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  1. I have no idea how people can like Mega Man 2 when everything about it feels like a textbook study of how not to design a good Mega Man game.

    1. JezMM


      I wouldn't be able to tell you what's special about it but there must be some secret to it because even though I never played the Mega Man games as a kid, I got MM2 on Wii VC and enjoyed it enough to play through several times. After enjoying it so much, I picked up MM3 when that came out and yet somehow lost interest in that one and never finished it.

      Granted, this was so long ago, maybe a new more exciting game distracted me away from 3, not anything inherently wrong with the game itself.

    2. Polkadi~☆


      Many things about the game are great. Many things about the game are also BULLSHIT.

      Why does Metal Blade severely outclass every other weapon?! Why are so many stages stupidly hard, like Quick Man's?! Why is it possible to get stuck in Wily's Castle if you don't have enough Crash Bombers?!

      Despite that, it's still a shining example of it's time, and great fun to play today.

    3. Sean


      By far my biggest problem with it is how certain bosses in the Wily stages cannot be defeated without the right weapons. If you ran out of crash bombs to defeat that stupid orb boss then you might as well get yourself a game over because dying doesn't reset weapon energy. If you don't have bubble lead for the alien fight then you can't beat it. And getting a game over means you lose all of your E-tanks so this is the last thing you want if you already struggle a lot with it.

      I hate dealing with enemies and bosses in this game, their patterns are too erratic for me to react to even when I know they're coming. It's impossible for me to dodge the aforementioned orb's projectiles without using the pause trick. That's not to say I don't struggle at other Mega Man games, I absolutely do, but X1-4 and Zero 2-4 are easier for me to wrap my head around and adapt to than Mega Man 2's difficulty.

      Mega Man 3-6 have their moments but I find them fine to play for the most part, especially 4 and 5. 1 and 2 are the ones I have a hard time going back to and I can only really appreciate their historical relevance over their quality or fun factor. The way I play games, let alone other Mega Man games, just isn't compatible with what MM2 demands of me.

    4. Pelvic WOO! engine

      Pelvic WOO! engine

      That's why i only played megaman 2 on emulator with save states.

    5. Shiguy


      I can agree that the forced weapon usage in the wily stage bosses particularly for boobeam trap and the alien aren't exactly what I call good design by any margin.

      When I look back at MM2 i see it as a case of early installment weirdness only with less of the jank than the first one. The foundation is built upon but it needed some ironing in a few places.

      Not a favorite of mine in the classic series by any stretch but I still had my fun with it.

    6. Sean


      ^ That's more or less how I feel. MM2 was a massive step-up from 1 and really helped make a name for the series, and yeah I totally get how people can say it's their favorite, flaws and all. But with six of these damn games on the NES I really cannot agree at all with the fans who say it's the objective peak of the series, or how it went downhill after 2 (or 3 depending on who you ask).

      A lot of my annoyance toward the pedestal upon which 2 is placed also has to do with Capcom officially acknowledging it by designing MM9 as a successor to 2, and I'm not talking about just the removal of the slide or charge shot but also the ridiculous trial and error difficulty and reuse of music. And I actually like 9 more than 2. But wow are a lot of parts of that game not fun at all and feel like a deliberate regression from 3 and 4's tight and (mostly) fair difficulty.

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