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  1. I'm going to lock this actually. This is just a rumor and hasn't been officially announced, and we already have an existing topic for the cartoon. You can redirect discussion there for now. Rest assured I'll reopen this thread when (if) we get an announcement.
  2. A few months ago we got our first promo image of that upcoming "Astro Boy Reboot" and it looks pretty slick... wait a minute is Atom doing the fucking Dreamworks face?

    1. Dejimon11


      I don't know why but could never care about Astro Boy

    2. Sean
    3. Mightyray


      Snake's put on weight and Police Inspector Tawashi is a cyborg?! 

    4. Dejimon11


      Is it any good?Where should I start.

    5. Forte-Metallix


      If it wasn't for Astro Boy, we wouldn't have Mega Man.




      Also, he's the anime-robot equivalent of Superman, so you best show him some respect.

    6. Sean


      The 2003 series is pretty good. I enjoy the 1980 series in a retrospective sort of way, but it doesn't really hold up.

      I recommend watching 2003 subtitled; the dub got the 4Kids treatment sadly, although it wasn't dubbed by 4Kids so the voice acting is a bit better than you'd expect.

    7. Zaysho


      As long as it's not like the Imagi movie

    8. Dejimon11


      Oh yeah that CGI movie it bored me. And I remember seeing the 03 series and getting turned off from it so I guess you can say i never got a good impression. Also forte i know about the mega man thing

    9. RosaRosaRosalina


      astro no

      (also that red girl looks cute who is she)

    10. Sean


      Willing to bet she's the obligatory human friend/protagonist.

      I didn't realize that that guy in white could be Skunk until it was pointed out lol.

  3. What's that? You guys want a new Mega Man game? Well it looks like all your wishes will be granted!

    1. MegasonicZX


      Hoping this is true, even if it is just based off the show (which isn't a bad idea at this point considering the fact that it'd be an iteration of megaman everyone would know) its still better than having nothing.

    2. Dejimon11


      @MegasonicZX Mighty No.9 was better than nothing and we all know how that went

    3. Ryannumber1gamer
    4. WarioBone


      I feel genuinely bad for Megaman fans.  What a life it must be.

    5. Forte-Metallix


      Huh. Interesting.

      I might be willing to give this game a try if it's real. I especially love the ideas of bosses having musical names instead of just "____ Man/Woman". (Though it begs the question as to why Mega Man doesn't keep his music-themed name)

    6. Gregzilla
    7. MegasonicZX


      @Dejimon11Eh, I enjoy mighty no.9 despite the faults. Sides I trust capcom with this way more than I trust inafune at this point after that whole fiasco with MN9.

  4. This remix album for Sonic CD US is the shit. 


  5. Now that Sonic Mania exists, Sonic 4 episode 1 & 2 discussion is officially banned.

    1. FlareSakithaSol
    2. BenderMania


      "No Sonic 4 Episode 3 topics allowed"

    3. A Match in Oil Ocean Zone

      A Match in Oil Ocean Zone

      it's about god damn time

  6. You did a fantastic job on it! I always believed that Spring Yard in particular would sound best when played on the piano.
  7. I hope the NX turns out to be fake

    1. KHCast


      It's just a glorified amiibo set

    2. Sean


      Like I'm actually hoping that it's all a ruse and Nintendo isn't even releasing a console next year

    3. Hero of Legend
    4. Jacky


      it's true, there is no new console, and wait till i tell you when Nintendo DOESN'T even exist anymore, they died 2 decades ago, it was all an illusion

    5. Ferno


      The "NX" will come out, but inside each box will not be a console, no, it'll be a note, with numbers on it. When you add them, it'll be a date for a Nintendo stream, in which Mario Galaxy 3 for Wii U will be revealed.

    6. Sean


      The day after the stream, Nintendo reveals that the message in their direct was incomplete; in reality, they meant to say "Super Mario Galaxy 3 for Wii, U idiots." Nintendo's ultimate plan is revealed: instead of making a new console to succeed the Wii U, they are instead going back to making games for the original Wii

    7. KHCast


      Then Nintendo announces its been Microsoft all along.

  8. I bought 3D Sonic 2 yesterday on a whim. The sound quality is pretty bad; ring sound effects are off, and the Sega logo is garbled and gross-sounding. I recall 3D Sonic 1 having a couple of problems itself but don't recall what they are.
  9. Do you have anything better to add to the discussion than an embittered holier-than-thou remark? No? Then don't even bother posting.
  10. lol I downloaded raws for some anime movies and they have the Disney XD logo on them.

    1. nikfan


      Disney making Anime real. 

    2. Shaddy the guy
    3. Sean


      The Kaiketsu Zorori movies, namely the first three. They're HD rips unlike some of the fansubs floating around, but they have the XD logo.

  11. I really do love the "print screen" key sometimes

    1. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      Yeah. Its a nifty feature!

    2. Kiah


      It's a mod's best friend aside from the ban-hammer ;)

    3. Ryannumber1gamer


      Considering the circumstances, it's definitely a useful tool.

    4. Blacklightning



      guise m i doin it rite

    5. Auto
    6. 风之Klonoa


      I always have snipping tool on my taskbar to make sure I capture the many wonders of this world.

    7. Tara


      Remember when it was actually used for printing? X3

      @Auto, I still use print screen even with Gyazo.  Because sometimes I want to add things like notes or arrows and stuff or the event in question will be very quick and sporadic.  So I'll just paste it into Paint and then upload it to Gyazo. XP

  12. I prefer the 1/2/CD look slightly, but also love 3's sprites for how expressive they are. Seems like Mania is combining the two in a way. I like.
  13. I love how every classic Sonic game has music copyright issues. Ergo, Sonic Mania won't be a proper classic game unless it turns out Sega doesn't own its music.

  14. Ian would make a great fit for the games, but if we got a brand new Sonic TV show I'd want Rebecca Sugar and Alex Hirsch to write for it lol
  15. Sonic Adventure 2.5/Tossed in Space was the point that made me officially give up reading the Sonic comics for years. I was flipping through them again and now I remember why.

    1. Soniman


      Tbh I kinda liked 2.5/Tossed in Space in a really stupid but enjoyable way and the Home Arc was interesting.... Until "the slap"  and then all bets are off till Ian salvages things 

    2. Sean


      It was basically the last straw for me. Everything up to that point was absolutely fucking stupid, starting with the SA1 arc.

    3. QuantumEdge


      Adventure 2.5 is kinda entertaining in a shallow, Independence Day sort of way, but after that is was absolutely dire.  Return to Angel Island was good though.