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  1. Just finished watching El Camino. It was good but it wasn't really anything that Vince didn't confirm in an interview right after Breaking Bad ended lol, mostly felt like a two-hour fanservice episode. Kinda glad I forgot that this existed until just last week, if I hyped myself for it I probably would have been pretty disappointed.

    1. Ferno



      i don't think Jesse said bitch once like wtf


    2. Sean



      It was definitely in the flashback with Walt but now I honestly can't remember if he says it during any of the present day sequences lol


    3. Wraith


      I'm glad they didn't go out of the way to try and surprise us or do some corny shit. I liked it for the most part. 


      Only thing is third act felt a little weak compared to the first 2.

    4. Ferno



      At first when Walt showed up I thought for a minute that it was the present and not a flashback and I was like "HOLY SHIT" thinking Walt did some elaborate fake death and he somehow escaped those cops, etc. before realizing that it was a flashback and calming down

      its better he stays dead anyway, suddenly being alive would feel like a huge asspull "now we can drag out 5 more seasons and get more money lol" style move


    5. Sean


      I thought the new villains were really weak, there wasn't any time or reason to get to genuinely hate them. I was not expecting a climatic shootout and didn't believe there was any reason to have one at that point in the story, kinda wish the writers found a more creative way for Jesse to get the remaining bit of money

      As a bookend to Jesse's character the movie was fantastic but I imagined most of this stuff happening after the series anyway so aside from Jesse's characterization I wasn't really into the "plot" of it

    6. Wraith


      Yeah I agree with all that. With Breaking Bad I feel like the show likes to stay true to its characters over shock value for the most part though so I didn't mind the lack of surprises. 

      The third act is where most of the surprises happen and I thought it was weak for the reasons you mentioned. I know Vince likes westerns so it felt a bit self indulgent on his part.

      Either way I was happy to have this as a Jesse fanboy but I could see how itd be disappointing

    7. Sean


      Overall I'd still say I liked the movie. I think towards the end of the final season, Jesse got the shaft in terms of focus so I think it definitely made up for it. I just wish it didn't feel the need to involve an antagonist and fight scene, it was already interesting enough watching Jesse figure out what he has to do next to get away. The introduction of the new villains was just a very strange decision to me.

    8. Wraith


      BrBa featured a lot of those splashes of violence to cap off major story arcs but there just wasn't enough time invested in these guys for it to feel cathartic the same way Face Off or Felina does. It all felt very arbitrary. 

      ...Even considering all of that though I was still tense as fuck during the scene, lol. 

    9. Sean


      Yeah the tension was still pretty good in that scene lol. Vince and his team still got it

    10. Semi-colon e

      Semi-colon e

      It was well made, shot, directed, but felt kind of pointless since it didn't really add much except for a bit of context and clarification. It doesn't do anything to enrich the overall canon like Better Call Saul.

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