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  1. >levels from Sonic 3 solo confirmed Woo!! Though I'm not expecting any of them to be Icecap/Carnival Night/Launch Base due to music issues.
  2. Angel Island looks different in Sonic 3 than it does in Sonic Adventure. Definitely different canons.
  3. The headcanoning you're doing to justify the way the Mario series does things is precisely the same amount you're using to justify that several Sonic games take place in different continuities. Both sets of developers put the exact same level of thought in discrepancies between titles, which is to say, extremely little.
  4. So is SA2 of a separate canon because of its world map? Or Sonic Advance 2's? Or Adventure just because there aren't any signs of Icecap being near Carnival Night? How about literally every Mario game where Peach's castle is in a different location and has different surroundings from what we see in Super Mario 64? World geography changes in games, and not just Sonic ones, depending on what the developers feel like doing, and not because they're making a conscious effort to state that these are indeed different worlds than what we've seen in past games.
  5. Your argument doesn't have any basis in series logic or even how the series operates. Not once has Sega ever gone on record to state that the game is non-canon, even if they have yet to find reason to reference it as of late. If you say that Shadow the Hedgehog was non-canon, then you'll need to show evidence of that.
  6. Ah ah, Nepenthe, correction: the way it looks AND PLAYS. Ergo, Sonic Heroes clearly takes place in a separate continuity from SA1/2, which in turn are entirely separate from Unleashed/etc. ..Do any of you see how ridiculous this is? Would you actually attempt to argue that the Adventure games are of a separate continuity if we got more of them and Sega decided to go back to the Adventure style of gameplay after Unleashed?
  7. Nintendo does not consider the 2D or 3D Zelda games separate series. They're all equally main titles, and are advertised as such. No one's arguing that Sega can't put out a side-series focusing on different gameplay (classic, in this case), but the moment they try to tell me that yes, classic Sonic is an entirely separate line of Sonic from modern, then I'm out.
  8. To anybody saying that the Sonic series should be segmented into entirely separate canons/subfranchises: no other franchise actually does this shit. Mario doesn't do it; Rayman doesn't do it; not even Zelda does this. Mega Man is a fucking piss-poor example. All of the Mega Man entities are literally different characters the same way Link in The Legend of Zelda is a different character almost every time. Meanwhile, classic and modern Sonic are still the same fucking Sonic, and there's nothing about either set of games that tells me that yes, this set of games takes place in an entirely different timeline or even a different time period. Surreal/realistic environments? Who cares about that contrast when we have realistic games like 2006 and Unleashed that are still littered with loop-de-loops, twisting highways, and other impossible geometries that wouldn't exist in real life anyway? Every game has a different fucking art style the same way all of the Rayman games have different art styles, or how there are some Mario games with surreal environments or realistic environments, and yet you don't see people trying to argue that Rayman or Mario games have separate continuities to explain these discrepancies. If you can convince me that Super Mario 64, Sunshine and Galaxy take place in a different continuity from the NES/SNES games/NSMB/3D Land/World them I'm all ears! No other video game series does what you are asking Sega to do to Sonic. Not a single damn one.
  9. Ian... just... just say no you're not working on it for all of our sanities
  10. I have it, and it has all of the covers and variants. Since it only contains an excerpt from 225, its cover appears near the very back as a two-page spread.
  11. The thing about Dark Pit (and clones in general; it doesn't matter how similar or different they are) is that if they weren't in the game, they wouldn't have been replaced with another, more unique character. The Smash team works on clone characters last, and they're there to pad out the existing roster. Also, Sakurai isn't biased toward his works. If that were the case, then Kirby would be the most OP character post-N64 and Meta Knight wouldn't have been nerfed to the degree that he was between Brawl and Wii U. Seriously, I have not seen a SINGLE indication that that man is self-absorbed to the degree that people paint him, if at all.

    1. Strickerx5


      The only time I can even think that he showed a bit of bias was during the subspace cutscene when Kirby destroyed that entire ship like it was nothing.

    2. Dejimon11


      Yeah I don't get the whole "zomg these guys ruined the changes of X-character to return". The game has over 50 unique characters I don't get mad about clone characters

      @Strickerx5 and Meta Knight being broken as fuck and Dedede being the only character who knew what was going on including Taboo's intentions not to mention the guy made those revive tokens

    3. Strickerx5


      Hm, forgot about that whole Dedede plot line...

    4. Hero


      Anyone who legitimately gets mad at clones probably doesn't understand that they don't hurt anyone else's chances. The bias thing feels like it's just a result salt, but you could argue the fact that Meta-Knight was ever OP was because Sakurai was biased.

    5. Sean


      This article confirms that clones are developed and balanced differently in regards to balancing the rest of the roster, and that if they had required the same amount of workload as an original character, then Sakurai wouldn't have included them in the first place.

    6. Forte-Metallix


      I'm fine with Dark Pit and Dr. Mario.

      It's the utter lack of K. Rool that upsets me.

    7. Dejimon11


      I guess the fact that he's not in the game is pretty....K.Rool?

  12. But why do these games have to be separate series or canons? Is it really too difficult to stomach that these are all in the same continuity and the gameplay/artstyle differences are there due to whatever the devs feel like doing?
  13. Trying to separate classic and modern into two distinct canons is ridiculous, especially if all you're going by are the gameplay and art styles. We might as well regard SA1/2 separate from Heroes, Unleashed/Generations separate from Colors, and Lost World as its own entity. And then you have the Advance/Rush games. Sonic has historically had different gameplay styles throughout its run and it's certainly not the only series to change its art style (by that logic, you might as well consider there being three separate Raymans from 1, 2/3, and Origins/Legends). Like Azoo said I'm definitely all up for more classic-styled games like Sonic Mania, but they should all be considered part of the same series, and there's certainly nothing stopping Sega from releasing a classic Sonic game that takes place after all of the modern ones.
  14. Eggman can also knock you out of Super Sonic mode when you fight Big Arm in Launch Base. It just takes enough brute force, or in Knuckles's case, the element of surprise
  15. I'd honestly take classic Sonic as an alt. gameplay over anything else that's come before in past 3D games. Of course I'd rather have solo modern Sonic or multiple characters S3K-style, but at least classic Sonic still plays like Sonic unlike the werehog, treasure hunting, and mech stages.

    1. BenderMania


      I dunno, I mean SA1 & SA2 was pretty good and you do play as other characters.

      But, yeah I'm super excited to play as Knux & Tails in another classic.

    2. Strickerx5


      Agreed. Though... even if we only get modern sonic the pc version will get those other characters sooner than later.

      Oh, them sweet mods.

    3. Sean


      Part of the reason why I'm not as fond of SA1/2 as I used to be is that I ONLY like Sonic/Shadow's stages, and nobody else's.

    4. Kuzu the Boloedge

      Kuzu the Boloedge

      Honestly, I would have just preferred Tails and Knuckles getting their own gameplay whilst still being similar to Sonics. But eh, its not like I don't like Classic Sonic either.

    5. Briraka


      I'm just utterly baffled as to why ST thinks that they can't make a good Modern Sonic without the use of gimmicks or alternate playstyles.

    6. Green Eyes

      Green Eyes

      Honestly I think it should be kind of like the classics where the characters gameplays mostly resemble each other except for their signature moves.

    7. Soniman


      Well of course, but still, solo modern would appreciated