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  1. Missing Link was pretty disappointing.

    It felt like an attempt by Laika to make something more appealing to mainstream audiences and wildly different from their past works, which is all fine and understandable considering the barren landscape of stop-motion animation these days. But the movie didn't have anything special going for it and relied on far too much gross humor, predictable story beats, and flat villains to carry it, while lacking the unique charm of their earlier stuff. In short, I felt like I was "too old" to be watching this movie.

    I'm actually surprised it got good reviews. It's a shame about it bombing in theaters however. I really don't want this studio to go away.

    1. Milo


      I can’t quite feel the same way. Looking back on the story or the villains, I’m not going disagree on any complaints about originality or predictability there (at least in the sense of character arcs), but I don’t agree about it not having remarkable going for it. The animation is absolutely outstanding (arguably among their best, I think, which is saying a lot with Kubo being their previous work) as was the art direction / sets, and I think these were best demonstrated with the chase/escape setpieces. The boat sequence in particular where the characters were trying to move/keep balance when it was constantly rotating around just had me wondering how the animators were able to pull that off that effect the entire time. Another animation  example that comes to mind is actually more of a minor gag, but during the credits they had a flipbook animated in stop motion and that flipbook itself had an entire 2D stick figure animation that played during the flipbook’s own animation, so the end result was that there were two different styles of animation playing at once. That to me was really impressive.

      And despite his familiar arc, I personally liked Susan as a character; I liked how he was written as a sentient Bigfoot, but not in the sense of him being highly intelligent or really stupid (which is how these portrayals usually go from my experience), it’s just his lack of experience in human society. On the topic of humor, I agree up to a point, but for different reasons. Where you say there was too much gross out humor, I thought that was the case for the gags about Susan’s size and weight destroying the environment; at least for the first half of the movie (and not helping matters was that the trailers played up many of these gags). I think the film’s humor worked better when they were more about Susan’s lack of experience in experience in society, like the scenes when he didn’t understand human phrases (“I give you my word”), and his approach to letting in air into the train when he felt too hot was breaking the windowpane.

    2. Sean


      The animation was impressive but that alone isn't enough to sell me on a movie. I enjoyed Laika's previous movies regardless of the techniques involved, but I just didn't with this one. I thought the first 20 or so minutes of the film were very strong, but it gradually falls apart once the sasquatch is introduced. I didn't even know Zach Galifianakis was in this until he started speaking, and I never found him funny in anything I've seen him in.

    3. Milo


      @Sean Out of curiosity, would you say you liked Missing Link less than The Boxtrolls? I personally haven't seen that one yet, but the general consensus I've read seems to describe that one as Laika's weakest film out of the five they've made so far.

    4. Sean


      That's actually the one Laika movie I have not seen, I plan on checking it out later today. I heard about its reception and the trailers didn't really sell me on it well, but I'm gonna try going into it with an open mind.

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