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  1. SRB2's soundtrack was officially released yesterday and it's been my latest obsession.


    1. JosepHenry


      I love every track.

      Greenflower Zone is just pure good vibes, more than before

      Deep Sea Act 1 is beautiful and serene

      Castle Eggman Act 2 is straight from Super Castlevania IV

      Arid Canyon Act 2 is such a lovely melanchoic sounding beauty

      Red Volcano is super funky now I love it

      and Egg Rock... HOW DID THEY BEAT THE ORIGINAL. I dunno. I just know Act 2 is one of my favorite sonic final level themes in general.

      And Eggman's boss theme... might be my favorite Eggman boss theme ever also.

    2. Sean


      Eggman's motif is great and I enjoyed hearing it incorporated into ERZ (after previously showing up only in CEZ)

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