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  1. About the KH3 fiasco

    Its not as if they don't want to develop KH3. Its more like the development of said game won't start until Versus XIII is completely finished, Since noruma specifically stated he wants the same development team working on both games. Even if they didn't bother to release side handheld games the wait for KH3 would be the same. The difference being a massive void of absolutely nothing KH related for 5+ years.

  2. Finally it took forever for Ubisoft to release a new Rayman game. It looks freaking brilliant. Although it looks like behind the scenes of the rabbid games Rayman and Globox discovered drugs somewhere. That can be the only reason they both look high. XD.

  3. I got this game last week. Its a really fun addition to the wii library.

    This game is friggin hard on your first playthrough though. Stage 6 took me about 2 hours to finish. The 1st section of the boss battle on that stage was also quite frustrating. Bullets, lasers and missles coming at you from everywhere. Its bloody insane.

    Speaking of Insane has anyone else seen that incredibly awesome dude on the leaderboards called H4X. His scores are way out there its crazy. He got over 90 million on stage 6 whereas everyone else hadn't even broken past 10 million.

    Soundtrack is suberb too. I particulary like the track that plays on the second section of stage 1 and third section of stage 5. Its an awesome song.

  4. I got Sin And Punishment 2 yesterday. No game stores had it so I had to buy it from GAME online. I absolutely love this game. Its so much fun but at the same time its a challenge even at normal, everything goes nuts by the third stage. Its a worthy sequel to the first game and its longer too.

  5. A grass/Fighting type? That thing will get annihilated by any flying type pokemon

    The fire/dark type looks interesting. I believe its final evo will be something awesome to look at. I'm expecting a warthog.

    The water. No just No it looks like a friggin modified Piplup. Plus i don't like its face at all.

  6. I have a question. Does anyone here have any pokemon with the Pokerus virus to trade? I want to start EV training again. I don't mind what poke it is as long as it has the virus. Thanks

    Edit: Forget this post i found one

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