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  1. Diablo 3 is one of those games I find myself losing track of time alarmingly quick

    1. KHCast


      That’s me but with Dragon Age Inquisition currently. Already passed the 100 hr mark 



  3. Milo

    Happy big 3-0 birthday, Sean!

    1. Sean


      Thanks @Milo!

  4. This is not the topic (or forum) to discuss Chris-chan. It's also... tasteless to compare her with Ken so I would not. Also this is extremely rude and tactless. A person's character does not give you a pass to intentionally mis-gender them. Anyway back to Ken.
  5. Star Wars Battlefront II. The one that's not terrible. I've done three missions in the story mode so far and for the most part it's been a blast. This is the first SW game I've played since renting the N64 version of Episode I Racer as a kid, and BF2 seemed like a fun enough jumping point for me. It's pretty jank and I die a lot but it's not that big of a deal for me. Afterwards I might give either one of the Jedi Knight games or the first KOTOR a shot, since both of those seem the most appealing SW games to me story-wise.
  6. Picked up Battlefront and KOTOR, it's pretty surreal how I went from having zero to eleven(!) Star Wars games in a day. Not sure if/when I'll get around to playing all of them, but I did install and play a tiny bit of BF2, so I might just stick with that for now and see how I'm feeling afterwards.

    1. DreamSaturn


      Huge KotOR fanboy here, basically a walking, talking, breathing encyclopedia on both I and II. Lemme know if you need any help with it!

  7. Quiet day today

    1. Soniman


      As someone who had to work at the bank on paydays I fucking envy you 

  8. Stop replying to StopNitpicking, everyone. He's been dealt with so there's no reason to continue replying to his posts.
  9. sanic.jpg

    1. Milo


      i wouldn't wish such evil on the european sonic 3D render TBH

  10. Considering your username, flippant attitude, and intentional distortion of people's arguments in this topic, I had half a mind to ban your account. I don't believe for a goddamned second you're interested in participating in discussion in good faith. But I won't. But I am going to tell you you're going to have a miserable hell of a time convincing anyone that anything you say is worth listening to.
  11. Valve not developing games doesn't equate to them doing nothing.
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