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  1. https://www.romhacking.net/hacks/3409/

    This Mega Man X1 hack is great. Among other things, it borrows from another hack that gives you the dash from the get-go (the upgrade gives you the air dash, which is SUPER fun to use in X1), makes the hadouken not stupid obscure and annoying to obtain, and allows for a complete no-upgrade, buster-only run since it no longer forces the buster part on you and makes it so that Wolf Sigma can be damaged by a level 2 charged shot. Oh and you can kill Wolf Sigma with the hadouken much like in the PSP version.

    My only complaint is that it makes the buster part too easy to obtain now. I like that it's not stupid hard to access it anymore, but it also removes the blocks and thus the head part requirement which helped obscure its location by blending in with the rest of the level graphics.

    Everything else about the hack is good shit and it's my default way to play X1 now.

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