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  1. Mega Man Zero is the closest the series has ever come to doing the character action genre and I want more of this kinda shit

    1. Dejimon11


      Have you played any of the Azure Striker Gunvolt games? I hear that they're pretty much a spiritual successor to that series since it's the same devs and all. 

    2. Sean


      Yeah. I played the first Gunvolt game and strongly disliked it at the time. Even compared to MMZ 2-4, it felt bullshit hard with unforgiving boss design and an incredibly unorthodox way of accessing the good ending, which I never went for because I hated the normal final boss so much that I figured I wouldn't stand a chance against the true boss. It didn't help that I played it on the OG 3DS which is the worst designed handheld known to man.

      However since it's been so long, my opinion on Gunvolt has mellowed out since (you can probably find my old posts in the SSMB topic where I most likely ripped it to shreds and called it a bad game) and I'm a little more mixed on it these days. I've seen gameplay footage from people much better at video games than I am and it certainly looks like great fun if you can wrap your mind around its mechanics. I just think the gameplay loop of tagging enemies with your gun and pressing another button to destroy them is a little too convoluted for a frantic game such as this compared to MMZ's simple yet effective risk-vs-reward weapons system.

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