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  1. Colors is like a 6/10 on the Wii and 7.5/10 if I'm playing it in 60fps

    1. Strickerx5


      Solid 7 from me... on a good day at least.

    2. Jango


      What have I started XD

      I also give it a solid 7. While the levels come and go as fast as Sonic Forces', the general feel of the game is much better, so are the level themes. The wisps I'll say are actually fun in this game (and this game only), the double jump was a cool idea, the level design is, for the most part, entertaining, save half dozen blocky levels. Even the automatic levels, such as Terminal Velocity, are at least pretty epic to compensate. I think what the game sets to do, it does well. Nothing ambitious. And the story while pretty simple, it isn't as unbearable to watch as Lost World or Forces... And we got gems like "no copyright law in the universe...".

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