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  1. I actually really disliked Toy Story 4, I didn't expect that since I was anticipating a good movie whose existence simply wasn't necessary, but the whole production felt scaled back from the quality of the original three and there were so many elements this time that were actively working against my enjoyment of it. I almost wish I could un-see it.

    1. Dejimon11


      Wanna go into detail?

    2. Lord-Dreamerz


      I haven't seen it yet. But the ads on TV for sure don't make it look great.

    3. Sean


      Yeah, I'll list off some of my biggest problems, in order of priority. Some major spoilers:


      - Bonnie's role made me pretty upset, as did the general themes of the movie. She loses total interest in Woody and doesn't even notice that he's gone at the end when he decides to stay behind with Bo. Before I get anyone rebutting this, I'm perfectly aware that this is realistic behavior for a child. However, this still rubs me the wrong way for a few reasons. First, this is fiction and it really goes against the satisfying, open-ended conclusion of TS3 where Andy passes him along to Bonnie asking to take care of her. Yes, the reality is that she'd probably lose interest in him and the other toys quickly enough due to her age, but this isn't something I want to see happen in a movie anymore than I want to see a film about Andy taking college courses, getting a job, and learning how to do taxes. Second, it's really unfair that it's ONLY Woody, among the main characters, that she neglects. it doesn't cross the line into straight-up maliciousness, but it feels extremely contrived that he would be the only toy of hers that she loses interest in and no longer cares about. It's just not a premise I can stomach. It's not believable when you pit it against previously established notions in the trilogy.

      - Gabby, despite being a subversion of what you'd expect from Pete and Lotso, fell totally flat for me. I didn't like that she did something as awful as taking Woody's voice box against his will and went virtually unpunished for it, not to mention how the movie goes pretty overboard in trying to make her seem sympathetic to the point of refusing to acknowledge her actions and flaws toward the end of the film. I wasn't feeling sorry for her, I was annoyed at how she got away rewarded and scot-free. I get that it ties into the message of "not every child will care about you" that is the reason Bonnie abandons Woody, but there ought to have been better ways to handle this than make her the actual fucking villain of the first half, giving you little to no reason to root for her in the first place or provide any sympathetic qualities until much later. I think Gabby is a great character on paper, but I was left feeling mixed on how I should be feeling about her.

      - Bo didn't end up contributing as much to the movie as I hoped. I wasn't a fan of her revamped role judging from the trailers, but the full movie handles her better than I expected. She gets a lot of screentime, more than anyone else aside from Woody, but it really annoyed me upon realizing that her contribution has mostly to do with the film's message without having an arc of her own. In short, she feels like a tool for Woody's development rather than a character.

      - Aside from Woody, Bo, and Buzz, every other original cast member gets extremely little screentime. Even Buzz feels kind of worthless this time around and simply Woody's right-hand man. TS3 was guilty of this, to be fair, but it had an interesting twist involving Lotso's brainwashing of him, at least. Plus, he and Jessie had really good chemistry in 3 that... somehow gets totally ignored in this movie despite it being a romance between Woody and Bo? Whatever, my point is that Woody is the only character that feels like has any substantial development or focus, overshadowing all the others to degrees that no other movie in the trilogy had.

      - Key and Peele were annoying and nearly all their jokes brought the entire film to a grinding halt more times than I'd like. Keanu's character felt like Ken 2.0. I wish I enjoyed them but I just couldn't figure why they were here other than for the jokes, which I didn't think were very funny involving them.


    4. Stasis


      Spot on with everything you said, and the only thing I can really take from the Woody movie is that he always puts others first and it's time he thought about himself. Yay, I guess?

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