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  1. SA2 is the only ranking system in the series that I think feels "right" and fair. The new games have a system that might as well give you an S for simply booting them up, but on the other end of the spectrum there are the Rush games which I think are far too strict. I did get all S ranks in them years ago, but I tried again earlier this year and couldn't do Leaf Storm 1 even after almost an hour of playing.

  2. The Lego Ninjago Game is free on Steam, PSN, and Microsoft Store (the links will redirect to your regional store). Might be delisted soon.

    Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/640590/The_LEGO_NINJAGO_Movie_Video_Game/
    PSN: https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP1018-CUSA07739_00-LEGONINJAGOMOVIE
    Microsoft Store: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/the-lego-ninjago-movie-video-game/bqkknpkx1c4p?activetab=pivot:overviewtab

    Higurashi (Question arc) chapter 1 is free on PC until a vaccine for COVID-19 is discovered.

    Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/310360/Higurashi_When_They_Cry_Hou__Ch1_Onikakushi/
    GOG: https://www.gog.com/game/higurashi_when_they_cry_hou_ch1_onikakushi
    MangaGamer: (won't link because the website is nsfw, but you can look it up if you have an account there)

    Aegis Defenders is free on Humble Store if you subscribe to their newsletter.

    Humble Store (gives you a Steam key): https://www.humblebundle.com/store/aegis-defenders-free-game

  3. I'm going to need a thorough breakdown of the battle system before I consider jumping on board with this. Sticker Star and Color Splash are the worst Mario games I have ever played and I'm not seeing much here that shows me this is the improvement I've been looking for.

  4. Just to restrict myself to games only (because tbh there are way too many to choose from in Archie alone), I think the entire Deadly Six safely hold this honor for me. There have been many Sonic characters that I disliked in the past, but I grew to either appreciate them later on once I stopped caring about things like 2 edgy 4 sonic, or they were written better in future games or other incarnations such as the comics. Hell, fan art has gotten me to like certain Sonic characters that I didn't before. The D6 though, I don't think there's any salvaging of these guys. I already don't like their designs one bit, and they're all centered around very specific clichés with absolutely no meaningful depth or character development. I haven't read any IDW comics featuring them but I'd be surprised if even those endeared me to them, as much as I otherwise immensely appreciate the comics team for doing a lot of good for the Sonic series.

    As much as I don't like other characters such as Mephiles or Infinite, they have something going for them that I get why some people do like them. Plus they only showed up in one game. The D6 keep appearing and I'm already more sick of them than I am of the wisps. I don't despise them the way some people do but there really isn't anything for me to get out of any scene that involves them.

  5. 1 hour ago, Tarnish said:

    You really believe if someone has something negative to say about this game, it MUST be because he's making shit up for attention's sake, to make drama or something? That it can't POSSIBLY be my honest, genuine opinions?

    Maybe if you hadn't doubled down on your attitude in every single post you've made in this thread where you insinuate that anybody who likes this game is a drooling moron who would lap up any shit that was called "Streets of Rage," you wouldn't be getting these types of replies. Just stop it already.

  6. lol my first post. cringe

    I think three years later I still feel the same about SA2's story being the best, and I'm a little more forgiving of its presentation's shortcomings this time around. The pacing of the story is awkward, especially with how it jumps around and some scenes don't seem to get as much focus as they should, but I think the voice acting is better than I initially gave it credit for, especially compared to SA1 where these actors were still adjusting to their roles. I still don't like how Knuckles doesn't accomplish as much as the other characters, but Tails' role is fine even if he's mostly an assist to Sonic. But his arc is a clear continuation of SA1's and it's cool seeing him be more confident and pro-active.

    What I appreciate about SA2 much more now is how incredibly varied the emotions on display are. Eggman is confident and bombastic, but he gets pissy whenever he's barking orders at Rouge and Shadow, and he throws a tantrum after giving his moon-exploding speech just because things aren't moving quite as efficiently as he wants them to. Sonic is the most hotheaded he's ever been in the series and Shadow is one of the few things to genuinely get under his skin. Despite his reduced role, Knuckles himself alternates between serious and comedic, and some of his scenes are the funniest he's ever been (his fight with Sonic over who gets to control the shuttle coming to mind). Compare this to the newer games where characters act more like cardboard than fleshed-out people with quirks and insecurities, and I think the Adventure writers knew what they were doing by making Sonic and the gang feel like they were reacting appropriately to everything that was happening around them. SA2 makes me give a shit about what's happening because the characters do, and that's really the most I can ask for from a Sonic game.

    My main problem with SA2's story is GUN itself. I really don't like how they're a faceless entity who seem to factor much less in the present day than they did in flashbacks. They play a huge role in Shadow's backstory but they really don't do much in the game itself other than capturing Sonic early on and pursing him. After Prison Island, they might as well not even exist! Plus I think them killing Maria could have been handled much better, especially since this point never seems to be directly confronted in the story after it happens (I can't even recall if the characters learn about Maria or not in the last story, and if they did then it felt glossed over). Just as an idea, I always kinda felt that it would have been far more poignant if she had died a natural death due to Gerald losing funding over his research and the ability to take care of her. I mean she was already apparently terminally ill from what I remember, did she need to take a bullet to hasten the process? Death in Sonic games is perfectly fine the way it's handled in general, though, I have no problem with that sort of thing. But I think in this game it could have been given more weight than it gets.

    Gameplay's still a mixed bag though and I only ever find myself willingly replaying Sonic and Shadow's levels, so eh. This is one Sonic game where I think I actually prefer its story over the gameplay. It's not perfect by any means, but it's the hardest the series has tried at writing a complex, nuanced plot with high stakes and the character emotions to back it up. And I think it succeeds where it counts because of the shadow (HEH) it casts on the games that came between it and Unleashed.

  7. I definitely don't dislike any of the newer designs outright, but I think the art style in some of the games (Dream Champ Tournament and Beach Volleyball) got painfully generic and lame.


    It always felt to me like Bamco wanted to make him a more spunky Sonic-like mascot despite his in-game personality being as sweet as a kitten (Klonoa Heroes notwithstanding; it's actually a continuity reboot and makes Klonoa's personality to be more rebellious and sarcastic, which is a small part of why I disliked that game, actually). Thankfully the main games don't ever try to tamper with his personality, part of the games' charm is how adorable Klonoa is and the gibberish dialogue elevates him past a lot of other cutesy mascot characters imo. It has much more life to it than something like, say, Banjo-speak:

    Back to Klonoa designs, I actually do like some of his later ones even if DoP is my favorite. In fact I think the Moonlight Museum artwork is quite nice:


    and despite some of my irks with the Wiimake, it used the Moonlight Museum design as the basis for Klonoa's look so it definitely has that going for it.


    Just... the less said about that shitty scrapped design Bamco tried to force on western players, the better.

  8. Door to Phantomile is one of the best PS1 games ever made. Lunatea's Veil was good too but felt like a step-down particularly through forcing you to replay palette-swapped levels. The two GBA platformers are alright. Klonoa Heroes is terrible.

    His original design's the best one. Love the yellow cat eyes:


    I want a port of the original PS1 game so bad.

  9. Honestly I think yours is the majority opinion around here. Even if there are people around talking about that it doesn't seem like it should be enough to bother anyone. Pretty much nobody, not even critics (unlike with Colors) really give SLW the time of day for better or worse.

  10. 20 minutes ago, Kuzu said:

    So I get kind of annoyed when people tell me that it's "Closer to the classics" but then turn around and say something like SA2 looks too gritty and realistic for the series. 

    I'd like to know who is apparently telling you this considering about everyone hates SLW. I haven't seen it here. And even if they were, why is this bothering you? It's probably not even the same people criticizing the realistic art style since according to most people here there isn't anything in SLW worth comparing it favorably to.

  11. 18 minutes ago, Kuzu said:

    This is something we touched upon earlier; I feel like Shadow's speed should be more unrefined compared to Sonic's. He can move as fast as Sonic, but Sonic is much more experienced at actually using his speed better. How you translate that to gameplay is anyone's guess.

    I haven't read all of the replies in this topic so sorry if I'm retreading old ground, but the other day I was thinking it'd be neat if Shadow focused on long-ranged attacks compared to Sonic. Instead of having a homing attack or that... punch-kick combo in 06, he could rely on chaos powers to attack enemies from a distance, and multiple ones at the same time. ShTH kinda does this in the form of guns but he should be able to do it with his innate abilities. This could mean that he would have trouble dealing with enemies in close quarters combat, something that Sonic never struggles with. Maybe he can also have a slower top speed than Sonic but have a temporary means of going even faster, similar to Metal's boost mode or something. He should still be a speedy character but one that trades away some of that for power. He just felt too damn slow in 06 and his slow-paced level design didn't help, and using his chaos powers was a crapshoot since I could never figure out their utility, so I think they went too far in the other direction to differentiate him from Sonic. If you make his attacks feel insanely fast then he could still feel like a character who goes toe-to-toe with Sonic's ability.

  12. I've loosened up on a large number of my feelings about the Sonic series over the years, and that includes Shadow and everything that involved him in the 2000s (yes, even the aliens... It's silly but the entirety of ShTH is like some bad yet enjoyable cheesy action flick so I've learned to roll with it at this point). I think the biggest problem I continue to have with him is that it feels like the series hasn't tried to portray his abilities as balanced compared to Sonic's. Almost every player character has their advantages and disadvantages, such as Knuckles' lower jump height and Blaze's lower top speed. With Shadow though it never felt like they tried to do this (except for 06, which I'll get into shortly). To an extent I'm willing to let some of that slide due to most of his appearances having him be a deliberate clone of Sonic gameplay-wise - SA2, Heroes, and Forces for example - but I don't get the sense that he has any ability disadvantage compared to Sonic. The image I get from him is that he has all of Sonic's abilities plus magical chaos powers whose limits have been poorly defined. On top of that he gets even more super powerful when he takes his bracelets off. As a result he comes off as overpowered to me. I'm not going to get into whether or not the series' playable characters have had good balancing because I think that's a separate issue, but Shadow is one of the few instances where it seems like they never bothered, even in the context of a story.

    The only time that Shadow felt really different from Sonic was 06, and I don't really know what to make of this. I think Shadow has the worst gameplay style in 06 by far, because his changes from Sonic (both abilities and level designs) don't feel good or purposeful at all. He's slower than Sonic because the game makes you use those shitty vehicles instead. He can mash the homing attack button to punch enemies. Yay? Even though Sonic can homing attack enemies without wasting time with kicks and punches. And his chaos abilities were weird and got me killed more often than not so I hardly used them. At least he was different from Sonic this time, but these changes weren't good, or fun, much like the rest of 06.

    Another thing I don't like is how SA2 is literally the only game where they butt heads and constantly get under each others' skin. I never liked Sonic being super buddy-buddy with him and think the rival aspect needs to be played up more, not less. Sonic and Shadow seem like characters who would have totally different methods of solving a problem and this is what should put them at odds with each other, not to mention just having a plain petty rivalry as shown in SA2. The only instance of their rivalry I can recall being brought up is in 06's Crisis City when Sonic says "Well Shadow, looks like we have to work together" like he's reluctant about it, but it's never brought up beforehand in the game and it's just that one single line of dialogue.

    Overall though I'm okay with Shadow and wouldn't mind seeing more of him to the extent that I want to see more characters show up in important roles. Hell, seeing as how I hate the classic/modern divide so much, I'd really like to see him in a classic-styled game and see what the devs can come up with for a Genesis look and gameplay style for him. Every other problem I can think of regarding Shadow is generally something that's shared among Sega's poor handling of its extended cast throughout the years so I don't think he's inherently bad or anything, at least not anymore once I stopped giving a shit about the "image" or "tone" of the franchise. Plus he was amazing in Archie, and I am looking forward to IDW finally doing something silly with him in the next arc.

  13. Bristow felt to me like he had more range. I was listening to some of his dialogue in the Adventure games and I forgot how entertaining he is to listen to, since he captures Eggman's jovial nature incredibly well in a way that doesn't get old or samey like Pollock's take. I was never really into Pollock especially as of late, where it feels his heart isn't as much into it now. I guess I can't really blame him with a script as boring and unimaginative as Forces'; his Japanese voice actor was also strangely lacking in energy in that game.

    I think the reason I don't like Pollock has mostly to do with the fact that he was in absolutely everything during the 2000s. When he was cast as Eggman I had a hard time unhearing the Fox Box commercial narrator, and he also had a million other roles in every single 4Kids anime. Even back then I was sort of tired of hearing him and while Eggman is pretty much the only thing I hear from him these days, it's not something I managed to fully unlearn. Pollock has just been in way too many things for me to consider his take on Eggman to be in any way unique.

    Chikao Ohtsuka was my favorite Eggman though. That dude was legendary in every single one of his roles. The new guy who replaced him in Forces feels like he's trying to channel Ohtsuka's sound but comes off as too growly and generic-anime-villain for my tastes. Probably not his fault entirely though, since Ohtsuka was just that distinct.

  14. I think Sonic Labyrinth would have been a much better game if it had been repurposed into a minigolf game not unlike Kirby's Dream Course. A game where you have to move Sonic around by spindashing is a really neat idea. It's a pretty mediocre game overall but not without some merit or interesting ideas imo.

    Of all of the classic platformers, G Sonic is the only one I haven't beaten and can't bring myself to. It just looks and feels bad.


    I'm sure it's still better than Advance 3, though.

  15. Got my copy from Best Buy. Kind of peeved that I didn't get the preorder code and I've tried contacting them about the issue to no avail. I don't want to return my game since I bought it regardless of the DLC, it's just annoying to put up with. I'm hoping it's not long before Capcom puts it up for free like they did with MM11's instrumental tracks.

    Thinking about doing another run through Zero 3 in this collection and playing ZX Advent for the first time. I'm not gonna do the rest since I just finished a marathon of the Zero series recently and I've moved onto the Battle Network and Star Force games, but I'll always accept any reason to replay Zero 3.

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