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  1. But how many people are actually hyped for Runners? They may be bit excited for it but they're not treating it like it's the next big thing.
  2. I don't believe they ever delisted those games in the first place. I still see those games in stores or online.
  3. I don't know about the rest of you guys but I'm hoping that they don't announce an major console Sonic game this year (plus I think the Sonic franchise needs to hang low in general right after Sonic Boom - at this point people are getting sick of Sonic and will use Sonic Boom to bash on whatever Sonic game SEGA is making next). Give Sonic an break for however long it takes for them to make an quality game and focus on themselves and their other franchises. Plus, I think it will be interesting to see how SEGA will manage without relying on Sonic so much.
  4. So any idea when they're going to release any information regarding the TV show? RoL is getting so much negative attention right now I think we need something from the TV show to lighten up the mood.
  5. I know, and that's one of the main reasons why I wanted Boom to do well cause if not then they're going to continue on in the same current direction (not that I hate it but I would love to play as other characters other then Sonic again and among other things). The people who hates Boom and want it to fail, I believe it will do a lot more harm then good for Sonic and even though it's a seperate series it will probably drag the main series down with it. I was once really excited for Boom but my expections is starting to get lower and lower. I accept that it's now just a mediocre tie-in game for the TV show (which looks fun and charming btw) and that's that. Oh hey, Stephen Frost is her...no wait, he left just that quick, lol. I guess that he'll never address these complaints. *sigh* Shame cause you got my hopes up and made the game sound soooo promising before the E3 showing, too.
  6. Sadly, it doesn't matter how many positive previews the 3DS version is receiving, it will later be ignored and will be overshadowed by the Wii U console version cause the console version is always the one that gets the most attention which is ashame. Critics will praise the 3DS version then turn right around and trash the Wii U version and say all the typical bs they would normally say when they review a Sonic game.
  7. Wow, I love that artwork. It looks like it's from the TV show. Regarding the over-whelmingly negative previews, it's kind of frustrates me how Stephen Frost isn't here to address alot of these issues and complaints. He just kinda stopped posting here ever since the E3 show and went into hiding, I think. I still care about the game and want it to do well but I don't think they should release it in 4 months. If they really want Boom to successed then they should give the game a lot more time and fix these problems. Otherwise the game is going to end up being a huge flop and the critics has another Sonic game to make fun of. Sonic 06 came out almost a decade ago and they still refuse to move on and let it go.
  8. So is this going to be yet another post Colors games sucks rant from you? Your posts so far really comes off as very obnoxious and trying to belittle the games from Colors onward in the most negative way possible like the games didn't do nothing good for Sonic at all. You hate them and it angers you that people likes them and people are blindly loving games that critics loves cause obviously we are morons and can't think for ourselves anymore. God forbid that there's 3D Sonic games that came out recently that people who aren't hardcore fans found some enjoyment out of for once after over an decade of disappointing to mediocre games. What makes Boom different from the main series in general I've already stated. New world, new designs, new characters, new ideas, character development, playable characters again that people want to play as, etc and there's a lot more about the Boom series that is yet to be revealed. Your issue with the writing, voice acting, music (which is usually the highlight of Sonic games regardless what era it came from), characters still acting like "retarded morons" is your problem and these problems exist way before Colors, etc even came to be and that's why we have what we certainly have. I don't really see them as problems more like a personal preference. Oh, and I said that S4E1 is successful cause of how well it sold. IIRC the fanbase has problems with it but most of the critics and people outside the fanbase thinks it's the best thing to happen to Sonic in 16 years.
  9. Maybe they never made an SA3 cause they feel that the ending is fine the way it is and it doesn't need a sequel. Besides, Heroes and Shadow pretty much started where SA2 lefted off anyway. If they've made one now I can see it being it's own game and kinda unrelated to the first two titles.
  10. I reckon that the movie will have a much bigger budget and better quality. But other then that I'm not enthusiastic for it either. The awful fanfilm is the first thing that popped in my head when I've read about this especially if the rumor about it being dark and gritty is true.
  11. The nostalgia is one of the reasons why games like Sonic 4 Episode 1 and Generations is so successful to gamers. You may not like it but nostalgia sells and there's still a big market for that. BTW, you want SEGA to stop nostalgia pandering but in your previous post you're complaining that Sonic Boom - a new sub series that isn't relying on nostalgia and is going for a new look, gameplay, story, etc - isn't like the Adventure titles at all. Wtf? The Adventure titles is consider nostalgic to a lot of people.
  12. People keep saying that but from what I've seen so far I don't really see that much of an huge difference.
  13. You shouldn't have to play a video game with the volume down becuase of the banter during gameplay. So yeah, that's a huge problem if the banter becomes so irritating that you're force to mute your TV and listen to something else.
  14. I'm just saying that some people that was once really optimistic and had a lot of faith in BRB and are so quick to say "BRB is going to save the franchise!", " I'm glad Sonic Team isn't working on this", "BRB knows Sonic better then Sonic Team" and "Boom should replace the main series", etc are now waiting for the rumored Sonic Team 2015 game when they saw the raw gameplay footage. This is Sonic Chronicles deja vu all over again. If BRB first Sonic game ends up doing worse then a Sonic Team game even when they're doing a lot of the things the fans has been waiting for like playable characters, bigger focus on character interactions, stronger narrative and a meaningful story but all that effort in trying to build a bigger world for Sonic and narrative will fall flat on it's face if a lot of people find the actual gameplay to be subpar or nothing special. I think outside the fanbase, not that many people care and are willing to play through a mediocre or bad Sonic game for it's story and writing. They could watch youtube for that.
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