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  1. If you're playing the Steam version of Sonic CD then it's worth installing the mod loader and enabling these bugfix codes (you'll have to edit the Code.lst file in the mods folder). One of my biggest issues with the newer port is that time travel takes slightly longer than it did in the original, so the time warp fix takes care of that issue nicely. It also resets the clock back to 5'00"00 if the level timer is higher than that while warping, just like in the Sega CD version.

  2. Two things:

    - We locked your original topic because it was more or less a complete reupload of copyrighted material that you don't own. Please do not make any further topics on this same subject.

    - Don't make low-effort topics advertising your videos with a copy/paste description. We're not a social media site. If you would like to post your videos here (that aren't reuploads of episodes) then feel free to make a single topic for all of your videos accompanied with a short description of what each video is about.

  3. Used to be I was a staunch defender of the "one button only" design choice of the Genesis games, but now I don't think it would hurt to have another even if I still don't mind that choice. The problem I have with the Advance games' moveset is that the extra abilities didn't seem too useful; they weren't inherently useless but these games just aren't designed for combat, and many of said moves killed your speed in a way that rolling and jumping don't. It felt as though the developers added them simply because they were staples in the Adventure games.

    It also doesn't help that the instashield seemed to be heavily nerfed if not outright useless in Advance. I use it all the time in Sonic 3 but couldn't find any use for it elsewhere. Even in Mania it doesn't feel like it has the same properties, but I haven't messed around with it too much there to tell for sure.

  4. 3 hours ago, Indigo Rush said:

    There's actually a mod fo Mania that changes the pinball mini game to resemble Sonic Spinball, and it's much better as there's less in the way between the bottom of the table and the prize area.

    I didn't know about this mod until you mentioned it. I tried it out and it's now resting comfortably in my "always on" mods subfolder. Thanks for that.

    Link if anyone else wants to check it out:


  5. A nice benefit to using the mod loader is that you can turn off the 1up jingle for 100 rings, though not for the monitors for some reason. I don't mind the latter as much though since you have to deliberately grab those whereas hearing it after getting so many rings in a level gets old fast

  6. That makes me further doubt that Insomniac thought about how this new Peter will fit into the original game from a narrative point. Like others have said, this is meant to be a version of Peter with eight years of experience, and whether or not the original looked too old for a 23-year-old or the new actor looks too young is kind of a distraction topic, since the idea was to visually sell us on the idea that this Peter has been Spider-Man for a really long time. Stress and labor ages people, and this new guy doesn't have that look.

  7. It sucks but the game is coming out in a little over a month and there was no way they were gonna revert it back after the work they put into it. Even a toggle for the old look wouldn't fix things since the new face will inevitably be used for Spider-Man 2 (and Miles, if Peter actually shows up in it). Though I would have accepted this a little easier had they changed his look for future games and left the first one alone. I don't like the idea of the original actor being stuck on the PS4, since the remastered version will inevitably be ported to future platforms for decades to come. Pretty much the same as the George Lucas'd Star Wars situation.

    Everything else about the remaster definitely looks like a net positive though. Anyone looking to buy a PS5 and experience Spider-Man for the first time should naturally get that version. Personally I'm holding onto my original copy in the meantime.

  8. I recall encountering a similar issue when I tried running Riders on W10. Since SafeDisc DRM-protected games are no longer supported by Windows I had to install my copy on another computer and move the files over, but even then I couldn't get the game itself to run. I ended up making a registry file so that Windows will acknowledge the game as properly "installed." If you're comfortable with editing your registry, you can try this yourself by creating a blank .txt file and copy-pasting the following into it:


    [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\SEGA\Sonic Riders]
    "Install"="C:\\Games\\Sonic Riders"
    "Uninstall"="C:\\Games\\Sonic Riders\\unins000.exe"

    Make sure to replace the path with where your game folder is located, and that there are two backwards slashes between each part. Save it and rename the .txt extention to .reg, and try running it. Hope this works out for you.

  9. 13 minutes ago, DrParadise said:

    How I'm I suppose to believe than fan games are better than official games if most of them are unfinished projects that go nowhere, don't have any type of original ideas (Sonic team at least makes original stuff like the avatar, wisps and the excalibur), and overall fells empty, I know a lot of you don't like the official 3d sonic games, buy it seems rather selfish to have a mind set that bassicaly isn't really looking for improvement but rather destruction of sega, and that's a complete waste of time.

    I think a big mistake you're making, and why I feel the vitriol you have towards most fangames is unwarranted, is that this isn't why (most) people make fangames. They're not doing it for "destruction of Sega" or to be assholes, they just love Sonic and want to make their own Sonic game. It's not like people who make fanart or fan remixes are doing it because they think they can make better drawings or music than Sega's own artists. A lot of the "fans are better than Sega" stuff is the reception to these games and I haven't seen creators actively encouraging it.

    Also, sometimes fangame creators really do want to try improving on something they feel that Sega's own games are lacking in. That in itself isn't a problem because it's better to see these ideas actually put forth and motivate discussion rather than just prattle on about theoreticals. That is why I don't consider the 3D tech demos to be a waste of time because it's interesting to see multiple fangame developers' perspectives and see what sticks with people and what doesn't.

  10. I like the idea of a forward-thrusting homing attack that keeps Sonic at a fixed speed as opposed to adding onto your existing momentum. It'd be a fair trade-off between choosing to fight an enemy or continue running past it, and it'd be easier to control than how most fangames implement it. For all the SRB2 fan mods that attempt to implement a momentum-based homing attack, I like how the vanilla game's electric shield handles it by shooting you slightly forward at the cost of losing most of your built-up speed.

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