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  1. Don't think I ever quite realized how massive of a step-down Zero 4's mechanics are from 3's until now. The rod weapon is gone and replaced with the Z Knuckle which isn't that great, and hunting for parts for recipes is tedious as hell. It was fine when Zero 3 just gave you chips for defeating bosses and finding them in levels, so why is there this monotonous drop-grinding system in place for the exact same stuff?

    Oh and the EX Skills are bad in this game. The gemini laser was so much better than that stupid time-stop buster shot, and the electric dash saber jab is useless at killing enemies compared to the default one. What doesn't help is that you have to use that horrible weather system to get them rather than simply playing the game well.

    Everything else about the game is fine, it's just that the stuff they outright replaced from Zero 3 is really bad in 4.

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