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  1. I just want a normal Looney Tunes movie with no live-action

    1. SupahBerry


      Wish granted.


      There was talk of an "Acme" film that was to be live action focus, but then likely evolved into this instead.

    2. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      I just want a normal Sonic movie with no live-action.

    3. Sean


      Sega absolutely deserves that live-action Sonic movie and if they were to die tomorrow I would not lift a finger to save them

    4. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Sure, SEGA deserves it. And heck, I probably deserve it too for being one of those outside who has continued to support them despite how awful they are.

    5. Ferno


      the only problem imo is how to expand those characters to a feature length movie by themselves

    6. Wraith


      Friends came up with a pitch for that a while ago

    7. Alex2Beta


      @Sean No one deserves this trash. Just wait till we see the full redesign in all it's nightmare inducing glory...Oh god.

    8. Ferno


      geez i've gotta actually get on discord one of these days

  2. The new Kirby games are pretty good but whenever I want to revisit a Kirby game I always pick up an older pre-RTDL game instead. I've only played the new games once each except for Star Allies whereas I've played Adventure, Dream Land 3, and Kirby 64 dozens of times. IDK I feel burned out from the series and I find the older titles to be more charming since they didn't have the drive to constantly try to outdo the last game in stakes and fanservice

    1. Thigolf


      Same, Adventure is wonderfully replayable and one of my favorites in the series because of that. I feel like it's also faster paced than most of the games in the series? 

      I don't mind the heaps of lore of the later games and the references they make at all, though.

    2. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      I've never been able to get into Kirby. Aesthetically the games really don't appeal to me, but my opinions on those things can usually change as I get onto the gameplay and learn to appreciate the whole package. But the gameplay is just so dull every time I try. Do Adventure stand out as significantly better in such a way that I should try that as a way of getting myself interested?

    3. Thigolf


      Well, what do you dislike specifically about Kirby games, and which have you played?

    4. Strickerx5


      Actually, tbh I'm more burned out by how samey the series feels nowadays. To me, they're always playing things too safe. I know each of the newer games have their own gimmicks but for the most part, they all feel the same to me. Not even in a "it's good so it's ok that it feels the same" way but in a "It was pretty ok the first time but now it's just getting boring" way. The only thing that really makes Allies stand out to me is the amount of DLC characters it has and imo, that's not enough to hold up a game.


      i guess this is my long winded way of asking where the fuck is my 3d kirby platformer nintendo

    5. SupahBerry


      Sonic Team cries themselves to sleep every night dreaming of doing fanservice half as good as Kirby does, but I feel even Kirby is reaching his limit. What Star Allies did was fine, but I belive that should be as far as they ever go with fanservice. I honestly don't imagine how they can possibly follow up playing as favorite NPCs and bosses, and they honestly shouldn't bother trying anyway.

      Just make a game, make it standalone, let it revolve around one gimmick and leave it that. And multiplayer is fine, just as long as it's like RTD's and doesn't go centralizing forcing you to get four characters to progress.


      3d Kirby does sound like the perfect next step, seeing how they started small with "Blowout Blast." Another main 2D platformer at this point would instantly decend the series into NSMBs territory, if it hadn't already.

    6. Sean


      @Blue Blood I don't think the new games will change your mind if you didn't like the older ones. If anything they might put you off more due to being easier than past titles, and the puzzles to unlock 100% completion require basically no thought to solve them

      @Strickerx5 The new Kirby games lack individual identity for me (I wouldn't call their single-game gimmicks like mechas, hypernova, or super abilities enough to distinguish them) whereas all the older titles felt extremely distinct from each other. I guess part of it has to do with the new games using the same engine and graphics every time.

    7. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      @Thigolf Specifically? They're boring. And when it comes to the artstyle/aesthetics, I totally understand why "American Kirby is hardcore" is a thing because the excessively cute nature of the series as is just so boring and usually bland. That's the most specific answer I can give you. But typically I find something to enjoy in most platformers for their gameplay, especially when they're as popular and acclaimed as Kirby. I don't want to just write off the series. 

      I've played... A fair few games but couldn't tell you what for the most part. Definitely Dreamland and Star Allies via the demo (which honestly I thought was a bad game).

    8. Adamabba


      @Blue Blood I think you should give Superstar a shot. Its comprised of several sub-games that all put some type of fun spin on the gameplay, it's got a ton of variety  and is really charming. Play the DS version if you can

    9. Wraith


      I generally like the newer games but I'm kinda bummed they don't release whole games dedicated to being weird and experimental much anymore.

  3. Me when I get A's on my exams in my medical science classes:


    1. Ryannumber1gamer


      Impressive, your parents must be very proud.

  4. Reggie was a cool dude, his retirement sucks but I'll be hoping for the best from Doug Bowser's management as well. Seems like a well-spirited person.

  5. I like this song better than any of the M&L final boss themes

    1. SupahBerry


      YFW Antasma is basically Infinite before Infinite was made

  6. Has anybody here played Crysis 1, and if so is it good

  7. Haven't played any Yoko Taro games but their music is fire

    1. TCB


      Nier Automata has one of the best soundtracks in any video game I've heard

  8. Just finished playing Minerva's Den for the first time. That was the single best piece of BioShock content after the first game

  9. Legit forgot that I haven't beaten KH3 and for a while I even forgot I had it because after finishing the BioShock trilogy I was trying to think of what to play next on my PS4... oof

  10. The more I mull over BS Infinite's story the more I feel it's one of the stupidest I've ever experienced in all of gaming

    1. SenEDDtor Missile

      SenEDDtor Missile

      Yeah being honest, I kinda lost track what was going on after a point.

      Well okay, that's not true. In reality the biggest issue is that the story can't decide what it's trying to be about, and the subjects it tackles are handled in the most milquetoast and underbaked fashion possible. 

      It wants to talk about the horrors and evils of racism but isn't willing to show the mindset and circumstances that leads into it except in the most shallow means possible. Yeah there's imagery about oppression and the evils of racism, but if you compared this to how people were actually treated in that particular time period in real life, Columbia comes off as extremely whitewashed and toned down until the mass killing bad future bit, with its racists coming off as cartoon villains more than anything.

      It wants to show the issue of rebellion potentially becoming just as bad as the societal structure it's rebelling against, but it handles it in such a way that comes off as a massive platitude and a big case of whitewashing and "both sides are equally bad", ignoring the fact that the white racist xenophobic theocracy is infinitely worse than the minority heavy rebellion against the former's tyranny, and instead needs to resort to hamfisted butchering of the minority character leaders in order to justify the both sides narrative.

      It wants to be about the multiverse and time travel but it doesn't bother to make the effort to keep a consistent method of time travel and its means of handling the problems ignores the other issues as a result of said alternate timelines existing.

      And in regards to the story not knowing what it wants to be? It not only doesn't do enough to flesh out each of it's subjects, but it jumps around wildly between each subject, which makes them underbaked and makes the whole story feel really rushed and like a patchwork of three different stories rather than one cohesive one.

      IT wants to be a heavy hitting narrative, but comes off like a stumbling drunk who pokes me with a stick while proclaiming how tough it is.

    2. Wraith


      It's really bad LOL 

      I still like the gameplay and world but once I really realized how bad the story is it dropped off my list real quick

    3. Blacklightning


      "I'm going to become super powerful at the cost of all humanity because someone kicked me in the face and said mean words" is the kind of depth you'd expect from an emo preschooler's fanfiction, not the herald of a new era in Sonic Team.

    4. Sean


      @Blacklightning BioShock Infinite, not Sonic Forces' Infinite


      Despite everything I can't bring myself to actually hate the game. It's tragic to look at how much stuff was scaled back and neutered during development, it really could have been a much better game that could rival the original BioShock. At least both parts of Burial at Sea were much more satisfying than the base game

    5. Wraith


      I love the concept behind columbia far more than rapture and that carries the game for me toward something I like despite everything. Pretty much anything else with the name 'Bioshock' on it is better tho including the DLC

    6. Blacklightning


      ...fuck me dead I thought BS stood for bullshit


    7. Penny


      i'd very much disagree with that, but then again, i'm pretty biased. infinite is not only my favorite game of all time, but possibly my favorite story in all of fiction. it really changed the way i look at video games; hell, i get emotional just thinking about how much impact its had on me.

    8. Sean


      I can see why you or anyone would like it. I wanted to like it; I have a problem with many parts of its story but my chief complaints can be summed up by two points: it doesn't commit to its themes the way BioShock 1 did, and the ending contradicts themes and facts both established beforehand. I don't care if they wanted to do a twist ending but those revelations should have been put forth earlier in the game, as a meaningful development of the story rather than a curveball meant to shock the player in the last 10 minutes of the game.

      Gameplay-wise it's fun but it made me angry because it has absolutely nothing in common with the BioShock formula other than the basic concept of plasmids. It removed dozens of elements from BioShock while adding nothing to replace them. At least BS2 made an attempt to improve on many of 1's problems rather than omit them entirely like Infinite does. Burial at Sea episode 2 is an example of how to replace BioShock's formula with something unique and memorable, and it has more charm than anything else in the game.

    9. Penny


      hmm i played infinite first, so the omission of a lot bioshock stuff never really bothered me, even after playing the other BS games and going back. i think maybe it's because a lot of the stuff they didn't bring over to infinite ever particularly interested me? at least, outside of the first two BS games' context, that is. if anything, i'm glad infinite made the choices it did, because its bigger focus on action and spectacle is something that really appeals to me in FPS games (being raised on Halo tends to do that lol) and is something i definitely prefer over BS1 and 2's more deliberate, cerebral approach to FPS gameplay. that being said, i'm happy that Burial at Sea (both parts) brought back a lot of the original games' ideas so that the people who weren't satisfied with infinite got something worthwhile out of it, at least in terms of gameplay

    10. Sean


      Infinite is fun but even ignoring that it's not like the first two games, it feels janky. For example, the two weapon limit isn't bad because it's different from BS1/2's system. It was bad because the game felt like it was designed with a weapon wheel in mind and they decided on a two-gun limit because that was the trend of modern shooters at the time. There are different enemies that require different weapons and you couldn't predict which weapons the game would give you in the next area. If you didn't keep a heavy weapon on you at all times then you were fucked. A lot of the later weapons in the game are also rather gimmicky and inferior to the standard ones you get like the knock-offs of the machine gun, carbine, or grenade launcher. The sky rails also feel like a leftover from when Infinite's areas were planned to be much more vertically-designed, and they don't add a lot to the final game.

      It also just feels like a downgrade from everything that was shown off in the pre-release footage. I went into it knowing it would be different from the Rapture games and I was still disappointed because it was absolutely nothing like how the early stuff set my expectations. It's really easy to tell what in the final game is a patchwork leftover of what they originally planned, for example the Songbird having no boss fight and the Boys of Silence being regulated to one minor area with no story relevance. The tear system also seemed far more interesting originally where you had to pick and choose which objects to bring into reality and having a limit on the system so you couldn't abuse it.

  11. Dororo is really upsetting to watch

    1. Ferno


      a guy i follow on twitter had his autocorrect turn it into Dorito once and to this day my mind translates it as Dorito

    2. Lord-Dreamerz


      It is a great anime this season. Indeed it is a sad harsh themed anime... I might be a bit jaded tho as I don't find it overly upsetting much to watch.

  12. Sean

    Hollow Knight: Silksong

    Hollow Knight is one of the best metroidvanias ever made. I'll be here day one.

  14. I am super interested in Link's Awakening remake but I need to finish the original first.

    1. Adamabba


      Idk if I should play the original before I get this. Im sure I'd enjoy appreciating the fixes they make if I did

    2. Blacklightning


      Having finished the original myself I'm not noticing any significant differences so far, besides Link being really slow. I doubt you'll lose much for playing the remake first.

      ...that does make me wonder if the Gameboy Colour exclusive dungeon will make an appearance though.


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