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  1. tumblr_pa3ay1kBtS1qepldno1_400.jpg

    It's been eleven years and I still haven't gotten over how fucking batshit cursed this design is

    1. Thigolf
    2. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      I don't see that design as awful itself. Like, there's really nothing wrong with it. It's just not Klonoa by any stretch of the imagination.

      Not that it really matters cause the Wii remake tanked regardless...

  2. I'm really happy to see Toby making ties with the professional game industry, he absolutely deserves it with his talents

    1. Thigolf


      I absolutely cannot imagine what it must feel like making a Kickstarter for a game idea you have and a handful of years later said game sold millions of copies, let your character in Smash and allows you to compose for the biggest media franchise in the world

      What a freaking path of life this dude took, goddamn.

    2. Marcello


      Yeah, I really liked him in Spider-Man 2.

  3. Swings seem completely busted in the new P-06 demo compared to the previous one; whenever I try jumping off one Sonic just falls off. Also I can't seem to steer at all on the water sliding sections, I don't remember if it was like this in the previous demo or in the regular game

  4. I really like that there's an option to use Sonic's SA1-style jumpball in the P-06 demo. Never liked how later games tried phasing that out. Also having Japanese voices this time is very good

  5. Sonic is pretty good

    1. TheOcelot
    2. Sonictrainer


      Sonic is my antidrug

    3. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Sonic burned our water supply, burned our crops and delivered a plague unto our houses!

    4. Wraith


      Sonic slaps

    5. The Tenth Doctor

      The Tenth Doctor

      Mr Yuji Naka is alright.

  6. blessed mods

    1. Big Panda

      Big Panda

      I still wanna see a full Saturn demake of Adventure.

    2. Adamabba


      R Sonic actually looks dope in SA2, especially the running animation

    3. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      This made me realize, why are the shoe buckles on that model shown at the top of his shoes instead of to his sides?????


      Also, look at 00:19 of the second video

  7. Sonic Forces is the sequel to Sonic Chronicles

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Does this mean that Cream was killed off?

    2. Indigo Rush
    3. Jack at the Cinema

      Jack at the Cinema

      No, it's a "brand new experience"

  8. Watched Hazbin Hotel. I like the gay slutty spider

  9. My lack of interest in seeing this movie is the same as why I've never sat down and watched a single full episode of Sonic Underground, so...
  10. Colors is like a 6/10 on the Wii and 7.5/10 if I'm playing it in 60fps

    1. Strickerx5


      Solid 7 from me... on a good day at least.

    2. Jango


      What have I started XD

      I also give it a solid 7. While the levels come and go as fast as Sonic Forces', the general feel of the game is much better, so are the level themes. The wisps I'll say are actually fun in this game (and this game only), the double jump was a cool idea, the level design is, for the most part, entertaining, save half dozen blocky levels. Even the automatic levels, such as Terminal Velocity, are at least pretty epic to compensate. I think what the game sets to do, it does well. Nothing ambitious. And the story while pretty simple, it isn't as unbearable to watch as Lost World or Forces... And we got gems like "no copyright law in the universe...".

  11. My point being that I don't want to hear this: from someone who also says this: You really expected the Archie comics to be like the games? It's called adaptation for a reason, with a unique story of course. These issues are simply "not my Sonic" and "ew Freedom Fighters." or in other words, just deal with the fact that people aren't going to like this movie for various reasons like not being accurate to the games and get over it. I don't know what it is about this fucking movie that gets people defending it for every critique it gets when it is fair game to criticize every other Sonic adaptation for its detours from the game canon. And it's fine to not like certain Sonic canons for that reason, so why are the people disliking this film being unreasonable?
  12. Man. If only people were this open-minded about the Freedom Fighters being in the series and SatAM/Archie doing their own thing completely separate from the games. Maybe then I wouldn't have to put up with being told they're antithetical to Sonic and shouldn't be around anymore.
  13. I find it hella weird that the only legal way to play Knuckles in Sonic 2 on a PC is to play it on the PC version of Mega Collection Plus

  14. Helen was one of the few elements of Sonic X that I felt was handled extremely tactfully because at no point did it attempt to get the audience to pity her just for being stuck in a wheelchair. Her handicap was simply one part of her character and not the source of her conflict in her starring episode. It's really a shame that she had no significant appearances beyond that.
  15. Never playing as any other character again tbh

  16. I've been rewatching the Japanese Unleashed cutscenes and I really appreciate how Tomokazu Seki's werehog sounds like just a regular dude: 


    1. Thigolf


      Chip sounds like two and I don't think it helps his case

    2. Sean


      I like him better as a kid than as a surfer dude trying to sound like a kid in the English version

    3. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Yeah I don't know what they were going for with his English voice. It's like '06 Silver, but deeper. I don't hate it though, and am grateful it wasn't an "annoying child" or obnoxiously high pitched anime voice. His dialogue is what makes him hard to listen to. The voice itself is inoffensive.

    4. Sean


      I don't mind the anime kid voice in Japanese but I don't think it would have translated as well into English. I think this game has one of the better dubs in the series; even though I only replay Sonic games in Japanese, I liked Griffith's performance here better to Shadow and 2006.

  17. If I was told to give up my entire video game collection and keep only three games, it'd have to be Hotel Dusk, Last Window, and Paper Mario 64

    1. Wraith


      how do i choose which 3 zelda games to keep

    2. Menace2Society


      Oh, this is easy.

      Super Paper Mario, Kirby's Return to Dreamland, Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

      There are games that I do like over some of these games, but they are also games that I currently don't own physically or digitally, whether I owed It at one point or not, so...

    3. Sean


      @Wraith If I were limited to Zelda games I'd go with The Wind Waker, Majora's Mask, and Breath of the Wild. BOTW isn't a favorite of mine and it was hard for me to get into, but I immensely appreciate what it was doing and what it offers, and it's one of those games I absolutely would squeeze every drop of playability from it if I were stranded on an island with just the one game.

    4. Strong Bad

      Strong Bad

      I love Paper Mario 64 to bits, though I do prefer TTYD. What made you choose 64 over it? 

    5. Sean


      @Strong Bad I bounce between TTYD and 64 regarding which one is my favorite Mario RPG but I've come back home to 64 due to it having what I consider to be better map design and the most pure Mario story in the series.

    6. Wraith


      nah but for real probably uh
      devil may cry 5
      breath of the wild

      open world adventure, linear action hack n slash, tough as nails platformer. my 3 favorites

    7. Sean


      Dustforce is pretty tight

    8. Wraith


      it came down to which 2D platformer is the most replayable to me and none of them come close to that one

    9. Red


      Fire Emblem Three Houses
      Sonic Adventure 2
      Pokemon Emerald

    10. Dejimon11


      Damn this is hard. The first one either has to be Mega Man X1 or X4 because hot damn they’re great.

      The other 2 idk this is like choosing my favorite children 

    CD beta stream was fucking wild
    1. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Aw, wish I caught it earlier.

      When I looked at the stream it was already on Metallic Madness, and since I didn't get that far in the final game I assumed it was just a regular playthrough. Maybe if I stuck around longer or earlier and caught this, I'd get a better clue.

    2. Sean


      Most of the really interesting stuff was at the beginning with the 0.02 demo, I can't wait to hear more of that CD-quality version of Palmtree Panic Past when they release it.

    3. TheOcelot


      Early prototypes are fascinating. Hope they finf some R2 assets when they do some more digging.

  19. https://hiddenpalace.org/Sonic_Month_2019

    A Sega CD demo (featuring the infamous "Sonic holding up a CD" pic) was dumped yesterday and more prototypes are to be streamed and released in the coming weeks, including later today which apparently is...


    ...the earliest known prototype of Sonic CD predating the 510 beta by five whole months.


    1. TCB
    2. TheOcelot


      Yep, I've played the SEGA CD demo. It's neat. 

      An early prototype of Sonic CD?

      Image result for bart drools gif

  20. 8YamlaH.gif

    1. Pelvic WOO! engine

      Pelvic WOO! engine

      "I guess he was a fake after all!"

    2. tailsBOOM!


      Has anyone tried to get a full Underground episode as a gif like they did that full SpongeBob episode?  Because that would be great 

      Edit x2: here's a tweet since the reddit link didn't want to play along


  21. Sonic-Lost-World?$pdp$

    "Hello, is this child protection services? I'm reporting an incident where a nine-year-old child has purchased and played Sonic Lost World™ on the Nintendo Wii U™ which has an ESRB rating of E10+"

    1. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Understood sir. We will send you out three repacement games free of charge-





    2. Sean


      no I want them arrested and executed for their crime

    3. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Meanwhile PEGI authorities in England continue to deal with the harrowing case of a 11 year-old child being exposed to Sonic Rush Adventure on the Nintendo DS.


      Attempting to imitate the idolised and sailor-mouthed character Marine the Racoon, unconfirmed reports state that the child said "bugger me, I'm knackered" upon their arrest.

  22. I bought a copy of Sonic CD on ebay and the seller decided to include Sonic's Schoolhouse with it to make me regret becoming a Sonic fan


    1. Ryannumber1gamer


      Who knew you could decrease the value of something by adding a freebie 

    2. Menace2Society


      I’ll take that from you if you don’t want it. 👀

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