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  1. 7 minutes ago, Kuzu said:

    I didn't say you were wrong for feeling that way, just making a point. I largely agree that even if I'm fine with Byleth, I understand why people are disappointed if you were expecting someone else. 

    I disagree with the equivalency, but I didn't mean to get hot-headed over your initial response, so sorry about that.

  2. Pokémon, one of the two other series in Smash that people complain about having too many characters, and unlike Fire Emblem doesn't have a central protagonist that it uses every time it needs to rep the latest game, and unlike Fire Emblem actually goes for characters that are popular among fans.



    Can I please just have an opinion about this stupid video game without someone trying to throw a whataboutism in my face over it?

  3. I'm pretty disappointed because of how blatantly transparent the Fire Emblem characters have been as advertisements for the latest games (they never even pick someone who isn't a protagonist or from one of the pre-Awakening games). It's whatever though, it doesn't ruin the entire fighter pass for me and it doesn't kill my interest in future DLC characters. This pass has been a 3/5 for me, with Joker being the other character I didn't really care for due to not being an iconic pick either, so it hasn't been a bad haul overall.

  4. 12 minutes ago, Rosaleia said:

    Some do. But one, your assuming kids are interested in Sonic enough to ask their parents to buy his games anymore. They're not. Especially when, $60 for a mediocre Sonic game means they won't be able to buy anything else until much later. And many of the parents who do buy Sonic games for kids, won't buy it at launch and will just tell their children to just wait for the price to go down.

    Some sources for your claims would be nice.

  5. 9 minutes ago, Marco9966 said:

    I think they will do a bad game again for the next anniversary. Change my mind

    This isn't constructive to the topic at hand whatsoever. In fact, none of your posts here have been so far - I had to delete one where you simply repeated what you said on the first page. If you're only interested in posting reactionary calls to action and Twitter-style hot takes, then keep them to the statuses.

  6. The low points of the decade for me were Sonic Boom and the movie. I still get annoyed thinking about and seeing the movie everywhere online as the release date approaches, and both were the kind of disastrous franchise redirections I had hoped died out in the late 2000s after '06.

    The high points were Mania and the mobile remakes of CD, 1, and 2 which paved Whitehead and Thomley's working relationship with Sega. I'm a huge fan of the recent trend of Sega commissioning animated shorts for the series, both classic and modern, and I sincerely hope that it leads to bigger and better things in the 2020s. I'd also say that the Archie reboot was another one, but that was dampened by its unceremonious cancellation, another low point that has left me so bitter that I have very little interest in reading IDW.

    On the fan side of things, Sonic Robo Blast 2 has had two major revisions this decade, one in 2014 and another just last month, and both revitalized my longtime interest in this game which I have been following since 2001. It's exciting seeing how far it has come after two decades; 2.2 is the best and most substantial update yet, incorporating multiple new characters, working slopes and rolling physics in the Doom Legacy engine, and improved level design that is unparalleled by other fan games. It's by no means perfect and I have my fair share of complaints toward some questionable design choices and lack of accessible control schemes (but at least there's always this camera mod which makes controllers a legitimately viable alternate to mouse and keyboard - if you have ever been put off by SRB2's FPS-based tank controls, I strongly recommend that you give this a shot to see what you think of it), but it's one of the most amazingly complex fangames I have ever played with endless replayability and a wealth of mods to keep it going. Along with Mania, SRB2 2.2 is the most fun I've had with Sonic in years.

  7. I'll make a proper response later, but right now I wanna say I fully agree with your hatred of the modern/classic split and your post has articulated it better than I could have. The reason why I hate it is because up until recently, nobody was aware of modern Sonic being a continuity reboot of the classic era. Anyone following the series for any amount of time reasonably assumed that it was all the same series and the only things sectioning off the current games from the old ones were the basic gameplay and the character designs. If Sega had been more upfront about this, and I mean REALLY upfront about it by going on immediate record around SA1's release that this was meant to be a fresh start for the series (as opposed to some of us simply assuming it to be the case) then maybe it would have smoothed over better, but the idea of rebooting the series at all was dumb in the first place, so I don't like it either way even if Sega could have handled it better. Mania is considered a "side" game by some even though was the main damn gameplay of the series in the 90s, imagine if they made a Sonic Adventure 3 that was regarded as a spin-off to the other 3D Sonic game that came out that same year. It'd be ridiculous.

  8. https://www.sonicthehedgehog.com/mania/manual/en/index.html?pid=0

    You can check out the online manual here. It explains the controls as well as each character's unique abilities.

    Sonic can't fly unlike Knuckles or Tails; he can do a spin-dash by standing still on the ground and pressing Down + X, or a move called the "drop dash" (which shoots him forward quickly when he jumps and hits the ground), by jumping in the air and pressing X a second time and holding it down. Since your daughter is a beginner I recommend that she play as Tails first; he can fly by jumping in the air and pressing X repeatedly for a few seconds until he gets tired. It lets him fly over obstacles and small platforming segments with ease.

    Every character can do the spin dash by the way, and chances are the part where she's stuck has a wall that can be broken using that move. You can also make your character roll on the ground while running and pressing down.

  9. I played KH3 on proud mode (I never played previous games on anything higher than standard) and it was incredibly, mindlessly easy; I don't recall if I died more than once at any point. I actually had to avoid using attractions or summons, though I did use the occasional keyblade form since it shakes up the monotony of it all. At the same time I have no interest in playing even harder difficulties - similar to Wraith I almost never stray beyond the normal recommended difficulty because that's ideally where the game ought to be the best-balanced and designed for. If the normal difficulty is a fucking joke and people tell me to play on a harder one to get any enjoyment from it, then there's a serious problem with how the game is designed there.

  10. Also in Japan the first 52 episodes count as one season due to how seasons work over there. Our season 3 is their season 2 (which they'll be getting on TV for the first time early next year)

    My mind sticks with referring to Sonic X as having three seasons total since the divide between them is more clear than the two-season Japanese format and easier to remember than the dub's home video arc separation.

  11. I suggested Portal as an alternative example but really it could have been any other Valve IP than Half-Life. Left 4 Dead VR would have been another interesting choice imo. My point being that I think it's unfair to a degree to gate the next HL game off from people who are unable to play it due to the series' focus in storytelling and its unresolved storyline.

    I'll concede that Portal likely wouldn't work in VR due to the aforementioned issues, but now you can just replace Portal with L4D in my previous posts and my point stands.

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