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  1. Happy fuckin birthday to the best Pokémon game ever made

    1. Soniman


      I won't fight you on that even if I don't agree 

    2. TCB


      And they say you can't improve upon perfecti-


    3. Sean


      HGSS are god-tier but they didn't fix the wild Pokemon levels issue so Platinum still wins

    4. TCB
    5. Ferno


      I still feel bad for skipping it. For years I thought it was still the same slow-engine DP games only this time its colder and your character is more bundled up.

      Then I learned it was better and improved stuff. Then I felt just as bad as I did when I skipped Emerald.

      Then I was like "never again I'll totally buy 3rd versions from now on"

      Then they stopped doing one-stop-shop 3rd versions. And started milking extra hard with dual sequel versions instead OTL

    6. Sean


      @Ferno Diamond/Pearl are some of the worst Pokémon games from a technical and balance point, but Platinum is one of the best. It fixes every problem I had with DP and it's the most drastically improved third/enhanced version in the franchise.

    7. Soniman


      USUM is a dual sequel that barely changes anything/isn't a actual sequel /the changes are worse for the most part story wise. Pretty much every wrong way to make a continuation, it feels like your playing the same game 80% of the time lmao 

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