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  1. A couple more pics of my OC Capri, plus one of JezMM's adorable Chamomile!
  2. So after a 5+ year hiatus I finally took up drawing a couple months ago and I've been hard at work since! Figured I had enough pieces to drop here that I don't mind showing off. Word of warning, I won't post anything skeevy in this topic but if you browse my Twitter you might run into some of that! It's mild and nothing explicit though!! But just to be on the safe side, if that bothers you or if you are under 18 then please do not visit my Twitter or any other art avenues.
  3. https://discord.com/invite/h7yAft2 I looked through the main site and couldn't see any way of joining it from there either. I'll relay the issue.
  4. If you're playing the Steam version of Sonic CD then it's worth installing the mod loader and enabling these bugfix codes (you'll have to edit the Code.lst file in the mods folder). One of my biggest issues with the newer port is that time travel takes slightly longer than it did in the original, so the time warp fix takes care of that issue nicely. It also resets the clock back to 5'00"00 if the level timer is higher than that while warping, just like in the Sega CD version.
  5. yo FUCK these stairs in Threads of Fate


  6. Sega is temporarily giving away a Golden Axe sequel prototype on the 18th


    1. Adamabba


      That's pretty cool

    2. Teoskaven


      Iir, this is the pitch that SEGA Australia proposed for their initiative after they were done with Castle of Illusion.

  7. Two things: - We locked your original topic because it was more or less a complete reupload of copyrighted material that you don't own. Please do not make any further topics on this same subject. - Don't make low-effort topics advertising your videos with a copy/paste description. We're not a social media site. If you would like to post your videos here (that aren't reuploads of episodes) then feel free to make a single topic for all of your videos accompanied with a short description of what each video is about.
  8. I hope Sega modified the Sonic 2 ROM on Steam so that it forces intrusive ads and broken controls onto the player even for people who have previously paid for it, for the true free Sonic giveaway experience.

    1. Ryannumber1gamer


      Can they make sure that it crashes a lot too? I feel like that's a key part to the Sonic 2 experience

  9. I think you've made your purpose for joining this forum loud and clear. Unfortunately we're not accepting registrations from members who are solely interested in attacking and trolling others repeatedly for their opinions. Take care.
  10. whenever I see That Topic


  11. This Blaze mod for Sonic Mania is really good. Every game needs a Blaze mod


  12. Used to be I was a staunch defender of the "one button only" design choice of the Genesis games, but now I don't think it would hurt to have another even if I still don't mind that choice. The problem I have with the Advance games' moveset is that the extra abilities didn't seem too useful; they weren't inherently useless but these games just aren't designed for combat, and many of said moves killed your speed in a way that rolling and jumping don't. It felt as though the developers added them simply because they were staples in the Adventure games. It also doesn't help that the instashield seemed to be heavily nerfed if not outright useless in Advance. I use it all the time in Sonic 3 but couldn't find any use for it elsewhere. Even in Mania it doesn't feel like it has the same properties, but I haven't messed around with it too much there to tell for sure.
  13. The drop dash is "what if the spin dash was actually good"
  14. I didn't know about this mod until you mentioned it. I tried it out and it's now resting comfortably in my "always on" mods subfolder. Thanks for that. Link if anyone else wants to check it out:
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