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  1. I really want Kanon 2006 on Blu-ray. North America got Clannad but not Kanon (Air was a crappy upscale), and the HD version released in Japan is gorgeous.
  2. Hyper Light Drifter is insane

    1. Jovahexeon Joranvexeon

      Jovahexeon Joranvexeon

      In the good way, right?

    2. Sean


      Yeah. It's hard but I actually want to push onwards and defeat this thing.

  3. Yeah I signed up for a competition for the first time ever 'cause Mawile is my fave and its mega stone is the only thing that makes it worth a damn in a fight.
  4. Pangu Lagoon is my favorite level of FP's second half. My only huge problem with it is that the boss goes on for too long, but I appreciate the level for its music and NiGHTS-like visuals, and the +1 boost is my favorite gimmick in the game.
  5. Anybody here played VA-11 Hall-A? I recently finished it and it's one of my favorite games of yesteryear.

    1. Zaysho


      I remember you talking about it and being kind of interested in it. I'll have to look into it at some point.

  6. Playing this demo felt better than FP1. Horizontal-facing springs actually work this time, which was one of my problems with the original's physics. I like that Lilac can uppercut mid-air and her cyclone doesn't use the special meter. I didn't like Carol or Milla in FP1 and sadly this demo hasn't changed my opinion, but Carol's special is much better now and gives her a much-needed mid-air boost. The panda wife plays nicely for the most part, and I'm interested in playing her campaign after I'm done with Lilac's. The new art style and designs have grown on me over time; I prefer them over the originals.
  7. This game caught my attention the other day and it gradually impressed me enough to throw some money at it. It's a "roguelike sandbox action RPG" with elements that feel reminiscent of tabletop games. There's a wealth of detail on the Kickstarter page that would be impossible for me to sum up entirely, but I'll try my best to condense it. PPB's randomized overworld is divided into two basic gameplay elements: resource management and dungeon exploration. You travel on a grid-based map and visit towns, hunt for food, participate in quests, and interact with NPCs, many which are part of one of several different factions. Character interactions are touted to be meaningful and have lingering impact on your relationships with them and their tangentially-related factions. Dungeons seem to be freely explorable and resemble those in Zelda games. Combat is real-time and you can use different weapons. Because it is a roguelike, there is permadeath, so multiple playthroughs are likely to be encouraged. What captivated me were the adorable pixel art style and the Zelda-like dungeons combined with the tabletop-like event-based overworld. There is quite a lot that is promised in this KS, probably enough to warrant concern as to whether the developers will follow up on all of their claims. However, the lead designer's tone is fairly candid and did a good job selling the game to me. I also think most, if not all of the promises pitched in this project are humble and within reason; there are no physical goods or simultaneous console ports, allowing more attention and funds to be poured into the game itself. If anything, the charming presentation in the trailer and the creator's earnest passion for the game are what make me cross my fingers and hope that they deliver everything they set out to do, rather than scoff at their ambitions. As of this writing, the project is ending in four days and just recently managed to secure its base goal. It isn't likely that any of the stretch goals will be reached, but thankfully they are separate modes that don't hold the main story's quality at ransom. The priority here clearly lies with the main campaign, which satisfies me. I pledged enough to get into the closed beta, so suffice to say I'm pretty dang excited to give this game a shot a little bit sooner than its target release.
  8. Noticed you haven't been on in a while. Hope you're okay and enjoying the holidays. :)

    1. Sean


      Thanks man. I took time off to mellow out and adjust my attitude a bit.

  9. I'm upset the piano bit at the end of Shelter's music video isn't in the single version

    1. JezMM



    2. Sean


      I love the song and the video but the ending MAKES the entire experience for me. Like, completely. And I hate that there's dialogue to get in the way of it. There better be an extended album version later down the line

  10. If you ever feel pathetic about yourself, at least you don't spend almost half a decade trying to bandodge a Sonic forum.

    1. The Tenth Doctor

      The Tenth Doctor

      I have spent a decade staying in the shadows, away from said bans.....

    2. Soni


      ...shit, you knew my secret account all this time, haven't you?!

    3. Mad Convoy

      Mad Convoy

      Do users like that really exist? Not sarcasm, genuinely curious.

    4. Tara
    5. Sean


      @Mad Convoy The member in question I'm referring to has been constantly doing this since 2012.

    6. Mad Convoy

      Mad Convoy

      Wow... how stupid...

      I mean, in my experience, most give up within a few weeks and move on with their lives and/or troll elsewhere.

    7. Sean


      Sometimes they would get away with it for a few months before we picked up that it was them. The number of accounts we've caught by this same user is ridiculous; anywhere between 30-40 sounds realistic, but 50 or higher wouldn't surprise me either.

    8. The Tenth Doctor

      The Tenth Doctor

      Ahhhhhh I know what we are talking about now XD

    9. Soni


      30-40?! 50+?!

      Wow, that's pathetically dedicated.

    10. Mad Convoy

      Mad Convoy

      I'm a newbie, so I don't. That's probably for the better though.

      And how do you catch these kind of alt accounts?

      I'm just curious because when I was modding on FB accounts, I never really had issues with bandodger because they stopped trying within a few days and were usually dumb trolls that made themselves obvious pretty quickly.

    11. Zaysho


      @Mad Convoy In the short time I've been staff here... you'd be surprised how often it happens.

    12. Sean


      Picking up on similar behavior patterns, checking IP addresses and range, noticing suspicious email domains used by these accounts and almost no other members... Sometimes we have concrete evidence and other times it's just a really good hunch.

  11. Merged the two topics. They were similar enough; just different regions.
  12. The children I'm teaching here in Korea are so adorable and my heart melted when I met some of them yesterday. I've been stressing out all week over this job but I'm determined to do the best I can while I'm here.

    1. Mightyray


      I hope everything goes well for you. They sound like cool kids.

    2. Bastet-Robbins


      They got the best teach in the world, I know you will do well!

    3. Blacklightning

      Blacklightning I dare ask which Korea? .w.

    4. Celestia
    5. sonic girl

      sonic girl

      your in korea?? that's cool :) i do hope you enjoy your job :)

    6. Kiah


      That's so sweet. Kids are wonderful :)

      Hope everything works out well with the job as well as life in Korea!

  13. Disney usually likes to act like their modified home video releases are the "definitive" versions so they can still royally go fuck themselves
  14. I can do entirely without Morning Report
  15. Jungle Book 2016 was great. Like, legitimately superior to the animated version in so many ways

    1. Nepenthe


      Except for Baloo's characterization. That didn't sit well with me at all.