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  1. Zero 3 is the best Mega Man game ever made. I don't accept constructive criticism

    1. Legendary Emerald

      Legendary Emerald

      You're not wrong, but I still slightly prefer Z2. I like the chain-rod more than the recoil rod, the soundtrack in Z2 is better, Elpizo is great, and there's no bad water stage unlike Z3 and Z4.

      Having said all that, Zero 3 doesn't make you have to level up multiple times just to swing your sword three times in a row, so yeah, it's basically the automatic winner.

    2. Sean


      Zero 2 is fantastic as well, just a little rough around the edges like with the weapon leveling system, but it has great bosses and I really liked the unlockable forms even if getting them was a pain, doubly so if you were going for all A/S-ranks. It took me two playthroughs just to get them all and the EX-skills in one file.

      Zero 3 was the first time I really messed with the cyber elves since the game doesn't punish you for using satellite elves, which was always my biggest nitpick with 1 and 2. 'Twas really fun mixing and matching them throughout my last playthrough.

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