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  1. Sega announces a port of Sonic 2006 for current-gen consoles. It's called Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) DX. Now with shinier textures and three times the glitches, also Sega forgot to program HD support so it only goes up to 480p

    1. -Robin-


      Silent Hill HD Collection did it better. 

    2. Celestia


      Still has more positive changes than the fan remakes.

    3. azoo


      They also put new models on Sonic, Silver, Shadow (and noone else) and also didn't fix the cutscenes or the animations to where they fit them either

    4. Sean


      The full title is Sonic 2006 DX: Director's Cut but they only add in more useless and fucking tedious town missions. They re-implement the gem that's supposed to let Sonic turn into Super Sonic, but he still only does the transformation pose and Sonic remains blue while Super Sonic

    5. Kaabiitorori


      Does it feature extended load times?

    6. Sean


      The loading times are LONGER so in order to compensate Sega actually implements Sonic Runners as loading screen mini-games. Little do they know that this is the actual cause for the extended loading times

    7. azoo


      it also has a 60fps lock, which in turn opens up a whole new wave of glitches and slowdown

      (wait that was already in the original, shit)

    8. Ratcicle King

      Ratcicle King

      Still somehow better than the original.

    9. Sean


      This time, in order to ensure that Sonic 2006 does indeed run at 60fps, Sega politely asks the game engine to run at 60fps more often than before

    10. Celestia


      Actually, the loading times are shorter.

      But now there's even MORE loading screens for even the smallest things. About to collect a Ring? Loading screen needs to happen to prepare the game for adding +1 to your Ring count. Just collected a Ring? Another loading screen just to make SURE it worked. Lost all your Rings? Well,

    11. Sean


      Sonic 2006 DX runs on an advanced engine where you can see each and every single ring you drop. So if you collected 250 rings you will see all 250 rings drop and the game will chug trying to render them all and possibly crash.

    12. azoo


      with the new advancements in technology, now you can zoom in and see in close detail the very etchings that make up Sonic's glossy, dead irises

    13. Kaabiitorori


      The Super-Speed Sections have been reworked so literally every level in the game IS a Super-Speed Section. Yes, even the boss fights are Super-Speed Sections. With moar tornado-carrying cars!

    14. Celestia


      I reached out to Iizuka to ask about the incredibly advanced ring loss system.

      "When I said that we have a system that renders every single Ring dropped, I was joking. I WAS JOKING, DAMMIT."

    15. Sean


      Oh but don't forget the most vital addition to Sonic 2006 DX:

      Sticks appears in cameos in order to drop key items. Like, you see her flying in the air, too. Also there are billboards advertising Sonic Boom the cartoon

    16. Milo


      we also made silver green, to avoid further accusations of looking like a pot leaf

      it would make him a pot leaf, which is how the accusations would stop, see

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