has a plot for it have "tension". Saying its better than Colors isn't really saying a whole lot. The storybook games work a lot easier if you're going to cite a positive example of a simple and straightforward story that tries to get you you to care about what's happening.
  24. Which is what bugs the hell out of me; why strip these characters of their depth if you aren't going to replace it with anything as substantial. Rouge and Omega are essentially non-entities as characters now because they aren't even allowed to be Shadow's friends anymore.
  25. Sega trying to retcon that Team Dark aren't friends is one of the stupidest decisions they've made to be honest, and has in fact made the characters much worse off. The entire appeal of the group is that they aren't good people and have very big flaws (or at least as flawed a Sonic character is allowed to be) that put them in conflict with the more upright heroes. But through those flaws, they found camaraderie with each other. The fact that they are such a tight group despite their negative traits is what makes them great. Traits like those make them much more sympathetic to the audience in a similar way Team Rocket are in Pokemon. And to throw all of that way for...what exactly. It annoys me to no end.
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