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  1. The first Banjo is one of my favorite games but I stopped being excited for another sequel long ago. I just want the first two games to be ported to Steam; I don't have a 360 and Banjo-Tooie on N64 is fucking impossible to emulate (Kazooie is more or less perfect). If MS ever announces PC versions I'll be pretty happy and never ask for anything Banjo-related again.

  2. ugh I hate trailers with spliced-together, fast-paced snippets of gameplay, I just want to look at how it plays and it's hard to judge from half-second action scenes


    Never played a Darksiders game but I'm kind of interested in this. I only got into the overhead ARPG genre last month (I'm playing the entire Diablo trilogy and I have both Torchlight games ready to go at some point) so admittedly it's hard to tell if anything about this stands out from other contemporary ARPGs like Path of Exile and Grim Dawn. I do own the first two Darksiders games on GOG so if they're any good maybe now is a good time to check out what they're like and what to expect from the games' worlds.

  3. That's a whole lot of words backed up by absolutely nothing. You got some quotes by Sega that prove the reason they neglect Sonic 3 is due to popularity? Because I already provided a quote that backed up the legal issues surrounding the game's music. If you don't have quotes then you're just talking out of your ass and I know I'm going to believe two music composers on the game (one of them VERY disgruntled, even) over some random person on an obscure internet forum trying to tell me that I'm full of shit because that's just what they think.

  4. "Sega hasn't released Sonic 3 since 2011, has never remixed any of the offending tracks in Sonic 3, has turned Taxman and Stealth away from remaking Sonic 3 despite them working on a pitch build, and has remained completely silent on the issue despite one Sonic 3 composer confirming back in 2012 that a lawsuit was about to go down and another composer REFUSING to discuss the game due to the 'legal shit' he's been dealing with regarding the game's music and Sega themselves.

    "But it's all just a fucking conspiracy and it's only because Sonic 3 isn't popular."

  5. 4 minutes ago, Plasme said:

    I don't believe in the Sonic 3 music conspiracy theories. SEGA just never promotes it because Sonic 2 is far more popular and iconic. Sonic 1 is the first game and gets kudos for that, but outside of the hardcore fanbase, no one really knows what Sonic 3 is. Most people think of it in the same way as Sonic CD. Heck, sometimes they think of Sonic 3 and Sonic and Knuckles as independent games.

    This is some of the most batshit insane mental gymnastics I've seen on this forum in a long time

  6. Just mod S3K in. Since we have Sonic 3 Complete and Sonic 3 AIR I don't really see the big deal behind wanting Sega to port S3K anymore

    The rest of the roster makes up for it tenfold. Would have liked to have Ristar though. I'm also assuming there's going to be no region select which means we're stuck with the shitty harder version of Dynamite Headdy

  7. Ignores everything after 2? Brings Linda back? Honestly, I can get on board with this. Though yeah I can understand the skepticism but I haven't seen most of the newer Terminator movies so I haven't been burned too badly yet. I wouldn't put this trailer on the same level as first impressions of Salvation or especially Genesis though, I'm pretty interested in seeing how this turns out.

  8. Star Wars Battlefront II. The one that's not terrible.

    I've done three missions in the story mode so far and for the most part it's been a blast. This is the first SW game I've played since renting the N64 version of Episode I Racer as a kid, and BF2 seemed like a fun enough jumping point for me. It's pretty jank and I die a lot but it's not that big of a deal for me. Afterwards I might give either one of the Jedi Knight games or the first KOTOR a shot, since both of those seem the most appealing SW games to me story-wise.

  9. 11 minutes ago, StopNitpicking said:

    Ok, I made this account JUST to talk about this, because it's hard for me to hold it in anymore.


    For the past 2 days, I've seen so much negativity about this movie, it just boggles my mind. People are even going  so far as changing the design with Photoshop.

    Really guys... REALLY? I'm asking this respectfully... are you all living in the past? Wearing nostalgia goggles? I feel like some people just need to learn to accept change. A lot has been said about this fanbase being unpleasable, and to me, this has never been so obvious as right now.

    Let's see what nit-picky stuff people are complaining about... Sonic's mouth... wow, really? The movie sucks because of his MOUTH? What else... "his cheek shape is wrong". WOW, for real, guys? THAT'S why the movie sucks? Oh, and the eyes. Of course, OF COURSE people would HAVE to complain about Sonic's eyes. Oh THAT's rich... never heard THAT one before. How does any of this affect the movie's story? Let's focus on the positive, rather than the negative!


    Besides, I'm sorry to have to say this, but these are all just OPINIONS. Just because you guys dislike it, doesn't mean everybody has to! We have the right to like things you don't like, you know. Does it make people feel good, taking away something that others like?

    Some young people are going to grow up, and to them, this will be THEIR Sonic. Maybe it's not made for you? Can we all just get rid of the nostalgia glasses for one second, and stop acting like the world revolves around us?

    Let's break the annoying image of being a group of unpleasable whiny nitpickers. Let's just embrace this in good faith, with positivity, and look towards the future, rather than be stuck in the past!

    I, for one, will certainly do so. So... WHO'S WITH ME?

    Considering your username, flippant attitude, and intentional distortion of people's arguments in this topic, I had half a mind to ban your account. I don't believe for a goddamned second you're interested in participating in discussion in good faith. But I won't. But I am going to tell you you're going to have a miserable hell of a time convincing anyone that anything you say is worth listening to.

  10. I don't think fixing the design is a viable option at this point. Seems like damage-control PR talk to me (and if they DO change something it'll be something like... changing his eyes to green or adding even more shoelaces). It's like the movie version of 2006, it's flawed to the core and the only thing that could have been done to save it would be to scrap it early in development and start over.

    I mentioned earlier in this topic that I'd be willing to see the movie for Carrey alone, but I don't think I'll do that now. I have no interest in the movie nor do I feel compelled to give it a chance. I'll check out some clips of his scenes on Youtube if nothing else.

  11. I'm not sure whether to believe it or not; it could go either way because Sonic 2 music would be a weird thing to lie about, but nobody has ever heard of someone other than Nakamura working on Sonic 2's music at any point during its development. What I can say for sure is that I'm definitely interested in hearing more from this teacher and seeing if it's possible to corroborate his experiences.

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