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  1. YxS5dxF.png

    Bought a copy of Billy Hatcher on PC because it's a neat game

    1. Teoskaven


      Seriously, what's taking SEGA so long for a Steam port? They practically have the code on a silver platter.

    2. Sean


      If anything I want this to get a Steam release so that it gets more attention and people can mod it to fix the issues it has compared to the GCN version (poor sound mixing and imperfect controller support being a few). The only mod that exists for this version is a widescreen hack that breaks 2P compatibility. It's otherwise about as functional of a port as the PC version of Sonic Riders is.

    3. Strong Guy

      Strong Guy

      Do this and Sonic Riders function on windows 10?

    4. Sean


      Yes... almost.

      You can't install them from the discs on Windows 10 unfortunately. You'd need a program capable of ripping SafeDisc-protected discs and then install them from the images; this is because SafeDisc hasn't been supported on Windows since W8.

      Once you get that over with, they run just fine, but you might need a program like BorderlessGaming to force windowed fullscreen in order to eliminate the bad screen tearing these two titles have.

    5. Sean


      @Strong Guy btw I might be mistaken about the ability to install them on Windows 10 even with the disc image. I just remembered now that what I did was install them in Windows 7 and then copy the installation folder to my Windows 10 computer (along with a no-CD crack). I also had to edit the registry in Sonic Riders' case so that the game's launcher can pick up where the installation folder is due to manually copying it.

      At the same time, every article I read about SafeDisc's broken compatibility says that it's also broken on W7, and I was able to install the games fine using the images, so maybe it's the case on W10 as well? I haven't tried it yet.

      There are many articles out there that explain how to circumvent SafeDisc protected games on W10 so I suggest looking those up if you plan on checking these games out.

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