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  1. Westworld (the TV series) is pretty cool so far. I saw the 1970s movie years ago and enjoyed it pretty okay, so I had some frame of reference on what this series was gonna be about despite not hearing about its existence until like, today

    1. Jack the Maniac

      Jack the Maniac

      #Nospoilers in possible future posts, I'm gonna watch 2x01 tonight. Quite hyped. Westworld is the new LOST (hopefully).

      But we can talk about the first episodes of season 1 if you are interested in chatting^^

  2. You have been asked before to add more to your topic post than simply asking a question. This is your final warning - if you don't follow up on our requests to put more effort into your topics, then your topic-making privileges will be taken away.
  3. All the main classic Mario and Sonic titles are good and I don't know how I would accurately rank them, but Sonic 2 and Mario 3 are my least liked ones

  4. IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog (coming 2018)

    Nobody is obligated to give you the answers that you want or deem correct. And if you don't like their answers then you're free to not respond to them and act like a jackass towards them. Also you can officially drop it.
  5. You guys need to watch "It Follows"

    1. Failinhearts


      It follows?

      It follows me everywhere!


    2. KHCast


      The film where you pass on a curse/murdering demon via sex? Saw it, thought it was dumb personally.

      I’m pretty hard to impress when it comes to horror 

  6. IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog (coming 2018)

    Dude nobody is being rude to you, like at ALL. If you can't stomach even these simple, innocuous replies then maybe you shouldn't be positing these types of questions, especially ones that invite these precise replies. If someone's tone of voice implies the question or asker being dumb then I can understand the frustration, but nobody's been doing that from what I see.
  7. Super Mario World is amazing

    1. neezTHEhuman


      pretty much the perfect 2D platform game

    2. A crocodile

      A crocodile

      I've been debating with myself for a while if it really is better than Mario 3 or not. 

    3. Sean


      I kiiiinda can see how people would rank SMB3 over SMW but it's not something I can personally empathize with. I think World improves on it in literally every way imaginable, and I can't even enjoy 3 as much as I did when I was a child. These days I spend more time being angry with it, especially the later worlds, than having much fun with it.

      I like Super Mario Land 2 way more than SMB3 lol

  8. Sonic Team is guilty of even more bizarre usage of Tails' tails when he uses them in SLW to grab objects and type on computers, so it doesn't make sense for them to veto the original CPZ animation for that reason alone.
  9. Just got through playing Sonic Mania again. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I fucking love this game

    1. Thigolf


      Been thinking about doing that, too, but on the other hand, I think I might wanna wait until the Update/Plus rolls out.

    2. Kiah


      I’m not seeing the problem here 😉

      I want to play Sonic Mania like right now but I’m going to be a responsible student and do homework 😕

    3. Strickerx5



      Me *who is currently in lecture right now playing Mania secretly on his laptop while browsing here*: responsibility what's that?

    4. Kiah


      @Strickerx5 I’ll tell you when you’re older, son 😉

  10. That's been fixed for a while.
  11. anime op of the year

  12. your bisky avatar keeps filling me with so much life

  13. I think Mario should say "heck"

    1. Show previous comments  20 more
    2. Sean


      it's a delayed effect. you're already banned but you just don't know it yet. you'll never see it coming

    3. Kiah


      *checks statuses, sees this one*

      Forget the ban-hammer; I’m going to need some soap to clean up this mess!

    4. SupahBerry


      This is like-- what? The third time a Mario theme status went out of control????

    5. KHCast


      Mario is a bad influence on our children 

    6. Chili Dawg

      Chili Dawg

      our children are a bad influence on mario

    7. Polkadi


      a b a n d o n   s h i p

    8. Zaysho


      wait were people getting banned

      damn I was so close

    9. Ryannumber1gamer


      why did i comment on this status

    10. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      How does one heck in Italian 

    11. Polkadi


      having 20 notifs can make you feel important, ryan

      even if they're just replies to a status

    12. Zaysho


      what's wrong with this status

    13. Ryannumber1gamer


      what isn't wrong with this status.

      swearing, soap and zaysho missing ban by being too late

    14. Jovahexeon Sonic Heroes

      Jovahexeon Sonic Heroes

      How the heck did this all get sparked in this status update???

    15. Penny


      the real heck was the bans we got along the way

    16. Chili Dawg

      Chili Dawg

      party in this particular status update

    17. Polkadi



    18. Ryannumber1gamer


      will guru larry be invited?

      he'll probably stick around til we all leave the status

    19. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      Only heck could bring us all together like this




    20. Chili Dawg

      Chili Dawg

      guru larry is only invited if he is willing to say heck

    21. Sean


      zaysho can’t be banned because his nen is way too powerful

    22. Ryannumber1gamer


      "well heck you, I'm Guru Larry and I welcome you to a status update". - Guru Larry

    23. Adamabba


      if cussing was ban-worthy and a word like heck would be considered a cuss word, how many members would be left? 10?

    24. Zaysho
    25. Monkey Destruction Switch
    26. Fusion-Ellipsis


      Thank frick i didnt comment on this status earlier.












  14. why was big riding eggman's mech in SA2's 2p mode. what did he do to him

    1. Forte-Metallix


      Eggman was indirectly responsible for Froggy's disappearance in the last game.

      Big never forgets

    2. Adamabba


      he took it to get off the tails carrier

    3. Rusty Spy

      Rusty Spy

      He gave him his mech

    4. SenEDDtor Missile

      SenEDDtor Missile

      Big took it for a joyride, lost all of the extra weapons, and Eggman had to start the game off with only the base vehicle and get his stuff back.

    5. blueblur98


      he was trying out the whole 'edgy spinoff' thing.

      WHERE'S THAT DAMN frog

  15. You really need to put more effort into your topic post than just asking a question or two. Maybe give your own opinion on the matter since you're the one asking for others to give theirs.

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