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  1. Are you guys on Team Amy w/ spin jump or Team Amy w/ no spin jump

    1. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      W/ spin jump, I'll admit to kinda wanting her to roll and spindash just the same as the classic trio, if only to make her feel less of a "girl character who plays totally different from the boys". 

    2. Sonic Fan J
    3. Menace2Society


      I always thought her not spinning while a character like Tails did never made much sense. 

      That said, I do like her unique play-style and wouldn’t want to replace it with something more traditional, so I guess I’ll go with w/o.

    4. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Without, for the sake of variety. It always irked me that she went from unique to the same as every other speed character in Heroes. 

    5. JezMM


      Yeah, I think without is more interesting, though I do agree with Supah Berry's last sentiment (granted this is less of an issue with Cream long for the ride, though to be honest her ability to do a spin jump makes even less sense than Amy lol).

    6. Jack-al


      With and then a without spike double jump.

    7. PaulyBFromDa303


      I like without, because it makes the game more challenging. Once you're able to complete a game like Sonic Advance where she doesn't spin dash as she jumps, it's really a good accomplished feeling

    8. Ferno


      I did like how she was "Hard mode" in advance 1, but overall she was more fun to play as in advance 3 for me overall. Sort of a tie.

    9. JezMM


      One thing I would lose though is her useless standing still hammer attack when used on the ground. Change it to more of a sideways dash forward attack so you can keep momentum going.

    10. Milo


      With a spin jump and/or a roll. I get the interest for not making her a total clone like the main trio, but her gameplay in Advance 1 felt like something saved for another type of platformer but was tacked onto her just for the sake of making her play different.

      For me it was practically playing the game in a way that it wasn’t designed for b/c none of the new mechanics felt like they fit the level design or the enemies; and I didn’t find that fun at all. Knuckles in S3&K pulled the “hard mode” idea for Sonic gameplay better b/c his alternative routes in that game were actually built around his abilities.

    11. JezMM


      Yeah tbh while she does feel like a hard mode of sorts, it does somewhat come down to being nothing more than "you have to remember to press another button every time you jump".  Since Advance didn't really make all that much use of classic rolling physics, her inability to do that rarely factored in to anything.

    12. Sean


      I appreciate both styles for her but if I were tasked with making a playable Amy in a classic Sonic game I would go with spin, and I'd just give her a unique mid-air ability like the other characters. Not entirely sure what, though.

    13. JezMM


      I will just say with spin Amy, I want her animation to clearly show her swinging the hammer, rather than her doing a literal spin attack.  I think it's fine for her jump to still work like a spin attack even if the hammer swing animation doesn't 1:1 match up with her connecting to the enemy.

    14. PaulyBFromDa303


      That's hilarious though.

      What's the difference between normal and hard mode?

      Just . . . one . . . button. XD

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