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  1. A new BioShock game should be set in hell

    1. Won't Stop, Just Go

      Won't Stop, Just Go

      That's just doom dude

    2. Sean


      If they stay the fuck away from everything Infinite was doing then it wouldn't be Doom

    3. Sean


      Just spitballing ideas but some visionary who learns about cross-dimensional travel decides to go against the idea of hell being an inhospitable plane of suffering and sets up shop, promising an escape from divine judgment and mortality. Residents of the hell city travel there thinking they can escape their sins and beat death to the punch, like maybe they invent some technology where you literally can't die if you're in hell (since where would you even go). This goes about as well as anyone with any sense can predict and the city is just one big ironic hell for everyone there and the player is trying to escape or something.

      Also the imagery of hell doesn't have to be the usual fire and brimstone kind with murderous demons. I was thinking something dreary, soul-crushing and suffocating to contrast the comforting design of the city itself. It should be something incredibly otherworldly, and can't possibly exist on any planet. Something that gets people's sins into a feedback loop and they can't escape from. Bourgeois citizens living in that city initially might get a kick out of conquering such a place, thinking they don't have shit to worry about after their time on the mortal spectrum is up.

      I was half-joking when I made this status but I think this could be a way more interesting idea than suggestions I've seen of people wanting the next BioShock to be set in space (space is a really boring idea for this series considering how much it's been done in science fiction as a whole) or in Rapture again. I'm also not craving another BioShock game, I honestly have no informed clue on where the series can go after the last three games. If there had to be another game, then the only setting I can imagine that could top the last two would be something in another dimension, an entirely different plane of existence.

    4. Dejimon11


      Man what happened to bioshock infinite that everybody went from loving it when it first came out to being disappointed

    5. Won't Stop, Just Go

      Won't Stop, Just Go

      I expect the third game to jist be set in rapture again. I like what Infinite tried to do with the IP but it just wasn't very good and I think it may have killed the series's drive for risktaking.

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