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  1. I kinda miss early One Piece

    1. Nix


      I'm reading through it again and it's so good.

    2. Sean


      I've been rewatching from the beginning and keeping to a two-episode-per-day schedule. Specifically I miss the greater emphasis on comedic Looney Tunes-style fights, the smaller cast, the more cartoonish proportions, the not-atrocious female character designs, and the anime's pacing which moved faster than one mile per hour.

      Most shonen anime and manga have growing pains where it takes a while for them to get really good but One Piece has an irresistible, focused charm to it right from the get-go. I think after Water Seven (and maybe even beginning with that) it gradually loses sight of what got me hooked on it in the first place. I think these feelings are an inevitability for me whenever I get into shonen anime and it's why I struggle to call myself a fan of the genre, even though there are a lot of shonen works that I enjoy or have enjoyed at some point.

    3. Adamabba



      These were the days.

      There are some elements I miss alot too honestly. At least there's plenty of old school One Piece to rewatch

    4. Ferno


      Everything changed when Haki was fully fleshed out and explained to Luffy (and the readers) imo. It was cool at first but we lost some of the more unique combat situations because of its introduction imo.

    5. Sean


      I think haki and the gear system are the worst things to happen to One Piece's combat. The "rubber" aspect of Luffy feels incidental now.

    6. Sean


      like a big part of the early fights was that the characters mostly had to use their brains, and it wasn't enough to just "power up" like later on and in Dragon Ball Z or whatever. Luffy figuring out how to defeat Crocodile was fucking ingenius. And when he discovered he was immune to Enel's attacks. I always got more excited for those fights than I did when it became just another power level shonen. IDK

    7. Ferno


      Personally I find the gear system one of the coolest things mainly because its such a unique take on rubber/ stretchy powers in general, but agreed on your main point. Part of me wonders what One Piece would be like if it really was the condensed 5 year story that Oda originally planned. Imagining New World arcs in the old art style for example is a really interesting thought, lol.

    8. Sean


      I think it's good that Oda got to expand his story beyond the initial five year plan but yeah I also wonder how that would have turned out. Maybe it would have been an FMA situation where it would be much more tightly plotted and was upfront about working toward a fixed resolution from the beginning.

      And I thought gears were cool too but I guess where I stopped reading it felt like Luffy had been relying on it too much that it lost its luster. Especially when it was implied to be something he should only really use in certain situations but it seemed to be his main method of attack now

    9. Sean


      For the record while I haven't read One Piece in a long time, I still consider it along with Hunter x Hunter to be the two long-running shonen I'm most interested in. And even HxH is guilty of shonen power up syndrome in certain arcs. It does some extremely fascinating things with Nen sometimes, especially in the Yorknew City arc, but then you have Chimera Ant where it really just does get all DBZ up the ass and.. yeah. I actually really hate that arc lol

      Now that the final arc for OP is supposedly approaching, I think now's a good time for me to jump back into the manga.

    10. dbzfan7


      I know that One Piece rap was the shit. Ya did say early One Piece right?

    11. Kuzu


      I feel like this is something that's inevitable in every long running Shonen sadly, things start off pretty grounded but gradually escalate to absurdity.

      The only way to avoid that is to just end the series pretty early; Rurouni Kenshin and more recently, Demon Slayer stay relatively grounded and ended early.


      I get what you mean though, I don't mind modern One Piece but a youtuber I follow is doing a retrospective of it as he watches it for the first time and it's just so good.

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