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  1. I've been trying to map Secret Rings' motion controls to a controller in Dolphin. It's playable - roughly - but like... do I really want to play the whole game like this. or at all. ever again

    1. Milo


      i'm trying to envision the timeline where sonic team were preparing to crowbar the control scheme and on-rails design up the game's ass and somebody stepped in to tell them "actually can we not just do that? let's just made a straightforward adventure-lite 3D sonic platformer, sonic in arabia nights is a good enough selling point for this game as it is"

      i imagine it would had been a nice timeline

    2. dbzfan7


      I need so much help I can't even get my dolphin to run my wii games. I just get a damn black screen.

    3. Sean


      Try checking the Dolphin wiki for individual game pages to get stuff working. You might also have to look through all of the settings and experiment with different graphics backends.

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