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  1. I hate to admit it but P-06 is the first time I've ever felt excited for anything Sonic 2006-related lol, it's a really neat-o conversion and the more I learn about its differences from the base game the more impressed I am by it. The previous PC port was an impressive effort but didn't do much to sway me, and I still wasn't sure of what to make of P-06's first demo back in April. Demo 2 has really made me come around to it though (even if the game itself is still pretty garbo), like it actually feels like a playable product now

    1. Adamabba


      i never played 06 before P-06. It was a dope way for me to experience it for the first time lol

    2. JezMM


      Just tried Wave Ocean and Flame Core. I find Sonic a bit slippery - I fell off really simple places in Wave Ocean that I've NEVER fallen off in the original, and the opening pathway of Flame Core was even worse to get around than the original - in that I had to slow down after the automated section to get my bearings - here I had to come to a full stop and walk until the camera settled so I could see the way ahead.

      Other than that though?  Fantastic stuff, it's a bizarre experience to control Knuckles in particular, who felt AWFUL to play as in the original.  His gliding doesn't suck, his climbing animation doesn't look ridiculous, he gets up onto ledges properly, all his punches and attacks connect... It's bizarre for this to look so near-identical to the original game and yet have him handle the way I expect him to in my mind's eye (within the constraints of 2006's jankiness) rather than just being awful in all manner of ways.  The characters having actual facial animation when talking during the character transitions was an unnecessary but surprisingly nice touch too.

      Oh, the spin attack actually damaging enemies rather than HAVING to use homing attacks is also pretty cool.

    3. Sean


      I slipped off Flame Core's beginning a LOT. I later found out that if you turn around on the platform with the first enemy, you can just jump to that section and skip the entire automated sequence

      I also can't figure out how to reliably jump off the swings in Wave Ocean, I managed to do it... maybe three times? Every other time I try to jump from it Sonic just flops off lazily, I never had any problem with timing in SA2 or Generations.

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