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  1. 50 minutes ago, Badnik Mechanic said:

    At best it'll be the new blu-ray rips... which are just the old DVD rips.

    The recent Bluray transfer is taken from the original masters. It's still standard definition but it's better than the old copies.

  2. The main thing I don't like with people assuming Whitehead isn't telling the truth and is under NDA is that people are likely going to run with this theory and it'll become "common knowledge" despite his official statement (whether or not you choose to believe it) being that it was a complete coincidence. Assuming that nobody involved in Sonic ever says anything further about the subject, I don't want to see wikis five years from now suggesting that the drop dash in Mania was lifted or inspired from Sonic 3.

    I can get the skepticism to an extent, there have been times in the past when I've been extremely doubtful of official statements made by Sega or related parties... but is it really that farfetched for it to be a coincidence either? It's a different scenario from Sonic 2 beta elements appearing in Mania or the mobile ports since the larger community didn't even know about this until the other day. I think some people need to dial back their imagination and assumptions a little.

  3. Also to anyone doubting that the PC music can have music rights tied up with it:

    The 2011 version of Sonic CD almost did not get the US soundtrack. Turns out there were rights issues that nobody knew about or assumed before then, especially since unlike the Japanese soundtrack it doesn't make liberal use of samples or lyrics owned by a separate non-Sega entity.

    This is fucking Sega we're talking about, guys. I can absolutely, 110% believe that there is a rights quagmire involving the PC/beta music that we don't know about that, frankly, isn't exactly our business.

  4. @Shadowlax I said shut the fuck up.

    Across these last few months I have had it with your inane conspiracy drivel surrounding anything and everything to do with Shadow and Ian, patronizing attitude towards others who don't agree with you in these topics, and your all-around tendency to ruin discussion for everyone else on this forum. There are people who refuse to post in this topic anymore because of you. So if it takes banning your sorry arrogant ass to make this thread having worthwhile discussion again then I'm happy to do just that. Ignore me one more time and you're gone. I'm not tolerating your bullshit rhetoric on this forum anymore and this is your last warning you will ever get.

  5. I was thinking last night while watching Sonic Forces cutscenes that Eggman isn't the same without Chikao Ohtsuka. Kotaro Nakamura does a decent job in his place but he teeters between sounding similar enough to Ohtsuka and too growly for my tastes. Not Nakamura's fault in the least though, Ohtsuka was just that iconic of a VA and one of my favorite Japanese ones I've heard.

    Thankfully most of the JP cast has remained intact since SA1 but it'll be a huge blow to me whenever Sega changes, for one reason or another, Sonic, Knuckles, or Shadow's VAs.

  6. 40 minutes ago, Blue Blood said:

    It's the eyes. Sonic's eyes are the wrong shape, and it completely changes his face. He looks more child like and lacks the effortlessly cool approach of his usual look, instead opting for a much cuter look. It goes to show just how effectively designed his eyes actually are in his game design. Even if they didn't want to use the mono-eye (which I think they should have), they should have giving him more angled brows, instead of the rounded ones. He's basically got Tails' eyes.



    Like he looks alright here! It's clearly the same model, except he has his trademark scowl. But he doesn't have this expression for most of the trailer and it's kind of gross to look at. It's an improvement for sure, but I still hate this look for Sonic personally.

  7. Not really feeling it still lol. I almost thought the leaked design was okay, but tbh I hate haaaaate how Sonic looks in movement (not saying the previous design was better, it was a lot worse!) and he looks more like a generic CG cartoon character than Sonic the Hedgehog at some parts. I'm still not into the plot or the jokes, either. I'm not gonna feel bad sitting this one out.

  8. 7 minutes ago, Demondeano18 said:

    Fair enough. I thought the post about the lady going to see the test screening was pretty cool to hear. Bit shit everyone has to walk on eggshells about what they post. This topic not up for general movie chat amongst members? 

    I don't want to hear this from someone who just the other day tried to pull the "unpleasable fanbase" card and also acted extremely rude to others explaining their issues with the film and/or design, because all YOU care about is having this thread all to yourselves to gush about the film. So you can knock this shit off.

  9. Can some of you seriously not go for one day without spamming this topic with "I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE TRAILER!!" posts?

    I'm really tempted to lock this topic until the trailer drops. We also don't need updates on every single Twitter rando's impressions or whether or not they're going to see the trailer/movie in advance so please cut that out too.

  10. Lopes was the wrong person for Jacques to blame, and he did it in a way that utterly vilified him as opposed to bringing up his issues in a reasonable manner. He should have directed his ire towards Sega and he was very flippant towards users attempting to correct him in the Twitter thread (before he deleted it), telling them they were wrong without explaining why at all. All of my respect for Jacques and his work has withered away and he should apologize to Lopes, who was dragged through the mud for all the wrong reasons. If not then that bitter old man can fuck off.

  11. This is far too vague of a question for anyone to give meaningful help based on what you've said. Plus, because this is a fan modification, I believe your time would be better spent contacting the developer of this mod for any issues you have. If the mod creator has a channel for their works, such as on YouTube or GameBanana, I suggest you shoot them a private message or comment about your issue and see if you can work something out from there.

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