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  1. Just picked up a bunch of Star Wars games on sale (entire Jedi Knight series, Episode I Racer, Republic Commando). How are the classic Battlefront and KOTOR games? I'm not sure if I'll get those but they did seem interesting. I'm also wondering about Force Unleashed but the premise doesn't grab me nearly as much.

    1. Speederino


      You made a good purcahse. As for the others: both KOTOR’S and Battlefront 2 are some of my absolute favorite games ever. (Although in KOTOR 2’s case, make SURE you use the restored content mod)

      Force Unleashed is alright. I seem to be in a minority but I actually liked the Wii version better than the “true” HD version. Sure it has a lot of waggle, but it’s the kind of waggle I actually wanted when I first heard about motion controls. I never played the sequel but I didn’t hear good things about it.

    2. McGroose


      For Kotor 2, I would argue to first play the game without any mods, than do a second playthrough with the restored content mod and the M4-78 Patch.

      I've been part of the Kotor modding community for a long while. Mods make the game fun, but try to soak in the original experience first. 

    3. Sean


      @Speederino You're not the only person I've heard say the Wii version of Forced Unleashed was better, lol. Also, how are the single-player portions of Battlefront? I'm not against multiplayer-focused games but I usually like to have a worthwhile campaign to sink my teeth in first.

      @McGroose That's generally how I prefer to approach older games. I like going for QOL enhancements when possible and if a game has a source port I'll opt for it, but I try to stick to the original gameplay and graphics if I can help it.

    4. McGroose


      Head on over to Deadlystream (basically the current hub for Kotor modding) if you want to download any mods. Almost all newly released Kotor mods today come primarily from this site and Deadlystream also has archives of the majority of old mods for this game minus the really shitty stuff made in paint back in like 2005.

      You won't find engine ports/modifications for this game like you would for some other older games, Kotor's Engine is an absolute mess and we're still trying to understand it today lol. Best you've got regarding that is Reshade/ENB and resolution hacks.

    5. KHCast


      No Star Wars Kinect? Fail

    6. Speederino


      The single player portions of Battlefront 2 are awesome.The first games’ is fine, but has some balancing issues and occasional cheapness. Also not near as much variety.

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